Reviews for Seeing the Forest For the Trees
Picayune chapter 1 . 6/6/2012
Looks like the filters disable web addresses in reviews (also, for good reason), but you should easily be able to place in the appropriate fanfiction-related website URLs where they should go.
Picayune chapter 2 . 6/6/2012
Don't misunderstand me when I say this, as I completely agree that there is a place for adult fanfiction on the internet.

However...I have a few opinions and facts that conflict with yours.

1) To create an account on , you must check a little box that confirms that you have read and understand the terms of service associated to placing content on . If you actually read the terms of service, under section 6. E., you'll notice that you have agreed to not post content that goes against 's Community Guidelines. guidelines - this explicityly (in red) states that MA material is not allowed.

2) ALL websites that allow and contain MA content must require viewers/readers/members to be 18 years of age. You will notice that adultfanfiction does this by requiring your birthdate and an electronic signature, holding their readers and contributors personally accountable for the validity of that information. While this does nothing more but act as a buffer, it also protects such sites from the legal liabilities associated with offering mature, adult content.

- is an all-age inclusive site that does not require, nor needs to require, this kind of fuctionality. If it did, it would have to be an age 18 site, which defeats the purpose of encouraging budding creatives of all ages to participate.

3) The first amendment is great and all, but not everyone here is American. The web stretches far past the reaches of the United States, and even if is based in the USA, user-generated content is something that cannot control, only monitor. You can have an army of moderaters at your disposal and still have restricted content seep through the cracks. Again, to prevent any legal liabilities associated with accesible adult content, has instead decided to exclude such content from its site. You agreed to it, so you must adhere to it.

Basic universal human rights allow you the freedom of speech, of course. By all means, post your lemons on an outlet that encourages it, or create your own website. If the first amendment allowed ALL speech on all websites to be free, moderators would have no purpose, and trolls would roam free. Clearly, guidelines are here with the best of intentions for the community as a WHOLE.

The moderators are not trying to destroy hard work, but it is a threat to the community that is . EXISTS as an outlet for mature fanfiction BECAUSE they are not trying to be accessible to everyone. The problem is not with the website, but with the users who continue to come to and neglect . The beauty of user driven and generated websites is that we, the writers, have the power to make websites rise and fall.

Unless changes the way its website functions and creates an MA section, this is how it will (and honestly should) be.

- Which is a shame, as I said earlier. I have been writing my own lemons for a while, but will not be posting them on . I will be going to , where less people will read them, but where I will be adhering to the guidelines of websites I respect.

Sorry for MY rant. I work for an online community site and have had to deal with situations such as this in the past. Hot button issue for me.