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Another Crusader chapter 4 . 9/9/2011
So this is a "Kamen Rider Review Show?" You have a very original concept, but a few errors have appeared that can be ironed out. This review of a review fiction only covers Chapter 4.

Spelling/Grammatical/Formatting Errors

- whih - which

- one - ones

- to talk to her - talk her into

- what - that

- like them - liked the review

- fall out - falling out

- an - a

And that's all the errors I could find. Otherwise your grammar is well done.

Review Material

When you're reviewing something, you need to do a degree of research "The reason why I'm so excited about Joker is because he's a homage to Kamen Rider Black, one of the best Showa Era Riders known to date..." What constitutes "best?" Was there a poll on most popular Showa Era Rider? Was he the most powerful Rider? Was he "best" due to hand motion usage? You need to source it or I am left wondering "what?" Alternatively, you could have left it as "Shotaro's actor happens to be a fan of Black. Kamen Rider Black is also one of my favorite Riders, which is why I love Joker!" That's all you really needed.

"You've got to be kidding me! The cheering actually gives Double a new form? What the heck?" It wasn't the cheering,Raika,in Movie War Core,winds extending from Tajadol caused the transformation again. I also should mention this- "The winds of Futo, they're-" "Giving us power!"

" Still, I feel that they could have done more with Shotaro as Kamen Rider Joker, and that whole thing with the cheering powering Double just bothers me." Joker didn't more than this and the finale,Double's theme is that two people together are stronger than one therefore Joker didn't need much screentime.(He was pretty cool though...) I already covered that it wasn't the cheering, so let's move on to my commentary on your overall fanfiction/review.

-It needs a score that is not derived from one or two negatives.

-Needs more explanation of the score, yes the fight scenes were awesome-but what about plot? What about the characters? How about the music?

-Less “this happens” and more “well in this scene one of the actors seems to have dropped the ball and is now chewing the scenery,causing some drama loss.” The review needs more reviewing!

-Very interesting review framing concept!

-Good grammar

-Issues with Kamen Rider Raika melding Clock Up and a Gaia Memory could have been explained but weren’t.

-Raika’s enemies are a nice breath of fresh air.

-Overall entertaining writing makes for a good read

Overall Score – 85/100

Score Summary – Innovative,TGWTG-inspired Kamen Rider Review Fanfiction has a few problems but shows great promise.
Kamen Rider Ebon chapter 3 . 4/9/2011
thanks brother i loved how you portrayed me
Kamen Rider Lynx chapter 1 . 4/2/2011
Aw, I remember this! It feels like forever that I agreed to it. XD I love the way you judge each show, and I also liked the way that you had a little snippet that was like, "This is what happens when..." and so on and so forth.
1000xRaida chapter 1 . 3/12/2011
Hey nice to see these stories back on the site! I was wondering where your stories went, seriously. But nice fic, and I love Nostalgia Critic too! As for the list, I think you could of gone a little bit more in depth in analyzing the topic at hand but I'm getting a little nitpicky. Also, it would of been awesome if you actually made a video, then that would've been really cool. But hey you work with what you can, and you did a fantastic job executing it! Looking forward to your future stories!

Oh yeah, RIDRON!