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Mauraudeurs'era chapter 18 . 8/2
Oh, I love it! I went to sleep after 2 a.m. last night because I wanted to finish this fic, everything is fluent, you can read it so easily!
I think that it is the first Scorpius/Louis that I read and I love this pairing and how you wrote them, but then, I think of Albus' warning to Louis at the beginning of the story, could all this be a game?
And the worst part is that I'll never know, because you stopped this story!
DaughterOfTerpsichore chapter 18 . 9/17/2015
Please update. It's been two years. I love this story a lot, and I hope I can read more soon!
FallenStar22 chapter 13 . 9/14/2015
I really love your characterisation, especially Lucy and Louis. It's nice to focus on a couple of the less popular Weasleys for a change. I think your writing could be a little tighter but your ideas are fantastic and I'm really enjoying reading this.
Anon chapter 18 . 4/6/2015
OK this story is literally amazing and it breaks my heart that it hasn't been updated in so long :(
I love all the characters - there's not another story like it!
I love the way you portray Louis, it's kind of the way I've always imagined him, quiet and sarcastic .
I hope you update soon because I've read it about 10 times and it's probably my favourite story on this website :)
Guest chapter 18 . 1/25/2015
It is a very interesting story. It is totally different from what I've read before. The characters are amazing, unpredictable. Always surprising. I would love to know what will happen next. It is not a really happy story, so I am betting on a sad ending. Thanks and good luck!
Guest chapter 18 . 4/25/2014
Update please? I've literally been checking everyday since your last update haha.
Toolasoo chapter 18 . 12/11/2013
Awesome story! I love how you write Scorpius - he's absolutely my favorite character in this story. His sarcasm and arrogance are so entertaining, and he and Louis are so cute. I can't wait for your next update! :)
Guest chapter 7 . 11/28/2013
Ok I honestly love your Louis character. He's possibly my favorite. Keep up the good work and update soon.
Holly Chase chapter 18 . 9/1/2013
WOOH! It is a testomony of how much I love your writing because you have torn apart my OTPs and I don't particularly care. I'm so glad you've reached OVER 200 REVIEWS because this story is amazing and totally deserves it, congrats and please update as soon as you can!
kingslayers chapter 18 . 8/31/2013

okay so you know that whole "i love the character but what the fuck are you doing stop i hate it" thing we were talking about and how i was crowned rose #1 fan (btw if i'm not even like treasurer or whatever the fuck third in command is in the albus fan club i quit everything xx because srsly he's a fucking darling and if you have other reviewers that love him lotsa send me their names we'll start a club :))))))) BUT ANYWAY that thing is happening now because DARLING FUCKING ALBUS

(and i'm vaguely distracted by the little teddyrosescorpius interaction that followed the louisscorpius (and louis honestly man Albus had a fucking point like even if scorpius is feeling things for you al has known him for HOW long and i know it wouldn't make any sense for you to not be doing what you are now but basically i'm just in a sad and angry mood for my albb and i'm also seriously in love with scorpius' character when being a manipulative son of a bitch who fucks with people for entertainment whoops) but nope AS MUCH AS I FEEL THE SECOND OF HESITATION IS WORTH AN ESSAY AND A BOUQUET OF FLOWERS I WILL NOT BE DISTRACTED (yet) BECAUSE ALBUS GODDAMMIT)

albus. i just. like. how the hell does everyone manage to forget him like literally jez and james have been the only two for a while to actually seek him out in the narrative and james is james and actually james is like the only person who's been thinking about albus recently in terms of his opinion and whereabouts (except for jez but she's kind of the queen of albus mattering so) and that's just major props to james but it also isn't because he's james' brother and like he's a person and he's linked to each of the major characters in this fic and yes well done james for acknowledging the existence of your brother and shame on the rest of you like idk what's happening in the bits that aren't shown in the narrative but. i just. feelings. like i know albus promised scorpius he wouldn't start again but i'm actually really fucking terrified he's going to do something stupid that he'll regret and they'll regret because he's so alone and yes they're all self-absorbed and dramatic and they do need a wake up call but i just wish it wouldn't be at the expense of albus. this may be me projecting slight headcanon onto him but idk he just seems like he has so much capacity to feel, like he's stronger than people think but he feels things so much more that it doesn't even matter how strong he may be because all of those matchsticks weigh infinitely more than anyone realises and he'll crumble under the weight before people even notice he's got a burden and i just. there's not much going on with him and i think that's the tragedy of it, because he's inextricably linked to everyone involved in the dramas and yet he's still kept out of it, on the fringes, and all he wants is to know what's going on and that's so little to ask in the scheme of things but everyone keeps forgetting that he matters or it's not like they forget but they're just letting other things come first and they're not even realising it and i mean rose has at least halfway realised it because she fucking forgot to invite him to her birthday party and she managed to invite scorpius and she's not even meant to like him i mean as far as al'd concerned she generally only tolerates him for al's sake and what the fuck guys what the fuck get your shit together please it's hurting my heart to read this xxx

i could rant more on albus and rose's stupid mistake and all of their failings as albus' loved ones (and i probably will lbh) but for now we should probably move on a bit

so um lucy are you skipping the birthday dinner DESPITE BEING INVITED (whoops not bitter at aLL) or are you showing up and then going to hang out with all the "horrible people" (accuracy 101 by rose weasley) who were making your life hell yesterday or
because you make me really sad because it's so, so understandable that you want to be included and daring and all the things you're not because that's called being human, and you're so human, but it's just sad because the one time you stick up for yourself, those bitches come around to make you feel like you were the one at fault and you'd have believed that if rose hadn't intervened and you may still and it's just so sad because you deserve to feel confident like empowerment and all that and you're so desperate for inclusion into that lot that you're going to hang out with them and i just predict bad things and i'm sad

were louiswill a thing can they be one again (not like can they as in I WANT THIS or WILL IT BE but as in IS ANYTHING STOPPING THAT you know?)

oh also i really like the lucylouis interactions like idk you write louis clearly so i get him and why he does the things he does as much as i wanna shake him and lucy's a heartbreaker pure and simple but whenever they're in scenes together i like their characters even more idk

with the louisscorpius thing. is it because he's forbidden (albus warning, rose boyfriend, male) or is it physically based or is it actual feeling, on lou's end? like. i kinda feel like that's one of the reasons i'm not sold on it (i really used to love their interactions you know like i don't think i ever shipped it because their dynamic isn't quite healthy but their interactions made me lol so that's a thing but now idk louis is seriously stressing me out man and scorpius is such an enigma — maybe that's just because of the lack of his pov or al/scor interaction because i've found that for me, the section from his pov where he's getting propositioned by rose and the al pov where he's hanging with scorpius/al comments about scor are the parts that have revealed the most of Scorpius to me and now we're suddenly in this situation where Scorpius' dynamics seem to have developed quite a bit but there's been no insight to the behind the scenes on what's happening on scor's end which is obviously a-okay because you're the master storyteller but i think that's my explanation as to why scorpius is frustrating me a bit right now because you know me i like to know things and understand things and all it's why we end up with my long reviews and replies to things ahahahahaha because i'm a freak) but anyway, back to my sentence. i kinda feel like it's one of the reasons i'mcurrently not feeling any of the louisscorpius things, because i just don't understand how it's going down on either of their ends. like we've heard a lot about it from louis but he seems as confused as fucking anything so we're kind of in his shoes except we can't feel it exactly because we are sharing in his feelings and everything secondhand so like you're a great writer so we get what he's feeling but it's slightly more confusing because the feelings are being invoked in us by words and not by experience you know
and i think, in my case at least, that the switching povs can give a somewhat omniscient feel to the reader but then it's cases like these make you realise hey actually nope i don't know all because i only know what louis knows, and that's an incredibly important boundary for a reader to recognise, but it's also terribly frustrating, for certain people anyhow. SO I THINK MY QUESTION GOT SWALLOWED UP IN THAT MESS BUT IF YOU FIND IT AND HAVE AN ANSWER THAT YOU'RE COMFORTABLE TO SHARE YES PLS XXX

um the hesitation so what was that? in no way am i saying that i disapprove because this is actually the most proof that teddy cares that we've seen in a little bit and also because i don't like this teddyrose so the hesitation made me happy whoops i'm a bad person but AND THE SADNESS AND WHAT SHE SAID ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME do you know how hard i had to try to bury the part of me that ships scorrose in this fic to save myself from pain like my entire being ships their interactions because fabby but there is a part of me that (separate from the scorrose shipping, this part ships anything based on characterisation) ships those two characterisations and i've been muzzling it and now it's biting through the leather bit because of three fucking sentences i quit everything

i feel like i'm taking teddy all wrong like i legitimately like him he and louis at the start were a-plus but just in relation to rose he seems so much less healthy as a person like he seemed more possessive of her as a thing he has as opposed to a thing he loves during the end of this chapter and i feel like that's shaded in my eyes because of how strongly i believe they wouldn't be the best for each other (at this stage in their life, anyway) so if that's what's happening and you can tell, i'm v. v. sorry, feel free to smack me.

um but "it's my birthday" and she's sAD ffs gote what are you doing to me bad bria bad non-approval (EXCEPT YES) (pls don't listen to anything i say i suck at this reviewing lark)

okay so rose is my warrior queen and i strongly believe she can do pretty much anything she puts her mind to EXCEPT APPARENTLY REMEMBER TO INVITE TO HER BIRTHDAY GATHERING THE BOY THAT HAS OPENLY IDENTIFIED HER AS HIS FAVOURITE COUSIN and now i'm thinking back to my last review and crying because i remember bringing up how al should attend or i'd do something drastic and that there should be a party of everybody who loves albus (except you know albus should be there not excluded and so should jez but psh details as this clearly is rose's party in terms of narrative i'm just weeping)

i'm sorry i have more character yelling to do and ranting and weeping and screaming over albus but i'm too incoherent so i'll stop now

love you even though you'RE A HEARTBREAKER xxxxxxxxxx
kingslayers chapter 16 . 8/30/2013
also just to clarify i 100000% adore jez and i don't actually want al and scorpius to get together in this because their bromance is gorgeous
i was just making a point as to how i was feeling about situations at that point in time lawl

(also lucy what are you on don't tell your dormmates you have four make cousins child you have FIVE)

also god okay so much has happened? like i'm rereading the start and i really fucking love the characters and dynamics here and i enjoy the louisscorpius interaction and all and this is all pre-dramallama so albus isn't as sad and god this story's v. good because of twists so well done gote

also aw rorie i like her
kingslayers chapter 17 . 8/30/2013

(i swear to god if some anon posts before me and says "nice story :)" i will kick someone)

whoops so my last review was a bit of a monster sorry about that i don't think this one will be but?

SO LAST CHAPTER yay you snapshots of the whole group

okay so i just read c16 and c17 and i can't quite remember the division between the two so this is basically going to be a mess lulz

You started a chapter with James! And the whole Davies is a dick thing has not only come up amongst the characters, but there's actual legitimate hard evidence and ahhhhhhhh yay I didn't like him (lol you'd never have guessed right RIGHT) and I actually liked the exchange he had with his team explaining it and how they're all like THERE'S A LUCY? because it really put her character into perspective alongside her cousins you know in terms of the rest of the world's view on them EVEN IF IT WAS A COMPLETE DICK MOVE FOR DAVIES

i'm sobbing lucy you need to stop like nO don't go from that twat to a gay boy like that's not a recipe for success just
your cousin has a nice friend who is awkward and runs away from you try chatting to him (y)

roseteddy insight was helpful though endless weeping because even though it helps the reader see how much rose cares about him it's also convinced me that he's not good enough for her and its not that he's a lesser quality person or anything but idk man she's so capable and strong and you know how i love this rose but she deserves someone who can give her their all, be it fights or manipulation or passion or love or whatever; she deserves someone who at least considers her equal and idk man teddy's obsession really seems to come between that idea and also his obsession isn't healthy and she's a practical person despite her violent tendencies and as contradictory as this seems, what with secret boyfriend and all, she seems quite blunt like she thrives in witty arguments and sarcasm because she has a very good grip on honesty and idk preventing herself from shattering his dreams seems like it could take a toll on her that'd be quite unhealthy? idk man obviously i'm not sure where you're going with it and even as a blatant scorrose shipper i am fine with the theoretical idea of teddyrose but i'm just not feeling these two currently because as much as i love the fucked up destructive relationships, rose has too much going for her for me to be content with what currently seems to be an unbalanced relationship. maybe you'll flip it idk

i get what louis is doing but still v. annoyed at him because yeah no still agreeing with rose about how this is unfair to rorie lulz. it's not even just that he's gay and it's a bit of a douche move to lead on a girl like that, but he's also got a bit of a thing for someone else so it's like a double strike and then he's actively leading her on and it's just three strikes and you're out buddy. so definitely appreciate it in the sense of the story but he's in this mess because of his actions and personality so it's his fault and the only way for him to fix it is by manning the fuck up. idk if his personality's really going to allow that to come to pass so easily ahaha also human nature embarrassment shame whatnot

scorpius stop
i just
i can't tell who he's stalking like it sounds like it's louis (gossip stalking that is) though at this stage even though they have the bromance of the decade i'm ranking albusscorpius above louisscorpius in this story (maybe there's something seriously wrong with me?) but i just
nice shut down of isabelle though like what a crackwhore

albus my bb please
i just
i have nothing constructive to say (as if anything so far has been lol) but just i love him so much and i get really upset for him in this it's really not okay like he and james would be tied for favourite character in this and then second would be rose and scorpius and third would be jez (probably because i haven't seen her for a while like she's probably tied with scor and rose maybe?) and also seriously lucy love this latest chapter. luv it.

ALJAMES BROTHERLY CONVERSATION IT WAS FANTASTIC also loving how james was proud of himself for concentrating and hoped al'd be proud too
and just how al noticed he was off
and the lines you had about looking similar but not being similar people
(I love how they're both so tight with Rose I love the dynamics good good)
Albus thinking James would curse him sobs perf


okay so al and james arguing a-plus yes and Louis associating them with noise good boy best thing you've thought for three chapters (i'm not bitter nope) and just the character reveals like JAMES IS NOT A BELIEVER IN CONTEXT and albus' matter of fact "neither would you" I'm just yes happy and then LUCY MY SAD LITTLE ANGEL poor lucy

Scorpius what are you doing
Like, I just, I don't even know what I'm saying here. I love rereading Scorpius interactions with Al, with Rose, with Jez and ensemble interactions. I like Scorpius with them because he's comfortable with Al and Rose manages to have great exchanges with him because they're funny and she manages to invite reactions that are not seductive or apathetic or enigmatic from him and while they're great, they're common with his iterations with others so i like the breaks. And Jez is just funny. I just want to see him and Al or Al and Rose or him and Rose or all three or actually just a big EVERYONE WHO ACTUALLY LOVES AND CARES ABOUT ALBUS party that would make me happy :)))))))

But yay Rose's birthday dinner and nobody else was around right? Maybe? So that was cute. It was like a softening between them like due to exposure idk I just liked it it was almost like they were becoming friends because vague worry and I just idk I'm confused what my fingers are doing

Go Lucy! Davies deserves a yelling, the dipshit. I assume Louis let her in to Ravenclaw or something? Anyway, everyone else are being twats, really hating on the Isabelle child and serious love for the Rose/Lucy scene. Rose is the best cheerleader. Seriously, she's sarcastic and blunt and occasionally violent but she's seriously capable and she's a bit intense sometimes but she does seem to really care about her family and because she has the confidence in herself and the practical manner and strong personality and intelligence, she's probably the best person to talk to Lucy right then because she's so right, it's not Lucy's fault, it's Matthew's, and Lucy is fantastic and Rose is stubborn and just all the yays.

I'm quite keen for this birthday dinner. Is Louis going? James and Albus better be, I'll weep tears of puppy blood if not. :'(


love you xx reply to your pm soon and you can reply to this HAHAHAHAHA ;)

jane xoxoxox
HarryPotterFan chapter 14 . 8/28/2013
Great story but you lost me once you paired Teddy with Rose. Worst thing you could have done. Aside from them GREAT story!
Rose chapter 4 . 8/12/2013
I like how you write a lot, like a lot, a lot. It's all funn and stuff, continue.
none shall know chapter 17 . 8/11/2013
. UPDATE! please, update
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