Reviews for Why Can't I Be A Woman?
Blade The Dewott chapter 1 . 3/31/2013
Even though Virizion is better as a girl, she can actually be both. (I prefer female for CobaltVirdian shipping :D) If you think Virizion is a boy, say Virizion is a boy. If you think he/she is a girl, stick with your opinion. Although the movie 'Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice' clearly states Virizion is a girl. That's me. I twist up Pokemon genders. ( What I mean is, if you think about it REALLY hard, Cresselia has kind of a boyish face 0-0 Same for that Shaymin's Sky Forme looks kinda like a male) Victini is either, though I call him a male. But here is a weird thing. According to the movie 'Jirachi Wish Maker,' Jirachi is a boy. WHAT. THE. FUGGLE BUGGLE. But, as long as it is reasonable, call them your preferred gender. Don't hate on others because they think different. KTHXBAI
IcysnowTheLatias482 chapter 1 . 3/1/2013
Why would anyone don't want Virizion as a girl?! Since in the movie she's a girl
Look at this link:
The cast says "she"
And her voice actor in Japanese is a girl
Look at this:
If you don't like Virizion as a girl
Let's start a arguement by Private Messaging
Kabii-Kins chapter 1 . 11/15/2012
Sorry about the other reveiw here basicly stating the toataly wrong judgement.

so what that guy says, i say the complete the oppisite.

the twist on this is virizion is actually, truthfully a GIRL! (WOO!)

is there a problem for having a female handle a weapon? NOPE!

I'm am just a happy-go lucky person eversince i first found out this, and nothing could change the truth. i mean come on, Virizion's a girl REJOYCE!

now excuse me as i go spread the word of TRUTH! (jease, why do i feel like reshiram after i said that)

Dont worry Viri, you are female! *glomps Virizion*
The Gentleman Xerneas chapter 1 . 11/2/2012
Eww. I apologize for the inbound and irrelevant deluge of infomation, but I simply cannot stand it when people mistake Virizion for a female, so I must do him justice here.

While referred to as 'Gender Unknown' within the games, Virizion is most certainly male, alongside Cobalion, Terrakion and Keldeo.

I'm assuming you already knew this, but Virizion, along with his companions, are (personality-wise) based on the main characters from the novel 'The Three Musketeers', Virizion being based upon Aramis, specifically.

Aramis is romantic, feminine and vain, but he is nonetheless male. Virizion is the same. Must someone who is feminine be female? I think not. It's highly unlikely that they would design a female character after a male one, too.

Furthermore, Virizion may be based on a Gerenuk. A Gerenuk is a species of Antelope most commonly found in East Africa. Male Gerenuk have large horns which strikingly resemble Virizion's. The strange part about this is that female Gerenuk have no horns whatsoever.

A clever theory suggests that Ken Sugimori, the designer, combined the feminine personality of Aramis with the Male-only design of the Gerenuk to subtly say 'This pokemon may appear female, but in reality is male.' Given that Ken is a very clever man, this sounds valid.

Did you think that Virizion is female simply by appearance? You may not have, but in case you did, that is a huge mistake. Look at Lopunny, Gardevoir and Milotic. They look female, but they can easily be male as well. Just like Virizion. When it comes to Pokemon, you mustn't judge a book by it's cover.

Finally, they are called the Sacred SwordsMEN. Not Sacred SwordsWOMEN.

Once again I apologize for the unneeded rant, but this is my biggest pet peeve, and I feel an overwhelming desire to obtain justice for poor, misunderstood Virizion.