Reviews for The Malevolent Dr Maestro!
Anthony1l chapter 12 . 5/21/2012
This story is hilarious, interesting, original, touching, and unique.
pbow chapter 12 . 11/29/2011
This is a 'rockin'" story but it's been a while since I was into classical music, so some of the referenced music needed a little research. (He said, digging into his old 33 1/3 LP collection.)

I would like to point out a few errors you had in the first chappy, tho. When Kim left for the mission, she didn't change into her mission clothes, but she was in them throughout the story. Also, you referred to Shego and Bonnie's habit of filing their fingernails, but called it a pedicure. Of course you meant manicure since a pedicure is for toenails. (Pedifoot)Tho I would think they like their toenails to be pampered too.

My last little quibble is up for debate. You called Wade a preteen. If this story takes place in their senior year, then he should be thirteen. It was mentioned in the first season that he was ten, just like Kim's brothers, and then adding three years would make him a teen... That is unless you count the series seasons differently than I do. I say four seasons equal four years in high school. But during the first season, in the opening credits, it mentions that Kim is a sophomore, so you'd be right in that case.

All-in-all a great story that'll going on my fav list.

Keep up the great work.

LTAOZFAN chapter 12 . 10/14/2011
Naturally, Kim Saves Rufus! Just what we'd expect, after all. And Rufus shows good sense in sticking with Kim; she's a real survivor-type. Then, Kim follows a good basic rule: When In Need of Technical Assistance, Call Wade! Not only is this story fast-paced, but you have everybody acting in character, just as they would in the TV series.

It's nice to see that Mr. Barkin's teaching sinks in to his students' minds, and it turns out to be useful as well. And we have an unusual way to foil a villain: shatter all the plexiglas in his chopper. This is also in keeping with the way Kim foils villains and solves problems.

The way Ron asks Mr. Barkin for advice is delightfully intricate and spot-on for almost anybody in such a sitch. But I wonder about the business of Mr. Barkin changing the locks on his house twice to keep Ron out. Is this, like the story of The Giant Rat of Sumatra, a tale for which the world is not yet ready?

A Sonata named "Moonlight!" Very good. I seem to recall that back in the 1970s the Volkswagen Company had a song sung (in German!) in commercials for their GTI. What other musical automobile connections might there be? "In My Merry Oldsmobile" comes to mind. And didn't Tom T. Hall have a song about Ford cars in general, and "I'm Changing My Name to Chrysler?"

Leave it to Rufus to set that machine to playing "It's A Small World After All" that way. He always lends a paw at the right time. But even more deadening would be the chorus of "The Ying-Tong Song," which was sung on that British comedy radio program of the 1950s, "The Goon Show." It went like this:

Ying-tong, ying-tong, ying-tong, ying-tong,

Ying-tong yiddle-eye po!

(over and over and over...)

So, Ron has decided to ask Kim to the Prom! Huzzah! But events get in the way, drat! Again, spot on for character. But I wonder about James Possible's reaction to the state of his car. Shouldn't he be used to this sort of thing happening when Kim borrows the car?

A very nice wind-up to an enjoyable and entertaining story, sir. Now, with tiny toots on tinny trumpets, I can proceed to your next tale, which is certain to have a few musical puns in it. I'm sure it will also be a good read and a thrilling adventure for Kim, Ron and Rufus.


"Them's my views, amen, so be it."

"Treasure Island," by R. L. Stevenson
LTAOZFAN chapter 11 . 10/9/2011
Well, this is a slang-bang action-filled episode, no doubt about it. A blue "Horizon" named BEYOND is good; did Dr. Maestro ever consider a red Dodge "Shadow," by any chance? (The Red Shadow. Main character in musical "The Desert Song." Made into a movie three times.)

He has 34 Evil Laughs to choose from? Seems a bit more than a sensible villain will really need. I wonder if Dr. Maestro has an Insane Giggle, a Scream of Rage and Gloating Chuckle on tap as well? And while the piece from Eroica is good, he could have tried "Gloomy Sunday." as a dismal piece of music to have the band play.

Leave it to Kim to turn a vehicle crash into a way to foil the villain and check her speed at the same time. Nice touch! And Ron's landing in the tree and almost losing his pants is also right in character. Mr. Barkin is right in character as well, and it's nice to see him ask Kim for details because he knows he'll get them. I wonder what that business in Barkin's past was all about?

Carpe diem equals fish of the day! Lovely! And the way Kim & Ron's shoulder angels & devils show up is equally good. The way the two angels and the two devils pair off is a fun bit that I'd never have anticipated. Good writing, sir!

But now we have Rufus in serious trouble! I'm sure this will work out okay, and I admit it's a really tense cliffhanger. Whatever happens in chapter twelve, I'm sure it will hit the right note.


"Them's my views, amen, so be it."

"Treasure Island," by R. L. Stevenson
LTAOZFAN chapter 10 . 9/29/2011
Dr. Maestro really came up with a way to be unpleasant with this device. The only thing worse might be listening to Vogon poetry (apologies to Douglas Adams). Endlessly depressing music and tear-jerker scenes from movies. Yipe! I like the way Ron thinks himself, Kim and Josh into the final scene of "Casablanca." Again, Ron's comments are all right on character for him in this chapter. (I've learned myself that this is not easy to write.)

What film is a flag-pole sitter from? I must have missed it. But the way the shoulder angels and devils for Kim and Ron argue the situation is very nice. Sort of the way Kronk's shoulder guys react when Yzma gets nasty about Kronk's cooking in "The Emperor's New Groove." And the animation scenes of sadness are well-chosen. But what about the moment in "Peter Pan" when Wendy tells her brothers and the Lost Boys goodbye, and then starts walking the plank? Or when Tinker Bell seems to be dying? And there's the part in "Finding Nemo" when Marlin leaves Dory and heads home, thinking Nemo has died.

The "accident with that falling piano" sounds rather grim. By the way, sir, on the subject of pianos, have you ever watched "The Music Box," the film that got Laurel & Hardy an Oscar for best short subject?

So, their tears short out the device? Subtle and effective save, sir! The way Kim triggers her alarm disabler to get them loose is also good. Naturally being distracted by Dr. Maestro's device would prevent Kim from thinking about it until now.

Diablo Sauce to the rescue sounds like something in the episode "Tick...Tick...Tick." A nice connection to the series. And then Wade almost spills the beans about Ron's microchip, but covers it with fast verbal footwork. As the Genie said to "Prince Ali," "Nice recovery!"

Well, Team Possible is free to carry on, but there is still the Big Showdown Scene to come. This story is playing very nicely with all the musical references. You know how to strike the right note and ring the bell with each chapter, sir.


"Them's my views, amen, so be it."

"Treasure Island," by R. L. Stevenson
LTAOZFAN chapter 9 . 9/28/2011
Well, I finally can get back to commenting on this interesting tale. First, I like the way that this whole chapter is the classic scene of "the villain has the heroes trapped and brags about their fate while boasting of his intelligence." The many musical clues are not only on character for Dr. Maestro, but all fit into his dialog very well.

The business of the Doctor's pants being oversize immediately reminded me of a song made famous years ago by comedian Red Buttons. The song, of course, was "Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long." It certainly detracts from Dr. Maestro's speech when his trousers drop. And Ron's comment regarding this is right on the money for him. But wouldn't it have been more in character for Dr. Maestro to have music printed on his shorts? Or pictures of Beethoven?

Ron is also right in character with his comments through this whole chapter. Each one is just what you'd expect him to say in this sort of situation. Always nonchalant about things, no matter the problem at hand. Good writing, sir!

"eFjord" instead of "eBay?" Fun! In another Kim Possible fanfiction I saw a reference to "jCove, along the same lines.

So now we have Kim, Ron and Rufus definitely hung up, with no "Off" switch to throw or obvious way out. Since there are more chapters (and more of your stories) ahead, they have to be rescued or escape, but I cannot see how they will. On to chapter 10!


"Them's my views, amen, so be it."

"Treasure Island," by R. L. Stevenson
Anilyn Shaw chapter 12 . 7/4/2011
pure genious! the way you explained things that were unanswered before. i always wondered how Ron lost the cool scooter that was in Oh Boyz and got the much worse one in So the Drama. now i know v. i love the angel and devil bit, no show is complete without the devil/angel bit.

LTAOZFAN chapter 8 . 6/28/2011
Another nice step in this musically-inclined story. And again, you have struck just the right note. So, a Bronco is the vehicle? I still think a Volvo is a better connect to Norse mythology. And the character of Zany Ziggy reminds me of a one-shot character in a Donald Duck comic story back in the 1950s. In the story Donald sold his car to a used car dealer who called himself The Smirking Egyptian. ;-)

The way you are mixing mystery and comedy in this story is very good; that sort of stuff is not always easy to write, And the connection between the song's lyrics and a Toyota Stallion surprised me. (I had never heard of that car before. Is it real or one created for your story?)

Awhile back I mentioned Gilbert & Sullivan music, and now I see it is being used. Say, if Dr. Maestro were sent to prison, would he walk into his cell singing "If I had the wings of an angel, . . . " ?

So, now Kim and Ron (and Rufus, I suppose?) have been trapped and are being transported to Dr. Maestro's lair. I have no idea where this is going, so I must get on to the next chapter ASAP.


"Them's my views, amen, so be it."

"Treasure Island," by R. L. Stevenson
Reader101w chapter 12 . 6/28/2011
Great story,

I had a lot of fun about Dr. Maestro's antics, especially when he followed the drooping camera down to the ground.

Of evil devices and musical puns… but having him listen to and hour of 'It's a small world' is just cruel :P

Well done with the ending and the transition to 'So The Drama'.

Keep up the good writing,

LTAOZFAN chapter 7 . 6/27/2011
The idea that Kim has to ask Bonnie for help is something definitely unusual, but at the same time, definitely delightful! The fact that Bonnie does provide useful information is good, too. Middle of Lake Cygnus fits nicely, and then we get another connection to the TV series with the appearance of the General from the episode "Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles."

I wonder how many airports actually have a hangar numbered 18? And did any of them change the number as a result of all the talk about "Hangar 18" at Wright-Patterson AFB? By the way, if my memory serves me correctly, I believe that Wonder Woman had an invisible airplane back in the old comic books in the 1950s. There is a reference to it in that made-for-TV Wonder Woman movie of the 1970s.

The business with the boat and the sign to point to the clue suggests to me that Dr. Maestro needs to get out more. His style is rather wacky. And while the shark in Lake Cygnus is robotic, there are cases on record of salt-water sharks (Bull Sharks, I believe) swimming many miles up fresh-water rivers in the past forty years. So, even a live shark would not be impossible at this point.

Again you give us a nice look at Kim's thought about Ron, and her "shoulder angel & demon" show up to argue the pros and cons. I wonder if Rufus ever has things like these show up for him? I do enjoy the way you are telling this, with the straight-forward action, the puzzles of Dr. Maestro's clues, and the inner feelings of Kim and Ron.

"Victory from the 'Jaws' of Defeat?" As I said, Dr. Maestro needs to get out more. And, let's see about the clue. The Valkyries were Norse deities, which would be Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. The only auto makers in that part of the world I can recall would be Volvo and Saab. Ooh, this is a sticky one! Well, on to Chapter 8. Fram! Fram!

(The word 'fram' is Norwegian for 'forward.')


"Them's my views, amen, so be it."

"Treasure Island," by R. L. Stevenson
LTAOZFAN chapter 6 . 6/25/2011
As I started reading this chapter I heard a piece of music playing in my mind: the theme from the old TV series, "The Adams Family." I also felt disappointed that Lurch wasn't there to open the door for Kim & Ron. In any case, the story continues with its musical clues in fine style; a flat miner / a-flat minor! Nice to have Wade find the answer, too.

Embarrassment Ninjas? Good tie-in to the TV series. And we also get Ron's hyper-powered scooter. (You have obviously seen all the "Kim Possible" TV episodes, sir!)

"Take the A-Train" and "Happy Trails to You;" I wonder how many musical connections this story will have by the last chapter. But I like the way you are doing them.

Rufus is right in character in this chapter, enjoying the speedy rides on the scooter and on the mine-car. They way he finds the rope and runs the winch is the sort of thing he does in the series. And I love the hardhat he is wearing! Remember the towel around the waist he had when he and Ron were in a Sauna, once?

Again we have inner thoughts by a character, this time Ron. He's pulled two ways about Kim: as a close friend and as someone to love. The way his "shoulder angel" and "shoulder devil" argue with him reminded me of the way Kronk had that happen in "The Emperor's New Groove." In some Pluto cartoons his good & bad angel / devil characters showed up as well.

I really don't know how this is going to turn out, but I'm sure there's lots of musical connections yet to come. Just which ones, I wonder? Right now I find myself thinking of a song from Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance." That is, "Poor Wandering Ones." ;-)


"Them's my views, amen, so be it."

"Treasure Island," by R. L. Stevenson
Katsumara chapter 12 . 6/19/2011
Great work on the finish here, MA. Really enjoyed it a ton. And a nice lead-in to their next adventures together.. :D Fantastic work.
campy chapter 12 . 6/19/2011
Nice finale. Every member of the team played their part to perfection.

Thanks for a great read. I'll be looking forward to the next adventure.
CajunBear73 chapter 12 . 6/19/2011
And the curtain falls on this little operetta, and the swan song is a staple of Disney kiddie park rides everywhere... At least Maestro tested that song before Drakken drove his research team insane.

But now the dominoes are set and a few have already fallen to setup the Drama that will be the Junior Prom with Kim and Ron.

Kim's switching of gears really squashed any opportunity for her to consider the rising sitch with Ron since Bortel's chip was placed on her neck. Ron seems to have caught up, thanks to Wade's info and now the angst begins.

But Ron really shouldn't ask Barkin for romance advice, history with that man bears this out, as S4 can attest.

So Drakken and Shego have already hit the ground running after breaking out of prison? He must have had his latest caper all planned out before the jailbreak.

Now to see how the AWOL Avatars spent their time away from their people... LOL!

Mr. Wizard chapter 12 . 6/19/2011
Bravo! Bravo! Maybe they can get him for their wedding? Will he be out by then? Nice lead in to what we know will happen next, or happened, you know what I mean. This was another good story from you. Keep it up.
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