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Luqualia chapter 1 . 5/27
I love your work so much! Thank you for finally showing an example of boys being affectionate and emotional without it being considered "gay". this story perfectly addresses this issue in society, and how boys are shamed for showing any love and emotion.
Night N. Gail chapter 1 . 2/1/2016
This is the kind of story that, in my perfect world, there would be no need for. Since this isn't my perfect world, I recognize the need for stories like this, and I commend you for having the guts to write them. Since I'm not really among those who this story is meant for, I didn't exactly enjoy it, but don't take that as a point against you. I can appreciate this story for what it is, and the truth it's meant to testify to. Good work. :)
Guest chapter 1 . 2/22/2015
Thank you so much! I love that you wrote this story and how it's not THAT kind of love! I also like how your stories are usually the sibling relationship love so it's not, well you know. Thank you again for this wonderful story.
muuunchies chapter 1 . 9/27/2014
Believe it or not this story I read years before just popped out of the blue in my head this morning. I had this strong urge to read right then but heck, where had I read it before? FYI I spent 1h searching for it but it was totally worth it. :3

And you're right about this kind of love. It may be hard to understand especially when around close minded fools.
Shinji Ikari3 chapter 1 . 4/25/2014
Beautiful. One of the most beautiful stories I've perused in my life so far. It's an enormous shame, and that's an understatement of an understatement, I didn't peruse this story until you told me what was in it.

I agree... this kind of love often is misunderstood and ignored. If this kind of love is displayed between family, or friends, the next thing you know there's Fanfiction pairing the two romantically. There should be a large amount of Fanfiction further exploring the incredible and touching familial bond between the Elric brothers, because it's so incredible and wonderful and indescribable as well as because it's the core of all three FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST serieses, but is there? Nooooo. I don't know if it's because the writers can't grasp that there exists such a thing as *familial love* and *friendship love,* or because the writers do grasp there is and just think it'd be better to make the two people romantically in love (perhaps the writers think "they're cuter together if it's romantic," perhaps it's for a worse reason). Perhaps it's a combination of both. But even if this kind of love isn't misunderstood as much as it might be (and I know for certain it is misunderstood; one of the close friends I've mentioned to you said there was a lot of immature muttering going on the first time Frodo and Sam hugged in the THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING movie. And in an interview with Sean Astin, if I understand what Sean Astin was responding to correctly, he responded to people who think Sam's love for Frodo is romantic - among other things, he said, "It cheapens the purity of love."), it's definitely ignored. And there are no words to describe how much of a shame that is. Thank you so very, very, *very* much for writing a piece that celebrates non-romantic love the way you did, celebrates the purity of love the way this piece did, and celebrates the love between Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric the way this piece did.

I hope to see you do the same thing in your original works as well. You have the ability; I firmly believe you could write the next Frodo and Sam relationship in a published novel or series, be it a familial relationship or a friendship relationship.

And as an aside, considering how few stories I've seen that express caring like what you wrote when the relationship actually *is* a romance as well, there's a problem there too. Far too much "romance" is people being embarrassed or physical attraction (which is *not* romance; its impossible to love someone for his/her appearance because appearance has nothing to do with personality) or physical garbage performed for non-romantic reasons or other nonsense, not genuine caring and love and compassion. That irritates me immensely too.

And I *like* the Brad Stine quote. Hehheh.

I didn't misunderstand the story, but I'd be interested in knowing *exactly* what you were saying with this story. Nobody knows that but you, so could you please tell me?


"I'm here to help you. I promised Gandalf that I would."-Samwise Gamgee
AlysiaRhythm chapter 1 . 8/4/2013
This was so sweet and adorable, and so emotionally full and so pleasing to the brotherly love-craving heart. I completely agree with and understand your point of view and I am thrilled that someone else has the same as my own. Thank you for writing this, it is perfect. I found some humor in it(due to how many people actually have the nerve to write Elricest) while at the same time my heart was melting in admiration of their bond. Keep up the wonderful work. :)
Harryswoman chapter 1 . 5/26/2013
Syra Sunn chapter 1 . 8/25/2012
Aaaaaaand, THANK YOU.

Generally, if a story is completed, I don't favourite it unless there's a sequel in which I'll have to go back and look at a couple details again. But this, this I AM. You already know my thoughts about them being paired, so you probably also realized I appreciate this kind of work. Even if thye weren't brothers, I think this kind of love can definately be acheived.

Thank you, really :)
TheWaffleMonster chapter 1 . 7/13/2012
Totally agree with what you said at the beginning. This kind of love...well, it doesn't get enough love. I mean, you take a look around any fandom-ten million yaoi fics for every platonic fic out there.
This is probably one of the most awesomest (I don't care that that isn't a word!) fanfics I've ever read. It's sooo good! Any kind of barrier between Ed and Al always makes me want to cry, but their reunions are always, always worth it. Well done. Well done. You're setting a standard for writing with this fic.
FifthDayOfMay chapter 1 . 3/28/2012
My heart just started crying happy tears and then it exploded. This story contains so much sheer awesome that I have no idea how you managed it. I LOVE their relationship. It is the cutest sweetest most gut wrenchingly touching kind of familial love you can get. This is coming from someone who is extremely close to her sisters and understands the urge to kick people who accuse you of feeling that sort of thing for someone who you've grown up with. Cried and laughed with, hit and bled for. Who is so close to you that you can't imagine living without. Like a sibling and a best friend all in one awesome package. -stands up and applauds- I feel this story deeply and just wish to congratulate you on a job well done.

Also not to say I don't like yaoi, I'd be lying if I said that. I just love familial types of stories infinitely more. They are the blood that runs through my veins. I need to post some of mine. -applauds again-
zealousfreak27 chapter 1 . 2/26/2012
Thank you. And this time I'll leave a REAL review.

You're obviously not condemning homosexuality here. And of course there's nothing wrong with it. Love is love, I say. However, incest makes me uncomfortable. Peple on this site just can't let things go. I think the fact that English only has one word for love is a problem. We don't love our cars the same way we do our parents, and we don't love our brothers the same we do lovers. But people on this site jumble it all together.

I love this because it is subtle and sweet and a lot of other positive adjectives that I'm to lazy to list out. Thanks a lot!
Caffeinated Star chapter 1 . 11/27/2011
Yeah I can safely say the brother incest sickens me. It's just... why? Why can't they just be brothers? Which is why I don't read any yaoi since it ALWAYS gets out of hand on this site.
Failure Writer Girl chapter 1 . 10/17/2011
That was wonderful.

A beautiful interpretation of their relationship that completely coincides with the manga/anime. I absolutely loved it!
Skydive Off Isengard chapter 1 . 10/3/2011
Yes! I am not offended in the least. Their relationship was beautifully conveyed in a way that felt completely platonic. Poor Al. That IS something he'd agonize over. And I wanna know who that butthead punk was that brought up the crude suggestion! -_-

That's what I love so much about their relationship. They've been through Hell together, and they've come out closer than brothers.

But I still can't accept the idea of Ed with a briefcase. That's just so... oxymoronic. XD
TheSleepingNeko chapter 1 . 8/19/2011
Beautiful. Truly beatuiful~
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