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ohhh lawddd chapter 18 . 11/8
A LOT of people are hoping that Zuko doesn't betray his Uncle and everyone else again... but tbh I kind of hope he does! Okay hear me out: you have totally made the catacombs scene 10 times better by having Katara "lecture" Zuko about Ozai. Personally I feel like that just strengthened their relationship. Also, I think the whole 'joining sides with Azula' is something that Zuko really needed to go through in order to develop more and to find the true good within him. So PLEASE UPDATE SOON! AND PLEASSSSEEEEEE HAVE HIM JOIN AZULA!

Thanks :*
ahhh chapter 2 . 11/1
That. Was. Just. ADORABLE! First traces of Zutara always get me squirming and giggling like an idiot. Good job of not getting the characters OOC... especially Zuko
the Moon our Witness chapter 18 . 10/21
Gosh! With all those ripples that have been sent through the plot I still can't tell the outcome of this! I'd love for Zuko to change his mind and join team avatar after what happened in the crystal catacombs but somehow I think he will mess up so very bad and join Azula... hopefully I'm not right!
Can't wait for an update (:
Goikuchan chapter 3 . 10/20
Ouch..that's gotta hurts! Poor Zuko. When I read the part about the letter I actually had to blink away a tear. :c

Anyway, I'm loving this fic! Usually I don't bother reading Zuko/Katara capture stories taking place during book 1, usually because they are badly written with OOCness (overly kind and affectionate Zuko *shudders*).
You, however, got everyone perfectly in character! I also love all the details about the crew and what life at sea is like. It really gives this story depth and makes me wish I could read all chapters in one night hehe. But instead i'll just take my time and enjoy your impressive writing. ;)
the Moon our Witness chapter 7 . 10/20
The author's note at the end of this chapter perfectly shows why I feel like most fanfiction authors put more thought into the back story of this show than the actual writers. Everything sounds very likely and on top of that reasonable as well. We also see extremely non-spiritual people with bending (Zhao, anyone?) and even a highly spiritual person who doesn't show any bending abilities at all (Guru Patik).
Guest chapter 18 . 10/14
Ive been reading this story over the past few days and I must say that this is one of my /favorite/ zutara stories so far, really. There's so many wonderful things I could say about this story. I love that your details are so well thought out and that zuko and katara dont just magically fall for each other ( like in so many other stories)...but the chemistry is definitely there! You've used a lot of sound reasoning and logic when it comes to the characters' actions and movements, and clearly things arent done "just because".

I especially love your portrayal of Iroh. He is my favorite character in the whole series. I will often partially judge a fanfic on how well they capture him and youve done a superb job. I like that he wasnt automatically trusting of katara when bringing her aboard zuko's ship yet we still see him for the graceful and courteous man that he is. Im very interested in seeing how you carry on zutara's friendship throughout the rest of the series events. In the crystal catacombs katara hints at him joining them to teach aang firebending and I really appreciate zuko's reluctance seeing as how the events so far are leading him into realizing that everything he thought about the fire nation and his father are lies. With the new change of events Im especially interested in seeing how this new friendship will carry over to the southern raiders, seeing as how the driving force behind that was katara's issues with zuko. I will definitely continue to look out for more chapters on Promises to Keep and I hope you update soon ;)
Lily Dragon chapter 18 . 10/5
Since it had been a while (and I was taking a break from postgrad studies for a week), I decided to read the whole story through to remember all the details from this chapter... And it gave me the opportunity to fall in love with this story again. This time over, I was even more frustrated with Zuko's stubborn attitude, but in the best way possible - I really admire how you keep everything consistent and explainable, and how you find a way to incorporate all the somehow senseless and even silly parts of the show into a serious and coherent context. In fact, you were sticking to canon so faithfully that I was even fearing that Zuko would make the exact same decision in the crystal catabombs before reading your chapter... But after Katara's "meddling pep talk", I'm not so sure anymore... But if he chooses differently, it will be, without a doubt, the best Zuko-chooses-right fic ever - and if he still betrays Uncle and Katara, I still have faith that you will definitely make it worth the while. But 'your' Zuko has made some important discoveries that series-Zuko didn't do up until the third season... I just really wish you had given them both a little more extra time in those caves. You seem to be dropping hints about how they are drawn to each other, and it seems that their attraction to each other will become apparent sooner rather than later... And I know it will become a bit more difficult if they are togegher in Hakoda's ship, so the caves would be just that great opportunity to pay attention to that attraction... After all, the moment where she touches his scar in the series was a huge deal, and it was a bit softened by their familiarity in your scene... Not that it wasn't important to him, but letting her touch his scar makes much more sense in your universe... But I sense that the differences between the show and your timeline will become more and more evident now, giving you the opportunity to completely reinvent the third season, and I'm so looking forward to that!

Let us see what happens -and I really, really hope that you can find time to update soon, so we can at least conclude the second season arc. (and, if it not asking too much, your other ATLA stories are just as great, and it would be really nice to see them progress as well... Every passing year (and biting plot bunnies that stay solely in my head for lack of time) I realise how special it is for someone to dedicate their free time to such an arduous task as writing for no profit whatsoever, and it is completely unfair to demand updates from anyone, really. So again, thank you for thinking up such a great story, and such a consistent universe to give a grown-up look to this series without loosing the character's silliness and lighthartedness.

BloomingNights chapter 6 . 10/5
Sokka and Aang's reaction to Katara's "death" hits me right in the feels. And when Sokka says "say hi to mom for me" Ouch. Like. I can't even (which is a good thing) Also, Zuko's apology to Uncle made my eyes tear up. I'm so happy to see the progress he's made
cj1of4 chapter 18 . 10/4
Great, so Aang is getting the green eyed monster. I wonder how this is going to turn out.
k chapter 18 . 10/4
Hmm. Im honestly rather torn on what I hope the result is. True Zuko has had some important realizations thrown in his face, but not a lot of time for them to sink in. But I think betraying Iroh was an important part of his character ark. Up until then he had been being what people wanted him to be, he searched for the avatar for his fathef, he worked in a teashop acting unzukoly happy, like uncle would want, and you accnowlaged that to an extent in this chapter, hes being a storybook prince, not Zuko. Oddly Aang is the only person in this chapter who didnt (or hasnt yet but will in azulas case) tried to manipulate him into doing what they want. The three most signifant people to him are makeing a power play useing him. Or through him. Though Katara now haveing Iroh on her side side may tip the balance in her favor. Still, nither side he will choose in the following scenario will be what Zuko wants, beacuse at the moment hes fairly neutral, and any choice will be for his alies sake.

Im also always kind of upset that Katara offers to heal the scar, just beacuse there is no mark, does not mean the memories gone, at this point it defines him. Maybe one day it wont, but that has to be something he decides for himself, not by others, no matter how good it feels to hear her say that about Ozai.

I almost wish he were the type to say " forget about this!" and just leave, but Azula would probaly kill him if that happened.

So now what.

I dont know.

I cant wait to find out
ASHtheMUSICALgirl13 chapter 18 . 10/2
All I can say is if Zuko sides again with Azula, he would have truly betrayed Katara. In canon, I feel like Zuko didn't really betray Katara because he was a stranger to her (Although he definitely betrayed Iroh). In this fic Katara and Zuko know each other personally, so if she feels betrayed by him (I hope Zuko makes the right choice) it is more justified. Although, I doubt Zuko is going to side with Azula this time, purely because Iroh willing fought against her and sided with the Avatar before, he will probably do so again. I'm not fishing for spoilers, I just wanted you to know my thought processes on this chapter specifically because so much can happen next chapter depending on how you want to twist it. The build up is killing me but another great chapter. I love the part where Katara is ranting at Zuko about how awful Ozai treats him, oh how I wish this could have happened in the show (obviously certain language would be censored out, ha ha ha).
Rookie bee chapter 18 . 10/2
Excellent new chapter! Really loved the character interactions.
Guest chapter 18 . 10/1
This is one of my favorite Zutara fics I've ever read! Keep it up!
Redbookbluebook chapter 18 . 10/1
I can't believe I've already caught up with this story. Your writing is addicting! I loved the scene between Katara and Zuko; thank you Katara for finally getting Zuko to realize Ozai's true intentions. Poor Zuko with the spirit water bit though. Oh and Uncle shipping the two of them is awesome. I can't wait for the next chapter but in the meantime you've got plenty of other awesome stories I'm sure.
UrieNanashi chapter 18 . 9/30
Let me tell you- I'm in china right now and I had such problems getting onto this site yesterday just after I started reading it. It drove me crazy! Eventually I was smart enough to look up the title and found that you have it up over on archiveofourown, and that loads much easier. And I proceeded to read it all in ine night. Anyway, what I am trying to say is- that is amazing and you are amazing. Im in love. I really hope that there is more coming. And, now im on my way to go see and read through what else you have written. Thank you for all your hard but beautiful work.
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