Reviews for Air
Jules3576 chapter 1 . 3/13/2011
Sooo excited for your new story! Can't wait to see where this one goes!
darcy13 chapter 2 . 3/13/2011
Enjoyed viewing the scene from inside Edward's head. He seems like a good guy. I loved reading his thoughts on Carmen. Polite, yet trying not to be encouraging. Friends of the family always complicates things a bit. It seems that Carmen is interpreting (hand squeeze) things as she "wants" to see them, but then, don't most of us.
JayNahNah chapter 2 . 3/13/2011
I like! What's the age difference & did Edward unknowingly agree to something with Carmen?
jimemon chapter 2 . 3/13/2011
It's always interesting to ge an insight into Edward's head, great update :)
AbruptlyChagrined chapter 2 . 3/13/2011
So that's what

This is why I like alternating POV's.
Karriek chapter 2 . 3/13/2011
Always good to read another POV, he seems particularly chilled and laid back!
FFpassion chapter 2 . 3/13/2011
I couldn't help myself I went and read all the Air prompts yesterday.

I LOVED it, Edward and Bella make a great couple.

I won't spoil it for other's that haven't read it but I got him and he made me swoon.

Thank you for again writing such an amazing love story.

Have a great day



dpearl chapter 2 . 3/13/2011
Nice chapter
BLilTXgirl chapter 1 . 3/13/2011
Yay another story from you! I'm going to try to behave and not go search thru your witfit postings to read all the chapters of this. LOL
Comfy Boots chapter 2 . 3/13/2011
Chatty McChattyson - i like that. Is edward in his late 20s? *crosses fingers while repeating 'please say yes'* Just out of interest that i was asking :D
grabadietcoke chapter 2 . 3/13/2011
Loving the alternative POV. Its fun to see how the observe each other and I like that there's no "POW MAGICAL CONNECTION", just a quiet attraction, maybe some concern about the age difference. Pretty cute altogether.
theladyingrey42 chapter 2 . 3/13/2011
Ohhhhh. So this age difference is pretty substantial, huh? I liked the easy nonchalance of e's voice. His introspection about serial monogamy (love that phrase), his envy of his brother's good fortune. Great setup.
mommy2kh chapter 2 . 3/13/2011
Oooh...I'm still dying to know what happens next but loved the EPOV!
Siobhan B. Masen- Fraser chapter 2 . 3/13/2011
I love it, so fun and light. Sometimes that is what we need, well I do anyway! Great job!

Till next time...

teech711 chapter 2 . 3/13/2011
This chapter serves as proof that men and women really don't see things the same way. He was as intrigued by her as she was with him. It's funny that she misread his convo with Carmen just as he misread her texting Rose. I still like the fact that even though Bella is younger, she makes the first move by having Riley go get him. Puts them on more equal footing in a subtle way. Looking forward to more!
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