Reviews for Contemplations of a Jealous Mind
Asme chapter 4 . 4/30
Wow this was really really good!~ I loved your characterization of both Yami and Seto~
They are such a great pair and you made them very equal which I liked a lot~
Thanks so much for writing this
Anon chapter 2 . 8/30/2017
GGGAAAAAHHH! *squeals uncontrollably* I LOVE jealous Kaiba, especially when it's for Yami XD
Wolf'sVine chapter 4 . 10/7/2016
Oh, and I do desperately hope you'll write a sequel!
Wolf'sVine chapter 4 . 10/7/2016
Oh, this was just delicious to read! Kaiba is such a jealous ass-hat and Yami, as usual, mesmerizes everyone he comes into contact with. I like them together a heck of a lot... their fire and competitiveness and fierceness and how they just get under each other's skin... no matter how much they try to guard their heart. It's just so much fun to watch them fall in love and let their possessiveness grow outta control. I might not be makin' much sense but... that's cuz I'm tired and I just hope tha t you'll be able to get the gist of what I'm writing.
HyuugaRin chapter 4 . 3/21/2013
I loved how you showed Seto's jealousy! (especially the last part ) I also liked it when you keep making them tease each other, knowing both of them have too much pride.

This story is how should I put it? hot.

I like how you write. You're one of my favorite authors now. :)
GirlWhoHasNoName chapter 4 . 12/6/2012
Sorry for taking so long! I read the oneshot you placed on the other site - awesome! ... and that's a big compliment coming from me, usually I don't like OC's XDDD.

... Okay, at first I thought I knew who the character was in the first few paragraphs, but the person feeling "empty" after Yami calling Seto's name... It can't be seto. Can it?

OH! IT'S SAKAKI! Ehehehehe... now I see...
Wait... how did he link Seto with Yami? Is his rivalry with Seto causing these nightmares? WHY AM I SO CONFUSED! *scratches head*

.GOSH... He HEARD them!? *bites nails* Now I understand everything! Poor man... that must've been quite a shock for the poor guy. EEEEEEEEEEE YOU'RE JUST SO GOOD! You kept me guessing and wondering and enchanted all at the same time. LOVING IT!

With the set resolution, Sakaki felt a little calmer. : Very true - even if your plan's success rate is low, having one is alone better than feeling utterly helpless. Good work there.

EEEK! Sounds like Kaiba should watch out!

LOL! The sneezing-myth. CUUUUTE XDDD. Well, of all the YGO characters, I believe Yami would be the most superstitious.

it was safe to say their enthusiasm had steadily grown. : Huh, that's one I didn't see coming. I thought that, because of their teasing natures, individuality and intelligence, they'd grow bored easily... or wait... maybe it's exactly because of said shared qualities that the growing enthusiasm is possible? Hmm... you gave me something to think about.

The relaxed pose he exhibited was extremely misleading; to an outsider it spoke of harmlessness and ease but the predatory glint in those icy blue eyes belied the leisurely calm exterior. : *nods enthusiastically* I AGREE WITH YOU 100%!

O.O AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! OMGOSH... Yami's struggle to get away from Seto is soooo well written, I can see it in my mind's eye. I'm getting stares because of all my laughter right now.

And once again, your lemon scene is unchallenged... In plain english... IT WAS HOT XD

LOL! Kaiba really is insatiable! RUN, YAMI RUN! Otherwise you'll be incapacitated!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! And yet, that is exactly what Yami is now. And Seto, the sadist that he is, enjoys every single moment of his lover's outrage. *satisfied sigh* I stand by my conviction... THIS what Prideshipping must look like. *determined nod*

AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! THE SNEEZE! Perhaps there IS more to said superstition, eh? *wink*

THIS WAS A WONDERFUL STORY! You are simply amazing. I'm so glad you made a sequel. I'M HEADING FOR THAT AS SOON AS I CAN!
GirlWhoHasNoName chapter 3 . 11/24/2012
Hi! Omgosh I'm sorry for being this late! I'M FINALLY HERE, BUT STILL I'M SORRY! Now, enough grovelling. Let's move to the thing you really want... A REVIEW!

Okay, so, first off *giggles* Does Kaiba remind anyone else of a spoilt child? Nice work! This is, I believe, the only way Kaiba would be able to give outing to his feelings towards Yami verbally… and OUCH… Yami’s comeback. Eheheheheh nice work!

Lol! Soooo true the part where Kaiba felt better after taking his (indecipherable) feelings out on Yami. Isn’t that how the human race, especially Kaiba, works?

PERFECT! No really, I have to compliment you on the fact that you made Yami perplexed with Kaiba’s strange reactions. I do believe, personally, that Yami can figure out anything immediately, except the look of someone jealous and in love with him. Like you made it, he noticed something was wrong, but he didn’t know what at first. LOVE IT! YOU’RE SO DAMN GOOD!

that man was the personification of the words "stubborn" and "ass" when the mood took him. : *nod-nod* I love your word play and your descriptions. The fact that you made Yami back off… yeah, I think I can stop telling you your characterization is perfect… YOU KNOW! XDDD.

Finally! Kaiba noticed he was actually jealous! *giggles*

OHMYRA… The body is way more honest than the people themselves. I mean, Kaiba grabbed Yami’s arm in the previous chapter, and now he practically glomped Yami to the door before he was able to think and restrain himself. NICE WORK THERE!

"Oh Ra! You are jealous!" : I can just hear Yami’s humour and sadistic pleasure within those five words. I love it!

Coward!" repeated the shorter man without a moment's hesitation.
"How dare you!"
"I dare, you jealous coward!"

GAH! So many big words. I LIKE IT! No seriously. For me, seeing as English is not my first language, you are one of the first authors that’s actually teaching me good grammar and broadening my vocabulary each chapter. I learn a lot from you! *studies writing style intently*

… your lemon… *tears up* this is what Prideshipping is all about. If you’re not the perfect prideshipper, then you’re damned close to it!

I love how you mentioned the difference between the first and the second kiss, by the way. Most people think it’s like KISS HIM AND MAKE SPIT FLY EVERYWHERE EVERYTIME OMNOMNOM… No! That’s not how it is! The first kiss was aggressive and compulsive – hence the passion. The second one was true – hence the tenderness. You really build everything up perfectly. A true artist.

I do love the fact that you pointed out and incorporated how Yami is direct and to the point. He indeed does not sugar-coat things. Nice work there.

TEEEEEHEEEE! Oh, the wonderful gifts that Yami received… Seto’s jealousy… Seto showing his clear disdain by teasing Yami… PERFECT!

I don't think you are in any position to utter another man's name!" : 0.0… PFFFFWAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! OMGOSH, OMGOSH… THAT’S THE BEST ONE EVER! I love your humour.

WHAT?! WHOSE DREAM? Who dreamt it? Dark bangs… is it Kaiba? NOOOOOO HOW COULD YOU DO THIS, MAN!

OH…MY….RA… You are fantastic. Not only is your writing style and vocabulary unchallenged, but you write the FEELINGS of each character. You don’t just tell a story, you drag people, with or without their consent, right smack in the middle of it and they can’t get out even if they tried. My ice cream is like, melted over here… AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT BUY ME A NEW ONE!

You are, without a doubt, one of the best authors in this fandom. Be proud. You deserve every review and more. . .WRITER.
7midknight7 chapter 4 . 10/31/2012
*snickering and flailing on ground* Holy fuck that was amazing. :D :D :D :D :D

Thank you for telling me about this. I love you. :D :D :D
GirlWhoHasNoName chapter 2 . 10/10/2012
*jaw drops* Who... who IS this Sakaki!? He's like... huh. I can't decide whether I like this smoothness or not. I found smooth people to be heart-breakers. WHICH ONE ARE YOU, SAKAKI! I'll be keeping my eye on you... which is another way of saying that you, Jolly, succeeded in creating a OC that thoroughly captured my attention, GREAT WORK! I usually greatly dislike OC flirting with Yugioh characters. Well, I still do. XDD. This one just... is intriguing.

Sakaki was normally notoriously forward but today his boldness took on a whole new level : If I didn't know any better... I'd say he KNOWS Kaiba is watching! *paranoid*

he had to trust Yami to deal with the man as he saw fit. : AHA! I love that you brought out that side of Kaiba. He knows and understands that Yami can and will take care of himself. That shows his respect for Yami and his choices that I KNOW Seto has, even if he doesn't always admit it himself XDDD...

Indeed, Sakaki quite successfully achieved a reaction from the latter—for Yami seemed so alive; his eyes blazed with fiery passion and he pulsed with vitality : Hmm... I knew it was all for the challenge. XD. Yami needs that to survive. He needs someone that entices him to take control and bring out THAT side of him. And if Sakaki is not a player... *grumbles*... then he might just be a good pairing for Yami. I STILL LIKE PRIDESHIPPING MORE DON'T JUDGE ME


Yami smirked in response to the remark…

Kaiba immediately became alert. He knew that smile. Yami was up to something… : OMG OMG OMG I KNOW EXACTLY! Sheesh, Jolly, you weren't kidding when you said you studied them! PLUS, YOU INCLUDED KAIBA IN THAT VERY SAME STUDY! What I mean is, to make Kaiba realize what the smirk meant, too. Because, after all, he was Yami's main rival so he OBVIOUSLY had to know these things. Not only am I impressed, but I'm freaking caught up in this whole story! I love IC yugioh... Really, I do. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOUR INGENIOUS BRAIN CONCOCTED NEXT!


he couldn't beat the King of Games in all the years spent so how could a lowly upstart do that... Rafael did? *grins* Okay, okay... different circumstances. I'm just saying. *loves making Kaiba sweat* XDDDD. He'll win. I know he will.

"I would like to draw the last card myself and place it face down, if you don't mind, Sakaki-sama," he said. "Once you have drawn, I will reveal my card. Likewise, you will do the same." : EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE JOLLY I LOVE YOU! YOU EVEN REMEMBERED "THE HEART OF THE CARDS" AND MADE SURE YAMI STILL BELIEVES IN IT! I LOVE THIS!

"He's …my…my…employee…" Kaiba mumbled lamely. 0.0... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH D'AAAAAAAWWW! As cute as that is Kaiba, you have to up your game if you want to keep Yami. This Sakaki character is really something.

Kaiba prayed earnestly. Please Yami, win! Believe in the heart of the your whatever other 'bullshit' you happen to believe! Believe in…in… : YOU KEPT KAIBA'S CHARACTER IN THAT PERSPECTIVE TOOOOOO! okay, I should prolly stop tell you about it. YOU KNOW! XDD. I'm just honestly appreciating all the little details you remembered and used that made each character who they are, while perfectly blending it in with your story. FANTASTIC!

Yami won! See, Kaiba! I told you! *faints*

Was it Yami's intention all along to play such a risky game? : Hmm... You are not as big a fool as you first appeared, Sakaki. It is Yami's way of being. Get used to it. XDD.

Oh Sakaki... you're sooooooo smooth. I do hope you are as honest about your feelings as you appear.

"You're late," he replied coldly. : *facepalm* Oh, yeah, Kaiba. That maneuver is surely going to get Yami to like you better than the charming, well-mannered man that just left. DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE SAKAKI OVER YOU XDDD.

WOOOOOW... JOLLY... YOU ARE AMAZING! Just look at my review. Damn... I lived myself into the story. I'm like, on the edge of my seat over here. This is awesome. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS INCREDIBLE TALENT WITH US!

Okay, It's official. I have to fav a few things around here. XDDD.
GirlWhoHasNoName chapter 1 . 10/7/2012
*slowly creeps in...* Hiiiiiiii! Well, here I am! I'm really excited to read your stories and couldn't keep away any longer.

Lol! Your beginning fooled me. I thought it was Kaiba at the desk... just shows how easily one can jump to conclusions XD

I love how you introduced Yami! Even though he DOES admit to finding Kaiba appealing, he recognized the man's ill-mannered ways, making him a little cautious even if Kaiba is considered the most illegible young man. You clearly showed Yami's true character in that one paragraph alone; intelligent, observant, calculating and authoritative. To name a few. Wow...

Wow... the feeling of challenge is tangible here, when Kaiba sat across from Yami... I LOVE IT!

yes... I can totally see that. Even though the two may still be a little... hostile... to one another, I can clearly see Kaiba valuing Yami as his most trustworthy employee. It was always like that - no matter what the situation, one always had the other's back, no matter how much Kaiba disliked the idea. And now, seeing as they strive for the same goal, that trust just increased tenfold. You captured that perfectly! Amazing work here.

"It's nothing," dismissed his employer. "I just wanted to clear my head so I went out for a walk… somehow I just ended here." : ... Kaiba, that's your lamest excuse ever. *giggles* I really love the whole atmosphere you created here. Both are formidable creatures, each with an intelligence to match... and it shows. The whole situation is perfect!

I love how you created Yami! Be able to make Kaiba go on the defensive with is teasing mannerisms. Your Yami is amazing! You really have a great understanding of the character.

*giggles* and Seto retaliates! I must say... if Yami reacts like that to this unknown Sakaki character... then it really must be something worthy of Seto's attention. Hmmm...

The said egoist wasn't sure if he should be altogether annoyed or pleased with that representation considering it was coming from someone whose conceitedness matched his own! : Eeeeeeeeeeee! I love the way you made your prideshipping! The two are closely matched and the teasing and tension and frustration is just... I love this! . !

Kaiba's eyes narrowed at the statement. Something about the way the man managed to get Yami's attention rubbed him the wrong way. : Ahem... it's called jealousy, Kaiba. Though I'm pretty sure you have thorough experience with said emotion, i'm also pretty sure this is the first time you felt it in the category you do now... Eeeeeeeeee! Woman! You are freaking amazing with this pairing!

Kaiba stared dumbfounded at his hand that was encircled around his captive's narrow wrist. : I LOVE THIS! The whole situation is classical yet described so perfectly with a grasp of the characterization so thoroughly this is bordering dangerously on perfection. You... are a prideshipping artist.

AND THE BALL IS ROLLING! Now, Seto needs to do some soul-searching, Yami finally has a challenger again )which I am sure is more than half the reason for Yami to be so intrigued by the person) and a small hint of prideshipping scented the air...

This is fabulous! Your work is amazing! No wonder Candy loves your work so much. I can't believe I didn't come read your stories sooner. I'm soooo glad I did, though. You are simply... wow. Your understanding of the characters just... I'M RUNNING OUT OF WORDS HERE XDDD.

Fantastic. As soon as I can I'm taking on the next chapter, you can bet on that. You, have nothing to ever be nervous of, cause from what I've seen so far, you are a born author. And there are not many of those around.

Guest chapter 4 . 9/10/2012
Fantastic! You pulled double duece on us! First making us think that the HOT sex was real, then leading us to believe it was a dream, THEN, implying that it was all a dream, and, it all turns out it WAS REAL, and, it was the bastard dreaming, not Kaiba. Thank fuck for that. Because, as stated, that scene? Was hot as HELL. :) And this ficcie as a whole? One of the best Prideshipping I have ever read, so in character I Love it, and, definitely one the most enjoyable I have ever had the pleasure to read Myself. THANK YOU for writing. It is a treat and a half. (P.S. Oh and, the sequel is equally Rad as well.)
JBubbles chapter 4 . 6/7/2012
Ah, this one was so short! I was so used to your longer fics! xD

But I have to say, adored your OC and how he managed to trigger the response from this OTP pair of great egos! And it's funny how you can mix their clash of minds when the'yre together in bed. I liked it!
Rebecka chapter 4 . 5/26/2012
I'm probably late on reviewing, but I figured I'd praise you anyway. There are a lot of...not so good writers out there, but you are certainly NOT one of them! I enjoyed this so much...I am new to Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfiction, and this is certainly one of my favorites.

Awesome job and I hope to read more from you soon!
manga-animelove chapter 4 . 4/29/2012
WTH... it was Sakaki... I honostly thought it was Kaiba in the beginning... P

Weee... loved the bedroom scene... fluffy... X3 at least the beginning was... D kaiba really is jealous of all men spending time with Yami... X3

Then it was just... *drools* Love the sex scene... X3 I could see everything... XD

And poor Yami... he never got to meet Jou... X) but I loved this part of the story:

Kaiba grinned before grunting a reply. His secretary faithfully patched the call through…



Kaiba held the phone a good distance away from his ear, momentarily fearful for his hearing.

"Yami?" he asked through a smile when he returned the receiver to his ear.

"Don't fucking 'Yami'' me, you nympho-prick!"

I laughed soo hard, that I almost cried... XD

Keep up the awesome work... 3
manga-animelove chapter 3 . 4/29/2012
Wait what... are you really teeling me that it was all a dream...? NOOOO... meanie... (

But beside that... The moment it dawned on Kaiba that he was jealous was the best...! It was soo priceless... D

And when Kaiba shut Yami up with a kiss, I was just "FUCK YEAH...!" about time he did it... D

And the sex scene was just... *Drools unbelievably much without noticing*... I could picture everyting with ease... 3 Hot office sex... Mmmmm... X3

And then the Buzzer accident... that was soo hilarious... I couldn't stop laughing... and I would be soo embarrassed if it was me... XP
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