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Ttrace chapter 23 . 5/30/2011
The last two chapters were pretty good. This fanf is really coming alone. The hallucinations were interesting - I guess that is what happens when you are sleep deprived. Can't wait to read what happens next.
ToXicStArCaNdy chapter 23 . 5/30/2011
time to get revenge on neji and not clean up after themselves,really not cool there would be a fight if someone did that in my to see fugakus got it even more glad that he doesnt seem that against homosexuality(well after his talk with itachi he doesnt)good for itachi...and bad since he cant find to the "juicy" shorts nice thought i really doubt sasuke could get naruto to wear to hallucinations im thinking the glow was kyuubi agin and the sex...there are no words,but really funny that sasuke thought his father was just another hallucination,glad to know that little tiff is gone wonder how many more days they have to stay glad fugaku was nice enough to give naruto that bit of advice, even if naruto already figured it out by then great loyalty there nothing to worry summery really just sums up all the crazy shit theyve done in such a short amount of time,what an intersting 48 cant wait to see whats to happen next

KuroChaos01 chapter 23 . 5/29/2011
Another amazing chapter :) Im so proud of Sasuke and Itachi _ And there father really aint that bad after all...Thanks for updating, hope to see more soon xx
blkbird7139 chapter 23 . 5/29/2011
I love ur story! more! more!
BlondePrincess18 chapter 23 . 5/29/2011
Do i have to be patient for the next chapter? ughhhh soooooo good! this made my day haha i loved the ending and all of it and how well you potray the characters :) keep it up!...AND HURRY WITH THE NEXT ONE!
Nanami Of Falling Snow chapter 23 . 5/29/2011
I really liked the part where sasuke rants at what he thinks is fugaku as a hallucination then at the end he realized he was real. i liked the chapter over all too XD. Thanks for the update!
SaVvYsWeEt chapter 23 . 5/29/2011
Cant get enough of this story. I cant wait for the update!
Starzablaze chapter 23 . 5/29/2011
"Naruto... you little slut. I'm so proud." I laughed so hard at that line! Lol great chapter! Can't wait to read more
mikyu chapter 23 . 5/29/2011
I think I'd be honestly dead with not sleeping for so long! ... it's not really healthy XDDD can a school actually allow that?

If I'm tired, I can sleep everywhere in every position XDDD ... doesn't matter how load it is or how how bright

Now about the leaking line ... I got what was leaking XDDD of course! haha but the only thing I was confused, I thought sasuke was still in naruto, so either he was leaking while sasuke was still in, or he was out.

I have to admit, I didn't read the manga (cause ... uhm many years ago, I stopped waiting a week until the next chatper. I read somewhere ... when they meat Gaara) I know a bit about the story until now cause I played the PS3 game haha ... but the game skipped some detailed character parts I guess ... so I've no idea how Sasuke's parents were ... but I actually thought sasuke's father would freak out a bit more XDDD no little uchiha hire from sasuke hahah XDDD oh well ... there are enough mpreg fanfics out there, there is still a chance ... ... ...
mammacass99 chapter 23 . 5/29/2011
Good job, fugaku is still an ass, but he's coming around. this chapter was highly enjoyable, can't wait to read more. As always, waiting patiently for more.
MissArsenicChaos chapter 23 . 5/29/2011
Procrastinating FTW!


I should so be studying Calculus right now since I have finals tomorrow, but the temptation was there and I just had to read this. It doesn't help either that all my favorite stories decided to update today.

Btw, this was awesome and I just loved Fugaku :p
roro237 chapter 23 . 5/29/2011
I fell in love with Itachi after the nice nasty conversation with daddy:) You were right this chapter has everything. I loved Sasuke wanting quarters! Naruto answer was to funny:) The plot bunnies have been on point! Give them a shout out and I hope they keep it coming _
sfqueeny chapter 23 . 5/29/2011
ErikaVeex3 chapter 23 . 5/29/2011
Okay. You're turning me into a Kiba fangirl. I always loved him as a character, but seriously. He sounds liek a person I could just spend hours with. Write me in as his soon-to-be girlfriend? :P His line about Naruto being a slut just made me laugh so hard.

This story is genunily fantastic. Again, I must mention how you show beautiful contrast between individuals here; In this chapter it was Itachi and Sasuke. Itachi, pushed over the edge by more years of torture than Sasuke and with more years of wisdom under his belt, willingly stands up to his father to protect his brother and in some rights, himself. I think what really willed him to do it was more or less his love for Sasuke, though. That's a contrast into itself that's very true to the anime: Itachi loves Sasuke wholeheartedly, while Sasuke for most of it is exceedingly upset with his older brother. Sasuke, on the other hand, can only stand up to his father because he believes it is a halucination; He wouldn't have had he believed it was really him.

Which also amuses me greatly, that Itachi proclaimed what a better man Sasuke was for standing upt Fugaku, when Itachi could do it in person and Sasuke most certainly could not. I do hope you find Itachi someone in this story, if not it is beyond understandable since this is a SasuNaru story, but, I do hope he atleast settles his demons. He insists he will continue to bed his way through his void, but I do believe Sasuke's relationship with Naruto has changed him some. Or will.

Again with my overly thorough (borderline ranting) reviews, I apologize :P Keep writing :)
prettypurpletiger chapter 23 . 5/29/2011
The moments between the uchiha brithers and their father were very liberating but I have to say, the absolute best part of this story has to be when Kiba and Naruto anre getting lunch at the end and naruto sums \up the last 48 hours. With these last 48 being that great the next 20 are just gonna be fantastic!
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