Reviews for Savvy
merrymarionette chapter 68 . 10/15
Loving this progression so much. The action! The romance! The intrigue! Please update soon.
Saholia chapter 68 . 10/11
Looooove Kouga’s portrayal here. You do these characters such justice!
Carlynul chapter 68 . 9/27
Loved it! More?
Davia003 chapter 68 . 9/6
I love this ship, I am so excited to read it, I hope you continue to write it, it is absolutely amazing. I love how you captured Kouga, perfect. Cannot wait to read more!
kubii chapter 68 . 7/19
To be honest a threesome does sound quite nice. It's something refreshing over the usual x/y pairings, and a hundred leagues better than 'love triangles'. Now I hope Ferrvin manages to charm both their hearts 3
Jess chapter 68 . 7/19
I cant wait to find out whats going to happen next!
Fandomfan46 chapter 4 . 6/25
Hahahah sounds like Kagome's making a break for it!
animegus farmus chapter 68 . 6/23
Well, well, well. I have been leaving this one alone, being more interested in Sesskag or Inukag than...ah, Koukag? Kaguga? I actually have no idea what this pairing is supposed to called. Anyhoo, I now wonder why I was leaving this alone because you are good at making your pairings plausible and fun. Now I shall just have to follow this to its conclusion. Good times.
KogitaTsuki chapter 68 . 6/13
Yes! This story is getting good! Please continue, as i wish to read more. (*.*) must. read. more...
HalfBlackWolfDemon chapter 68 . 6/7
I am so dann happy I reread this. It's getting so goooooood! I can't wait for more!

KShadeslady chapter 68 . 6/6
Oops! Now there’s a complication! LOL! Sessh yammering on about anything, especially imps, does not compute! How UnSessh like. Fun as always!
heather chapter 68 . 6/4
This guy is too funny!
Heather chapter 67 . 6/4
LMAO, just read the last two chapters. I almost rolled on the floor!
Anon chapter 68 . 6/1
Sesshoumaru hitting on someone...I couldn't read anything further.
YumeTakato chapter 68 . 5/31
I enjoyed it!
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