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jk chapter 6 . 5/25/2017
I think id be happier with the end if Edward didn't seem so content ya know? asshole
AcrossTheSkyInStars chapter 6 . 3/28/2011
Aw! That was a great story, bb. You know I'm a canon girl, but Edward was a major douche and I'm glad Bella was happy in the end with Carlisle :) It was great, the ending was perfect because it showed Edward's regrets, and it's good that he regretted it, because he did a horrible thing to her.

And you're SO welcome for the banner! I'm glad I made one for such a great story :)

- tanya xo
AcrossTheSkyInStars chapter 5 . 3/28/2011
Aw, so good for you first lemon, babe! I really enjoyed it :) Good job.
AcrossTheSkyInStars chapter 4 . 3/28/2011
Yay, I'm glad Bella is getting back on track and making up with the people she was pushing out of her life :)
AcrossTheSkyInStars chapter 3 . 3/28/2011
Oh! Go Bella. I totally would have karate kicked him to the chest, too. He deserves a couple roundhouse kicks and more than a few slaps to the face.

Great chapter! Hope Bella's okay :( I'm assuming Carlisle will swoop in and be her savior :P
AcrossTheSkyInStars chapter 2 . 3/28/2011

I don't like where this is going! I'm going onto the next chapter pronto.
AcrossTheSkyInStars chapter 1 . 3/28/2011
Hey lady! Finally started your FAGE :) Great first chapter! I know it won't all be sunshine and rainbows, so I'm anticipating what's to come, lol :P

- tanya xo
Skychaser chapter 6 . 3/19/2011
Ummmm ... yeah, I still think Edward's an ass. Even if you did do your best to redeem him. He was too immature to be in this situation. :) but, then again, Bexy has been rubbing off on me.

I can haz a Carlisle? yes? I want him to come clean and cook and be amazing for me! LOL! While I love the husband ... he does none of that. :P I'm glad Bella seemed t be able to get closure. :) This was an awesomely sweet story Mels, and you did a great job! I loved it. :)


Yay for Melsky!

Love you!

Skychaser chapter 5 . 3/19/2011
Aww yay! *sings* Mel popped her lemon cherry! :P It was GREAT bb! No worries, and I am NOT a Carlisle/Bella shipper! Usually ... in all honesty, I kind of find it creepy, but I had to give yours it's proper due. :)

Carlisle is soooo sweet. Super sweet. And I floved your lemon. Very well done babes! Especially for a first timer. :P

Love it (and you!),

Skychaser chapter 4 . 3/19/2011
Therapy really DOES work wonders, doesn't it? Bella's reaction was heartbreaking, but so very real at the same time. I'm sad for her that she had to go through all of that. And, I'm not sure I said this before, but it's brave of you to make Edward the bad guy. :P

It's sad she switched shifts, but I'm glad she made up with Angela, and Carlisle .. :D Esme, a dirty mouth! No! LOL ... I love it. :P

Very nice job love, so now I'm going to keep reading!


Skychaser chapter 3 . 3/19/2011
And Edward got PUNK'D! :P Well ... kind of. I like this from Angela's POV. It gives some kind of reference to the entire situation. :)

Poor Bella. Poor, poor Bella. I do, however, LOVE the fact that she kicked him in the chest. PRICELESS. At least she has good friends. And I get the feeling Edward's friends are either douchey, or it's his family who is going to put him on lock down and pull that trust fund for good. Prick.

Go Bella! And now, I want to get to the next chapter, so go me! (go on, that is ...)


Skychaser chapter 2 . 3/19/2011
Ummm ... sooo ... WHAT WAS HE SAYING WOMAN! *ahem* Yeah, I know I should just move on to the next chapter, but I feel like I have to review first! Dang it! :P J/k ...

Ooh, poor Carlisle. Trying to warn her, and he only gets burned. I feel like crying for him. :( All the prep for the wedding ... all the dresses and the fittings and the make-up and the spa days ... you've certainly done a good job ramping us up for this moment! How can he send her diamonds ... is he really that shallow, to think he can buy her off like that? Should have been your first clue, Bella-bear. :/

Ah! I want to say more, but I want to keep reading too, so I'm gonna go with option #2!

Love it!

Skychaser chapter 1 . 3/19/2011
Cute! Great start Melsky! I love that Bella seems to be in permanent "Bride-shock" state at the beginning. And if they assaulted ME with that many questions ... Gah! I'd rip my hair out. :/

Hmmmm ... Edward is best friends with James? Who, even from rough descriptions here just kind of seems like a douche. Does that mean Eddie boy is a douche? Probably. :P

Yay for red bridesmaid dresses! My bridesmaid dresses were red ... I hope that doesn't have bad tidings for my marriage. :P It's interesting how hard of a time Bella has picking out bridesmaids. And Liz? Good God, possessive much? Is this her wedding or Bella's? :/ Maybe that's just the Southern woman in me coming out ...

And Vicky's attitude is interesting. Hmmmmm ... moving on to read more!

forgotten22 chapter 6 . 3/18/2011
They're going to the chapel and they're gonna get maaaaarrried! :D Face splitting grin right now! This was AWESOME! I knew there was a reason I loved you so ;)

You're use of the prompt was awesome! And you did a fantastic job writing this! I am very happy I got to help out and be there to support you :) You're super and this story was just awesome! Love! (i'd put in the heart emote thing, but doesn't show up :( )

I love that they have been together for 5 months and things are going so well! She should have just gave in, in the first place! :P They are too adorable! awww! I love him. For seriously, I do!

And they ran into Edward and fam. That went pretty well I think :) Edward realized what he lost! Good! He's a moron and should have realized what a catch she was! But I love her with Carlisle, so I'm not complaining too hard really :P haha

I'm glad he apologized. He needed that closure as much as she did. Now they can officially really move on.

Carlisle is awesome and protective and caring and charming and loving and not into her because of money, but because he is genuine and loves her for her! He's perfect. I hope Edward can grow to be like him. I wish him luck in his future relationships and am glad he grew up some. His parents were right, imo, to kick him out and teach him a lesson. What an idiot.

I love that they are getting married! :D *squeeeee* Way adorable! Finally a great wedding that she can be happy with. No unwanted bridesmaids, groomsmen, or anyone else who is not in it for the truth. Amazingly awesome.

I'm glad Edward did go. And that he sat in the back. He didn't need to interrupt the beginning of her new life, but he was an important piece to her life, so it was good he did get to share it in the end I think.

They're having a baby is fanfrakingtasticly adorable! I'm in love! I can just imagine! :) Nawwwww way, way too cute! i love that Carlisle wasn't evil in this story and that even though Edward was a db, moron, he learned his lesson. It wasn't too bad of him I suppose - could have been worse? Neh, it was pretty dang bad.. but I'm glad he's finally doing something good with his life. He got his second chance - not with Bella, but in general. hopefully he treats the next girl better! :)

Absolutely wonderful! Great job hun! Loved it much! And I'm glad to have helped and been here for you! xo MWAH!
forgotten22 chapter 5 . 3/18/2011
hehhehee She's going on a date with the good Dr.

Dang. jealousy might be running through my veins at the moment.. :P

I love that Rose think she will need the house to herself. hahaha

He kissed herrrrr! AHHHHHHH Love at first sight! Well, no, but it should have been ;) Love these two!

Whew... brb... need a moment ;) Gah! Hot! You're awesome and Ily! No joke. Can you find me a bf like him please and thanks? mmmm

Soooo This might be my favorite chapter? idk ;) haha I'm not a smut whore or anything, but I love me some Carlisle and Bella and the lemon just helped the deliciousness that was already this chapter. You're awesome and you did fantastic on it!

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