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Skychaser chapter 4 . 3/15/2011
LOL .. well ... she didn't buy his band excuse, but I did ... so, does that make me gullible and susceptible to the Cullen charm ... :P

Um ... wow. That's crazy. He's adopted, and yet they just never bothered to tell him. Sounds like the entire Cullen family (the related ones) has a touch of the loony to them. Hell ... more like a heaping bowl full of loony.

Oh. Yeah ... that's kind of sweet, in a twisted way ... that he didn't want her to end up in the same situation as his mom ... which is why he got all defensive. Sweet. But at the same time, it's not his life to live for her. :P

Wow ... his adoptive parents are asses. I understand their pov, but they could at least TRY to understand his want to find his mother ... :( Poor Eddie.

HE KISSED HER! And she turns him down! Gah! :sniffle: Poor, poor Eddie ... he can come kiss me. :P

Aww yay. :grins and curls up under the covers: The sick girl in me is squeeing. And laughing. "Geriatric" - bwahahaha ... that's funny. :P And I ADORE taht you used the prompt in the story. :D I love it. Now ... Jake may be sweet, but I'm looking for a reason to dislike him! :P

Moving forward!
scrosby66 chapter 6 . 3/15/2011
Amazing, it didn't click with me like it did with Edward... so sad, but so well written... Thanks for writing!
Skychaser chapter 3 . 3/15/2011
"In his sleep, Edward smiled; not the arrogant and infuriating grin that I had come to loathe, but instead a soft and warm subtle curve of his lips that caused my hammering heart to still in my chest." - Aw yay ... this gives me the warm flutteries ... :) I love it. And yes ... *shakes fist* yes he IS the kind of guy you want to get mixed up with Bella! *ahem* Okay ... I'm done ... :blushes:

"... Jasper who played guitar in some band and was one of those 'serious' musicians who walked around looking like he was constipated to make the girls hot for him." - ROFLMFAO that's perfect and priceless! Sorry I haven't said anything before now, but you've got me so sucked in I just want to keep reading ... :)

OMG. Wow. I'm just kind of ... wow. Bitch much, Rosalie? That's crazy. I would just ... wow. Ooooh, if Edward likes Bella, I wonder if he ever found out what Rose did! Bitch.

OMG! Yeah ... more OMG's ... okay ... scare much? Yeah ... definitely his turn to drive. And aww .. he's concerned. I mean, at this point it could very well be for her mental sanity, but you know. :)

Moving on!

Skychaser chapter 2 . 3/15/2011
Woohoo! Back to reading finally! I'm excited bb. :) Also? I'm glad you like the real time reviews. I really enjoy doing them, cause it always feels like I can give a truer response.

"I peered at the clock again, wondering what exactly could have occupied Cullen in the bathroom for the last fifteen minutes." - Bwahahaha! Yeah ... you probably don't want to know. Although I'm pretty sure I do ... :P At least, you know ... to help! That's all. *ahem* Swear. :P

Ewww ... braces ... red hair ... really Cullen? You can do better. Or do you just not care? LOL ... I get the feeling that's the case. :P

Blegh ... I think I know why he's doing it, but I'm about to join Bella in dry heaving ... LOL ... jack-ass. :P

I am LOVING the dialogue. And Cullen? Yeah ... can't blame the waitress anymore. I'd hump him. No dice. LOL. I love this bad boy/soft side Edward you have. Especially since it seems like he's actually attempting to do this on his own. Hence the hitchhiking, perhaps?

Wow ... he certain does have a way of catching her off guard and eating at her nerves ... I don't blame her and I don't blame him ... but I'm drawn to the drama in this. And curious about how we're going to work things out ..

Moving forward!

mouse555 chapter 6 . 3/15/2011
Oh Christ! That was absolutely beautiful! I like the fact they weren't shagging by the end of it!


mouse555 chapter 5 . 3/15/2011
Why do I feel like summat HUGE is gonna happen?

mouse555 chapter 4 . 3/15/2011
I loved the openess of Edward in this chapter, and the fact that Bella realises she got him wrong!

mouse555 chapter 3 . 3/15/2011
I had most often seen her with a diminutive girl named Alice, who sported a short but chic spiky haircut and a personality that hinted she should have been on Ritalin. - Best description of Alice EVER!

Isn't Rosalie the cheerful one!

mouse555 chapter 2 . 3/15/2011
Seems that Edward has 'vays of making Bella talk' that is pissing her off!

great chap xx
mouse555 chapter 1 . 3/15/2011
So freaking funny! Bella'sinner monologue type voice is brilliant!

Skychaser chapter 1 . 3/15/2011
OMG so, I'm two sentences in, and I LOVE it! :D The snark, the attitude, the everything! It's great! It's killing me that I only have time to read one chapter before class, but I can't wait to finish! Now ... to finish THIS chapter ... I have a special way of reviewing, btw ... I kinda do it as I read, LOL. Hope that's okay!

Hehehe ... promising career in the janitorial field ... bwahaha! I love bad boy Cullen ... he's kinda giving me the tingles ... :P Sad, but true - the description kind of reminds me of Alex Pettyfer in Beastly. No lie. Or it could be that I'm just comparing everything. W/e. LOL.

"a penchant for getting high on every day ending with a 'y'" - BWAHAHAHAHA! Okay, so, I was going to try to finish reading this entire thing in class, but with my punch-drunkiness, I'm thinking that may not be a good idea ... cause regardless, this is hysterical!

ROFL ... gah ... *melts at description* ... but then I'm back laughing again! I love Bella's internal monologue. It's great. :D

Ew Jake ... now, I read the description, so I'm not panicking YET ... but yeah ... Kiss of death now, please? (for the relationship ... not me ... I'm loving it!)

Perfect boyfriend ... no challenge .. pfft. Run along, Jakey-poo. (sorry for the Jake hate, LOL ... :P)

*gags from the sweetness* Yeah ... I like Cullen ... LOL. Of course, I think this Bella is a tad to snarky to settle for something when she finds what she can really have. ;) Or so I hope ...

So ... I'm totally getting a snarky "When Harry Met Sally" mixed in with some "Road Trip" mixed in her, and that movie with Robert Downy, Jr I never saw. And I'm LOVING it! Nothing like what I had in mind, but it's perfect! And I can't wait to keep reading!

You know I squeed a little when I saw it had chapters ... yeah. I did. For reals. 3

Thank you bb!

Much love,

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