Reviews for Epiphanies
bluechair244 chapter 29 . 12/4/2011
Ok, first of all, this chap was awesome! WOnderful. Love the action. Love the bit with lex's soft spot for chloe (cause i always loved that). I loved how you did the action bit, and those are hard to write. Overall, awesomeness abounds!

Second of all, i loved your musings at the end, and i agree.!
whatweareafreaidof chapter 29 . 12/4/2011
The dieing plant, Joe l dId the plant going to blow up, the computer shut down all trainspot of the plant, they why they could not leave.

Doomday is still alive, he does come back, in comic that what kill superman, Clark could not send him to phatom zone becouse as doomday he could not get him there
lizard1969 chapter 29 . 12/4/2011
Great story!

Just one wish (very selfish) maybe just once Chloe can't heal ollie. It would be interesting to see how she deals with that.

Keep up the writing :)
Ica013 chapter 29 . 12/4/2011
Excellent chapter full of drama (beats a car chase). As for Smallville musings... I guess you take what's useful and discard the rest. Character progression wasn't a really big thing IMO through the 10 seasons with maybe the exception of Lex (although the characters all had great moments often they were rescinded in later epi's).

Not sure how your going to get rid of Doomsday, but if your going logical, something like killing Davis (before he becomes doomsday), sending him to the PZ or dosing him with Blue K before some normal things can hurt him would be ok.

Looking forward to how you explain that one though...
skauble chapter 27 . 11/28/2011
Continuation - I'm adding the rest of the review to this chapter because FFN apparently only allows one review per chapter.

And that my love of your Lex is actually surpassed by my love of your Lois speaks more to your talent than almost anything else. I was so disappointed with the path that the show decided to take with Lois. They constantly used her for fanservice, had her get a job at the DP under the most questionable of circumstances and never addressed it, and explicitly depicted a clear lack of journalistic skills as late as mid season 9 while having the characters act as if she was a great reporter with no discernible reason why they would or any real basis as to why people would expect her to be. As a long time Lois fan, SV's choices were kind of heartbreaking to watch.

But your portrayal of her has been like a breath of fresh air. If SV was supposed to show the development of Clark into Superman, there was no reason that they couldn't show Lois' development into the great reporter, Lois Lane. But where they failed you've succeeded amazingly. You've acknowledged the issues regarding Lois' journalistic beginnings, and instead of glossing over them, you've taken the incredibly clever path of using it all as a motivator. Your giving the character a solid understanding of the past in conjunction with a dogged determination work hard to legitimately and unquestionably earn a place as a DP reporter restores the integrity to the character than she always should have had. Once again, having a flawed character was never a problem with the show, it was the complete ignoring of it that was ridiculously jarring. By using flaws to create growth you've pretty much filled most of my wishlist for SV and it's made me devour every page you've written.

Also, the ChloLo you've written is both wonderfully fun and incredibly moving. I've actually laughed out loud at some of the things the cousins have gotten into - Lois especially. Which would be very hard to explain to the people who are sometimes in the room with me if I wasn't pretty open about my addiction to fanfic. lol

And the foundation that you've laid with Lois being insightful about many of her choices makes it completely natural when she's so insightful about Chloe's. You so deftly manage to maintain her self-protective refusal to look to closely at her relationship with Clark, while continuing to show that it's a deeply ingrained defense mechanism as opposed to the impression that SV often sadly and unfairly left that the character was naturally self-centered. The way that you portray Lois as the product of youth and a hard upbringing rings so much truer, is so much more satisfying than what I felt we were showed. Yet another area in which you have excelled.

Your Oliver is so incredibly written that it's almost as if I'm not reading fanfic. He's just so perfectly...Oliver that it never even occurs to me that this isn't simply the original version of him. You capture everything about him beautifully and lay it out for us so smoothly that I never have a question of whether the character would really say this or do that.

I've been increasingly blown away with every chapter as you've uncovered layer after layer of Oliver's feelings and fears and how they've motivated him in both good and bad ways throughout his life. I also love how you've shown his determination to be patient being at odds with his need to act. You highlight his need to be doing something, fixing things in some way, and it's a wonderful insight into what must have led him to choosing to become the Green Arrow. For me, it's the constant attention to all of these details that give context to the characters choices and actions that make this story so satisfying. You provide a complexity - of characters and plot - and yet it's never left in question or doubt because you're constantly building a solid and consistent foundation for the characters that imbues the stories world with an indispensable logic.

As for Chloe, the Chloe Sullivan you've written is, without question, one of the best portrayal's of the character that I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I was delighted when you began with the premise of Chloe examining her life and the choices she's made. That was so desperately needed on the show, and by the time they tried it it was too little, too late, IMO. But what completely engrossed me in the story was that, once again, you followed through on the idea.

Your development of the character was so achingly real as she dove into the very heart of so many of the things that were holding her back. I loved that you so amazingly crafted the conflict inspiring growth scenario that SV utterly failed at. It made Chloe's journey so genuine and her emotional battles to relatable that every step forward and every slide back became touching and meaningful.

The Chloe that you've created is honestly everything that I could wish for the character. She's the culmination of all of the promise that the character held and done so perfectly within the bounds of the show that it makes me wonder, yet again, why the writers had such difficulty in coaxing that out of, not just her, but all of the characters they had.

I guess it's rather obvious that I adore this story and can't wait for more. :) This is one of those very rare stories where I feel like it could go on forever, not even with a specific plot, just showing the characters lives, and I'd always be delighted to see a new chapter. Sadly, I doubt that you plan on writing it forever. You are a truly amazing writer and I have thoroughly loved every word of it so far and I have no doubt that I'll love every word to come.

I'm planning to review some of the chapters separately because I loved some of the points you brought forward, but I figured this was enough rambling on for now. lol

skauble chapter 28 . 11/28/2011
This review kind of got away with me and had to be broken into two parts. Sorry if it seems to come out of order.

I generally like to admit upfront that I'm fairly terrible as a reviewer as far as consistency goes. My life is generally wonky, so I'm often stretched thin and I never finish my list of fandom tasks. For that reason, I tend to be kind of (definitely) long-winded when I get the chance to leave feedback. So I apologize for both my possible disappearance as a reviewer and my clear failing to be in any way concise.

Also, fair warning, your story addresses so many of the problems that I had with SV that this review gets a little ranty about the show at times. Feel free to skim past those parts. lol

I don't even know how to tell you how much I absolutely love this story. This isn't just one of my favorite Chlollie stories, but one of my favorite stories overall.

You write with such an attention to detail - both in physical and emotional descriptions - that I feel completely immersed in the world you've created. I think that one of the things that makes fanfic accessible to a lot of writers (myself included), is the ability to sort of shortcut some of the details that are necessary to original fiction. Sometimes that can seem to move a story along too fast or make it seem like something's missing. This story sidesteps that in every way. Even when I wish that there was more to a chapter that's not because anything was missing in it, but rather because it was so incredibly well done that I'd just like it to go on and on (which makes me feel terribly greedy given the length of your chapters lol).

Th AU setting - I've really enjoyed the way that you've so deftly managed to take the threads of much of season 8 and weave them into something that is both entertaining and makes sense (that's two things more than the show managed to do). Watching as you make something magnificent out of the mess we were given incredibly satisfying and just a tiny bit sad because, reading this story, it's clear that the show could have done so much more with the actors they had at their disposal. Still, this story makes up for so much of that that it's hard to keep being bitter (although I somehow manage it :) ).

It really is rare that I've seen this done so well. I think that it's easier to start at a place in the show and then head off in another direction than it is to keep drawing in major points of the show and still maintain your own plot flow. You've accomplished that masterfully, and my hat's off to you for how effortless you make it seem.

The plot lines - This story is a full on tackle of so many of the major stories of the show and it's amazing that it works on every level. So many times that kind of focus can weaken all of the stories being told, but you keep everything so focused and bring it all back to the main theme that it avoids the feel of juggling plots and simply becomes a seamless integration of them.

I was a big fan of Davis, but I have to say that I think you've handled the character brilliantly. By changing Chloe's actions as part of the larger plot, while keeping much of Davis' the same, you easily highlight the stalkerish nature of things in a way that's frightening and concerning as it would have logically been without Chloe being drawn into it as she was in the show. It's those kinds of things, where you change some aspects and then follow that through by highlighting what those changes logically mean for other aspects, that pushes this story far beyond enjoyable fiction to a story that I'd just like to replace the actual show with in my head. A lot of authors are good at the changing part, but it's the follow through that really shows what a wonderful writer you are.

And the Chlollie storyline? Dead on in every way possible. There's nothing you've done with them that hasn't rung completely true for me. I can see it all playing out even more so than the things I actually watched play out on the show. It's been a beautiful dance between two perfectly portrayed characters, and if I could write like that I would just write story after story for myself and never bother with TV again. lol

The characters - This has been my absolute favorite part of this story. Smallville was blessed with great characters that they all too often wasted. Or, even worse, characters that they wrote in a certain manner, had do certain things, and then refused to acknowledge those actions and what the logical results would be in future storylines (especially with Clark). But your characters reflect the actual happenings of the show instead of going of in a completely random direction every time someone got a shiny new idea as happened during much of SV. Because you correct that incredibly glaring continuity error, I find myself getting drawn into each of your characters. Remarkably enough, that includes Clark, who I couldn't even stand to watch by the end of the show. But the way you write him - especially the part where people react to the things he actually does and not to some paragon of virtue that doesn't exist - makes him compelling in that it's honest. And even though he's a jerk (which is incredibly true to the actuality of the show), it's much easier to invest in him because we can see the problems that follow his actions without the SV thing of trying to make his issues everyone else's fault. I can love a character that's totally messed up, I just can't enjoy one that is clearly messed up while someone's trying to convince me it's not true.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love your Lex. I'm a Chlexer from way back, and Lex always has my heart (which made me hate the bizarre finale even more), and you portray him so perfectly, IMO. My favorite thing about Lex has always been his complexity. Before the show decided to go full on cartoon evil with him, he was such an incredible character because he was doing terrible things, but often with a motive that you could kind of understand (especially after the events of Pandora). It was a darkness that bled into these dark gray patches that made you sort of uncomfortable when you could see where he was coming from.

To me, that was always the best version of Lex, and you've taken that and extended the character with a very logical and consistent growth progression.

For instance, I think that it's very in character that Lex would save Chloe at the beginning of the story. Lex was a master of seeing himself as the misunderstood hero of the piece, and so saving someone he has such a complex relationship with when there's no grand plan that needs to see that person harmed, is not only realistic to me, but also drawing on that duality that has made Lex so popular with the viewers. And I think that goes double for his interactions with Chloe given that part of their past includes a united battle against his father. Since that was a battle that he generally waged alone, I've always felt that there was a reasonable complexity in there relationship that was, sadly, ignored by the writers (and I think that's shown by the cut scene in Thirst when Lex is saving Chloe which is clearly shown as being more than just making Lana happy).

I also think that you have Lex play perfectly to Chloe's conflict in that she sees the reality of Lex and his actions and acts accordingly to help stop him, but she still acknowledges that he could be something more than he is. I know that was supposed to be Clark's job on the show, to an extent, but he always seemed either too self-righteous or too unrealistic to actually make that work. And the show consistently fell down on the job there because despite having Clark spout off that there was always another way - a better way - they resolved many conflicts simply by having those around him do what he wouldn't. So there really wasn't another way most of the time and Clark just came off as a Pollyanna. And the fact that the finale basically erased any of the character development of Lex and seemed to assume he'd have turned out evil no matter what, seems to go directly against the concept of choice that they were pushing so hard. By having a character with a more realistic and pragmatic, yet not overwhelmingly jaded, outlook on life interact with Lex in this matter, you've reintroduced the depth and gravity to one of the most basic concepts of the series.

More than that, I think that it's brilliant that you do so by playing on the desire Lex has to be accepted and valued and believed in by someone that was always his true weakness and would never be entirely wiped out (which I think would have been a much better motivation for Lex to keep quiet about Superman's identity - wanting to prove to Clark that he could have been trusted and that it's Clark's fault for making them enemies, and wanting to show the people that Superman's a danger, beating him "fairly" as opposed to just exposing his identity - than the completely ridiculous mind wipe). You've brilliantly raised the question of how much good that would do Chloe if harm to her was necessary to his plans, while allowing a small glimpse of that, as Chloe said, "soft underbelly" that the Smallville version of Lex would probably never be able to truly eliminate. Your Lex Luthor is a monster by choice who still can't quite escape that last vestige of humanity and he's an absolute joy to read.

Mark-Owen chapter 28 . 11/27/2011
Loved the chapter and the last scene was intense!

Seeing Oliver so protective about Chloe while Bruce flirts with her is so funny to read! As well as the whole mess between Clark, Lois and Lana.

Now the cliffy's killing me, what will the beast do? Will it take Chloe or something else?
gufsmile chapter 28 . 11/26/2011
Thank you so much for the updates! I had so much fun just now reading the last 2 chapters. I love how you brought Bruce in again, Lois is hilarious, and Oliver and Chloe together is so much fun to read!
petrafan77 chapter 28 . 11/24/2011
Seriously one of my favorite chapters and a great cliffhanger. Chollie were great as always. I love Bruce and Lois a lot

Lois/Clark/Lana triangle is a mess... poor Clark.

This chapter had everything and I loved it. Can't wait for more.
Hellzz-on-Earth chapter 28 . 11/23/2011
Thank you for including Bruce. I was not disappointed at all. So glad he's there when Davis showed up at the gala too. That was a perfect setting to bring him back into the story.

The Dinah and Lois rivalry gets me lmao.

What the heck is up with Lana trying to act all innocent and poor dumb Clark falling for it. Although Bruce and Lois did catch some of his attention.

We have Lex and now Tess is returning oh boy the heros are going to have their work cut out for them and still dealing with Davis.

Thanks so much for the update. You know I can't wait for more! lol

Happy writing.

Oh almost forgot. Curious to know if all the good genes and kids talk could be foreshadowing? I know it may be too soon, but hey as a die hard Chlollie fan I want it all for them! lol
Jmeb0430 chapter 28 . 11/23/2011
Awesome :) I love this chapter. I anxiously await the new chappie. OMG I see Bruce...and loads of Lois in this chapter. I think I like Lois' personality. Who needs to be subtle when you can be blunt and flaunt your craziness and intelligence. i LOVE CHLOE. I think she is a little panicked again. I mean, people are planning her future for her. Kids? Damn, I am sure she didn't think of that too much yet. Also Chloe does not want to be a gold digger. I hope Oliver address the issue with her and he tells her that he knows she is not with him for his money.

What do you think of the character of Pete? Will we see him in this story?

Take Care awesome writer.
Rachet chapter 28 . 11/23/2011
Happy dance for the new chapter. But it is cliffy so that means you will be back soon right? Thanks again.
bluechair244 chapter 28 . 11/23/2011
A cliffhanger is only a good writing device if it is well used, and holy cow this sure was. I LOVE bruce giving everyone shit. I always love chloe and lex interaction mostly because i have always liked her belief in his ability to one day not be a horrible human being (for as long as it lasted), so i loved that line about her still having hope for him. This was an awesome way to bring davis back in, too. I have never liked lana (i found her somewhat tolerable when she was trying to destroy lex) so if you wanta make her go away, i would fully support that :)
whatweareafreaidof chapter 28 . 11/23/2011
Not sure if I forgot something bad that jimmy did, bit I feel sorry for the guy I mean chloe breaks up with him, he even lose her friendship, he lose his job, Lois who was his friend treat him like crappy, and she keep telling hoe much Oliver is so much better then him, the funny part is the looks and money of Oliver he did not earn, he only became someone after some bad happen, and he did try to protect Lois, just feel bad about jimmy in your story.

As for Bruce does Clark know that Bruce is Batman, becouse they had problems for years. I do like that lana healed, so Clark has to pick who he wants, not pick Lois becouse he can have Lana,
Rachet chapter 27 . 11/22/2011
I just found you epic fic and I have to tell you I'm really enjoying it. But I love reading your view of the shows. You are defiantly not alone in the way you feel. Hope to read more soon.
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