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Guest chapter 11 . 1/17
gofficprepz chapter 8 . 1/17
Why isn't this an official published work? The flawless grammar, the amazing characters... It's a crime.
Dude Person Bruh chapter 7 . 1/17
omg best ever 10/10 would recommend also STOP FLAMIGNG U PREPZ
guardianofdragonlore chapter 2 . 1/16
The first three sentences I had to give up reading, it was so bad.
tenaciousToxophilite chapter 11 . 1/16
thank you for reposting this

i think im going to contemplate my life choices now for a while
Dara chapter 2 . 1/16
I think the author's trying to be way too dark here. It ends up more emo and ridiculous. I'm a goth myself, and really, this isn't how we are at all.
Unkown chapter 11 . 1/16
TheOne16th chapter 11 . 1/16
An excellent romance wherein its complications just add to the story's overall beauty! The author has clearly succeeded in breaking hearts, presenting tragedies, and sucking big-time ass. Not to mention mindlessly raping canon and inserting whatever the hell she wants(including herself).
In all seriousness, every time I feel bad about my own stories, I look at this, and I feel better. This a complete guide on how one author can screw up in every possible way.
Guest chapter 11 . 1/15
TOM BOMBADIL!? O.O you mean tom riddle? This is so bad lol! And only da real goffs are supposed to read it, not preps (whatever that means), posrs, Christians, or people who don't think that this is a good story. That logic...
SnakeyShirogane chapter 8 . 1/15
(In all seriousness thank you for reuploading so I could read this crap. This is hilarious.)
Guest chapter 7 . 1/15
wow i luv dis
sabretruthtiger chapter 1 . 1/15
This story is veru good and all of you haters are stupid for bashing it ooooh yes I said it!
I an the only one who says the truth, because i have all the faxcts
Tom Valiant chapter 6 . 1/15
I am going to do this CinemaSins style.

1. If she was in year seven she would be eighteen, you start Hogwarts at age eleven.
2. Malfoy would despise Ebony as she is half-blood and a vampire.
3. It's spelled "Thanks" not "Fangz".
4. The entire point of a review system is for criticism not compliments.
5. Drinking blood at Hogwarts would get you expelled.
6. Dress code is mandatory for all students.
7. How do magic folk know about Marilyn Manson? Especially a vampire.
8. Muggles aren't allowed in Hogsmeade unless they're directly related to a student.
9. Students at Hogwarts don't swear, they are British.
10. The Slytherin Common Room doesn't lead out the any where that goes to the Great Hall, it's in the dungeons.
11. Flying cars are illegal under the laws of the Department of Muggle Artifacts.
12. Licence must have 6 letters.
13. Drugs aren't allowed on school grounds, Filch would confiscate as Voldemort is at large at this time.
14. Wizards would not understand the words to the song as most of them have never been to a Muggle hospital.
15. If in this universe flying cars are somehow allowed, even then you would never be allowed in the Forbidden Forest.
16. There are no contact lenses in the wizarding world.
17. The author is obviously fine with using curse and swear words, but is hesitant to use sexual words.
18. Why would Dumbledore be in the Forbidden Forest? Dumbledore would also never swear, he is British.
19. It is quite illogical to make the story even the least bit nonsensical only if people like it when it's horrible.
20. No one not even vampires cry blood.
21. Snape would never allow such a thing, in The Goblet Of Fire he gave detention to two students doing "something" in a carriage, though they may have just been in the movie adaptation.
22. Dumbledore and McGonagall would still give her and Draco detention regardless of what Snape thought.
23. Boys can't enter the girl's dormitory, if they try the staircase leading up to it turns into a slide.
24. Count Chocula cereal is not sold in the UK and what is the purpose of the glass of milk if the cereal contains it.
25. Women do get erections, I will of course not go into detail.
26. How was the scar from Harry's head removed? Injuries sustained from the Dark Arts cannot be healed.
27. No one changes their name based on their race of species.
28. Ladies, never go with a man who says he has a "surprise", it will not end well.
29. Students do not have private rooms, each student has a bed which is a joined dormitory for each gender.
30. Anyone in the Slytherin Common Room would hear her.
31. What in God's name is a "prep"? In England in means someone who goes to a Prepatory School but I doubt she knowledgeable enough to know that.
32. Why exactly was Hermione kidnapped? I guess we'll never know...
33. And why did Voldemort Hermione's mother who is now apparently a witch and a vampire.
34. Hermione would never convert to Satanism, she is intelligent and it's assumed she was an atheist.
35. You can't change houses once you have begun school.
36. Harry and Draco despises each other and were both heterosexual, why in the world would they date each other?
37. Virility has described by Wikipedia, refers to any of a wide range of masculine characteristics viewed positively. I think she means virginity.
38. I hardly think someone who hasn't read the entire series is fit to write fan-fiction.
39. In the movie Voldemort has blue eyes not red, he also had a serpents nose in the book and the movie.
40. How did Voldemort get anywhere near the castle, at this moment everyone his supposed to be on high alert.
41. Why would yelling "Crookshanks" make Voldemort fall of his broom?
42. Voldemort can fly without a broom or a wand.
43. Voldemort was not from the 15th century.
44. Voldemort would not care that Harry renamed himself to vampire he would continue to call him Harry or just Potter.
45. Where did Voldemort get a gun?
46. Why couldn't Ebony just use here wand which is arguably more powerful than a gun?
47. If Voldemort could gain access to the grounds why couldn't he kill Harry himself?
48. Telekinesis is the ability to manipulate matter using your mind, Telepathy is the ability to read an others thoughts and Voldemort has neither of them, he practices Legillimens, the ability to read ones emotions.
49. If Voldemort could kill Malfoy why couldn't he kill Harry?
50. Why didn't Ebony tell anyone that the strongest dark wizard in the world had access to Hogwarts?
51. The Spanish translation of Devil is "Diablo".
52. Hagrid is not a student at Hogwarts.
53. What irrational fear does the author have or crucifixes?
54. It's spelled "Stake" not "Steak" that is a type of meat.
55. "B'loody Mary" asked if she okay in an arranged tone?
56. The author said previously Draco was a vampire so he wouldn't die, (Which is wrong, vampires can be killed the same way as a human), how has he now died?
57. Why would a vampire or anyone keep a stake in their room?
58. It's spelled "Snape" not "Snap".
59. There are no video cameras in the magical world.
60. The spell is "Avada Kedavra" not "Abra Kedavra".
61. Harry would be sent straight to Azkaban for using the Killing Curse.
62. It's spelled "Wand" not "Womb".
63. Hagrid is larger than everyone at Hogwarts.
64. Red white is just white and I highly doubt Harry's actual eyeballs are red.
65. Why would Ebony ask how Harry knew his scar hurt?
66. The word is "Hostage" not "Bondage".
67. No one can "recover" from the Killing Curse.
68. That is without a doubt not a spell, the spell to make a flower a different color is incredibly simple.
69. What do flames have to do with the reviewers?
70. The movie "The Ring" hadn't come out yet?
71. This scene had already happened?
72. Dumbledore isn't evil.
73. You can't apparate inside the Hogwarts grounds.
74. "Allah Kedavra" just means "God's Body".
75. Peter Pettigrew's Marauder name is "Wormtail" not "Snaketail".
76. Wormtail is to much of a coward to say that.
77. Wormtail cannot be 16, it's an impossibility.
78. Wormtail is also to much of a coward to ask someone to have sex with him.
79. Where did Ebony get a knife?
80. I the author slits her wrists everytime we write a bad review she shouldn't be writing fan-fiction.
81. There is no Biology class at Hogwarts and in a Biology you would learn about living creatures not turning pentagrams into guitars, that's "Transfiguration".
82. It's impossible to turn a pentagram into a human being.
83. After pentagram Malfoy comes into existence what happens to the real Malfoy?
84. Having sex in class would get you expelled.
85. It seems "Raven" is finally starting to see how moronic her "friend" is.
86. How did Voldemort get into Hogwarts AGAIN!?
87. How is being a normal human "mainstream", at this point being goth or emo is "mainstream".
88. One person can't sing a non-single song.
89. Murdering someone is completely illegal.
90. The word "Kawaii" not "Kawai" and what kind of response is "cute" to that?!
91. You can't talk silently.
92. Why does the salesman say "Oh My Satan" yet everyone else still says "Oh My God"?
93. That name is sinful, "Ebony "Dark'ness" Dementia Tara Way", what sick person would name their child that?
94. Tom Riddle is Voldemort...
95. A man doesn't have to be gay or bisexual to be into fashion.
96. How is "Being thin enough to be Anorexic" a good thing?
97. So Dracula attends Hogwarts?
98. Also was everyone kidnapped? Also why does it turn out they all have vampires for parents.
99. His name is "Lucius" not "Lucian".
100. Again with the drugs?
101. Seriously, Voldemort gets into Hogwarts AGAIN!, THE SAME WAY HE DID BEFORE!
102. Why would Voldemort use a knife, he has a wand which is arguably more powerful than a God damn dagger.
103. Why was she in "her" coffin?, why does she have a coffin?
104. With the author constant pleas on convenience and references to the "fact" that she's goth, I highly doubt she's goth.
105. How old is this that she's referencing Ashley Simpsons?, (Also why the AS hate?).
106. Why does the author now refer to "Dracula" as "Navel"?
107. Why would the Gryffindors cheer? (Also why are the Gryffindors instantly all "posers"?).
108. Dumbledore's name is "Albus" not "Albert".
109. Earlier the author called Transfiguration "Biology" and now she's calling it "Transformation"?
120. It's called a mid-life crisis because it happens "mid-life" (30-) not when your eighteen.
121. Why would anyone be jealous of the authors writing "abilities"?
122. Why does the author keep asking "Don't you guys think X bi/gay guys are hot?"?
123. "Email if you want to see the picture"... wat.
124. Draco was not accusing Ebony of anything.
125. The makeup made "cool" tears down her what!?
126. They don't make pot cigarettes.
127. I highly doubt the author is going on vacation to Transylvania, that's probably just goth-speak for "I'm going to kill myself".
128. Why are Snape And Lupin still allowed on the school grounds?
129. If Lupin was going to have sex with a six-year old I doubt he would use condoms.
130. What the hell is a "Dogfather"?
131. It seems this band "MCR" always sings the same song, "Helena".
132. The movie Dracula was filmed in the US and UK not Transylvania.
133. I am definitely not two identical words with different meanings.
134. There is no "Mr. Norris", the cat is called "Mrs. Norris" and the caretaker is called "Argus Filch" and is not a janitor.
135. There are no flashlights at Hogwarts.
136. It's called "The Great Lake" not "Lake Placid.
137. The entire Ministry of Magic walked into the school?
138. "Doris Rumbridge", I'm speechless.
139. The Bark Lord? Really?
141. And all 10,000 of those reviews are people saying it's shit.
143. His name is Sirius.
144. Sirius is Harry's Godfather not his Father.
145. What the hell is Longdon?!
146. All the Time Turners
Kingdom's Oathkeeper chapter 11 . 1/14
At first was readdy to laugh... but now...? I want my mommy and my sisters to comfert me :(

Btw, what I would give to read the to her story xD omg pleas... I need a link!

Kingdom's Oathkeeper chapter 10 . 1/14
... simply saying "KAWII!" MAKE YOU JAPANNES... GAHHHH THIS IS SO MAD! Omg I've never been mad at a writter before... but her!? Oh goddness... pleas
I need to refresh my brain.
I hope this is just a troll like that anime human that face like a... umm... anime... lol, the one that goea by "Dekota Rose" .
I need time my brain feels like its lost 100% of its iq...
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