Reviews for Love Like Winter
timidvampire chapter 21 . 4/4
loved this x
Irene-thewriter chapter 1 . 3/26
You see, i have like, tons of spare time in my hands. Since i liked so much 'White Shadows', i figured i should read your other stories. I hope my reviews don't bother you too much. Anyways, back to this chapter, i've seen many ups and downs. I'm not a very fan of the first-sight-love kinda thing, but it's okay, it wasn't too much. I had a real problem with you when Bella believed right away the mind-reading thing. I mean, seriously? It makes her a little dumb. It made me feel things were going too fast, and then i remembered i had the same feeling while reading the first and second chapter of White Shadows. Other than that, i liked very much. Won't bother yo for another chapters. Thank you!
sherylb chapter 10 . 3/19
Good for Bella!
sherylb chapter 3 . 3/18
Oh No!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/18
I have read many of your other stories, but am just beginning this one-love it so far!
babesbraves chapter 21 . 2/24
What a fantastic story! Bravo for writing it and sharing it with us!
k1942 chapter 21 . 1/10
You have written one of the very best Bella and Edward stories I've ever read! Loved her nearly as much as he does and it all ended just perfectly! Thanks so much!
k1942 chapter 20 . 1/10
Well, they have all done everything they could to prepare and that's all they can do!
k1942 chapter 19 . 1/10
Those are pretty sobering choices to be made, which vision to make come true! I hope with the help of the wolves it may be enough to win this battle with the Volturi, without losing any of the family! Bella sure has the most powerful gift of any of them, so maybe it will be okay. They have to end this threat now or worry about it happening again and again!
k1942 chapter 18 . 1/10
All that good loving, and Edward didn't want to change her? What a silly vampire! Now they can't leave each other alone! Bella does have the coolest ability, one to help guard her whole family. Speaking of which, isn't it time to tell her parents about the terrible 'accident'?
k1942 chapter 17 . 1/10
Makes me want to smack Rose a good one, she just took matters into her own hands and did it! No asking, no nothing! Good thing Edward had to finish what she started, or he may have done some serious damage, which would have involved Emmett. That could have caused all kinds of family trouble! What's done is done and it turned out okay.
k1942 chapter 16 . 1/10
That was so scary at first, until I realized Edward would make it in time to save Bella. The surprise was Victoria running away and not helping James. I think Bella is on the right track and needs to be changed and soon!
k1942 chapter 15 . 1/10
I understand the love that urged her to offer her blood during their lovemaking, but Edward is right, it could have gone very badly! Other than that surprise, their honeymoon is going splendidly!
k1942 chapter 14 . 1/10
If it isn't one thing it's half a dozen! I suppose it would be asking too much that they might have peace and quiet forever! Makes me wonder what that rotten James is up to. Hope Bella and Edward have their honeymoon before they have to fight for their lives!
k1942 chapter 13 . 1/10
Boy, Rose is just riddled with jealousy, from the looks of things. I hope there won't be too bad a confrontation between them! I'm very glad the tribal elders agreed to Bella's change, that would have been a big stumbling block if they had refused.
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