Reviews for Guy Against Grub
Reader101w chapter 1 . 4/1/2011
Great story,

Very good description, it really felt like a cooking show with eating challenge.

And the family moments were great.

keep up the good writing,

Slipgate chapter 1 . 3/27/2011

I apologize for how late this review is. It was by no means a reflection of disinterest on my part.

Actually, when you published this story I woke up to see the alert e-mail on my phone and promptly read the story right away. This is a fun story - I mean, it's not a save the world sitch or attached to some grand mission-related situation at all. It's really a bit of a sweet nugget for those already invested in the Fast Track universe. But it's a great bit of fun for those fans. When I was reading through it... imagine me in a sleeping bag, lying on my tummy reading this story on my phone which is still hooked to its charger that's sitting on the floor near my head. Now, as I read the paragraph that mentions Mrs. Dr. P's Brainloaf, my eyes started widening with how these items were really available and by the time the paragraph ended and asking for hot dogs "Kim Style" was mentioned, I was burying my face in my left shoulder needing to compose myself from the fool grina nd total surprise I was experiencing before I could go on. I was amazed that Kim let him put those on the menu! But in the happy marriage that is one of the best hallmarks of Fast Track (and has been one of the biggest inspirations to how I prefer to imagine their future or write them myself) I was pleased to see that she didn't bury him where nobody would ever find him for that. God that woman must love him. :)

Before I pass them up, though, II want to thank you for the inventiveness of things like James coming up with the nickname Dawnie-Dove for his granddaughter, and for how ridiculously more secure with his life you are able to present Ron than the way those celebrities were talking about him in 'What a Year!' with how sisters and godsons and all sorts of people told him to his face how they looked up to him. Knowing what Fast Track Ron has been through, that was incredibly sweet and makes a person feel like all their tribulations can be worth it one day.

However, I must admit I kind of saw through you starting the story by Anne Possible comparing the scene to when they were all gathering to watch 'What a Year!' Considering 'What a Year!' would've been over a decade ago, I could kind of tell this was an attempt to get yourself running on the Fast Track universe again after a year away from publishing stories for it, and trying to inspire yourself by jumping off your last story is understandable enough. (I've done it too, which is maybe why I can pick up on it with others.)

The story takes a more serious turn almost when you learn that this guy would've probably been killed by Diablos if it weren't for Kim and Ron. And I actually am REALLY glad that you didn't include a scene where Kim tried to give Ron the credit for that one - it tells me that they well and truly have moved past the Erik sitch as ancient history, which was I think a big point and part of scenes you had in both 'On the Fast Track' and 'Team Possible in the 8th Dimension' (Ron's telling Kim to not keep thinking about what was done before).

When it got really into the food talk, like talking about the composition of Shego Sauce, I was pretty sure you were firmly in "this is a nugget of fun for Fast Track fans rather than a majorly "Kim Possible series" related story. But you know, it's not the first time a saga on this site has eventually built up enough material to be moving forward. And I'm pretty sure that when you next provide a Fast Track tale that offers an adventure the Kim Possible-ness of the series will reassert itself fully.

Though I have to wonder how Kim and Ron couldn't understand just how completely embarrassing it is that a possible crush on Lisa was mentioned on nation-wide TV. 'Wanda and Eugene Krumholtz' Kimmie!

I haven't actually watched 'Man vs. Food' but the "Three dozen this month? This does not bode well for me." scene, if it's anything like the real show, tells me the host of the show is probably really genuine and a lot of fun. It tempts me to watch the show. The stuff about how he was cool with Ron and Kim and their kids even behind the cameras was heartwarming.

Ironically enough, the day I first read this story, I had lots of spicy food ... and I kind of did again the next day, and I eventually went to a Dairy Queen specifically so that I could settle my stomach. :) Mexican food, ironically enough...

I had to shake my head in sympathy for Ron when James mentioned "I know you were picked on... but..."

Ron and his KP kisses... Fast Track fan nugget alert! :)

Later the same day I read this story to someone else, who also really enjoyed it. However, we were both hungry and the story didn't help, so we ended up eating afterwards. :)

I've been meaning to review all of the Fast Track universe - beyond the comments I've sent you in general via PM - one of these days, and ironically enough it's this story I get to first. I'll try to get to the other stories some other time. :)

CMR Rosa chapter 1 . 3/21/2011
Great chapter to a great story.
Shrike176 chapter 1 . 3/20/2011
Great one shot, nothing like some family bonding over incredibly spicy food that virtually no one is actually able to eat.

As always, great job!
whitem chapter 1 . 3/19/2011
Awesome... I watch that show all the time!

I was even thinking about writing something like this, but the challenge was going to be something like a 5 pound (or larger) Naco that had to be eaten in an hour.

Glad to see someone used that show in a fic... Great job!
Mitchkpfan chapter 1 . 3/18/2011
That was a fun story. I liked how we got a good "look" at the Pit Stop (as well as it's history). The Team Possible displays strike me as a little showy, but I guess Kim and Ron figured people might expect something like that from a diner owned by Kim Possible's husband. Kim pecking Alan surprised me, but Ron probably expected Kim to do something to help motivate Alan (I wonder if she would do the same to Ron before a football game).

Having the extended family watch the show was nice, but I wonder where Jim and Tim were (with their girlfriends, perhaps)?

So, Ron's going to be let go from a future cooking job. Will it be the one in Mr. Smarty's chain (if that happens) or somewhere else down the line? Also, where did he get the money for a restaurant (from his royalties from the power source of Zorpox's weather machine)?

Anyway, that was fun, a nice homage, ...and it made me kind of hungry.
readerjunkie chapter 1 . 3/17/2011
Nice one shot wave. As a can of man vs food I gotta say you did the character up right.
jkrust78 chapter 1 . 3/17/2011
This has to be the cutest story I've read on here!

Man vs Food is a great show, and this is a perfect KP parody to complement it. I just wish I could eat half the stuff on there that Adam does, that guy should be named Pain King for what he puts himself through!
Classic Cowboy chapter 1 . 3/17/2011
I always enjoy a good peak at the Fast Track future especially with Hana and Joey popping in. and as Man vs Food is one of my favorite shows, I especially loved this one... got me hungry for a taco bell berito soaked in fire sauce...
Sentinel103 chapter 1 . 3/17/2011
Nice WF, looks like you're back in the saddle again. I now I like 'down the road' kind of stories with Ron, Kim and the gang.

Maybe I'm just a busy body but I want to see how they've turned out. Since this is part of 'Fast Track' I'm thinking maybe you might want to try some more shorts. Because this was really enjoyable.

Good job,

Larry (Sentinel 103)
CajunBear73 chapter 1 . 3/17/2011
Nice blending of your ARC with that program of your recovery-time... Amazing where inspiration comes from, don't it?

Good look into life down the road. Hope to see more as you can get it out of your head and out here.

Katsumara chapter 1 . 3/17/2011
First off.. yay! A story from waveform's awesomeness. So glad to have seen this in my e-mail. Future!Fic of your "Fast Track" Universe for the win! You have any more of these in your brain? I hate to sound greedy, but.. I can't help it. I just love your universe so much.

Great work, buddy! Hope everything's going better for ya!