Reviews for The Fate of the Forgotten
cmr2014 chapter 1 . 3/27/2017
Wow. Having read "Why I Breathe", this was really interesting.

"And then, perhaps, Death will at last kill me."
Some people have a death wish, but not the ability to kill themselves. So they do what they feel they have to to die. Sometimes it's not even a conscious death wish, just self-destructive behavior that itself begs for death.
I am not sure if I ever really wanted to, or just didn't care. I made a choice and walked down a path I figured would take me down. I can't decide if I was looking for death, or just accepted its likelihood. Being ready to die is different from seeking to die.
The year after my fiancee died was a whole other thing entirely. I am not sure if I wanted it, but I certainly was much closer to that than simply accepting it. There was an incident involving alcohol and target shooting that was not deliberately seeking death, but upping the odds for it. I was so far down in the zero I was in negative numbers.

I wonder if his encounter with Death is kinda-sorta astral, like spiritual or something, or if it's actually physical.

It would be awesome if somehow this guy was Snoke.
TheFreelancerSeal chapter 1 . 3/23/2011
Very nice. It's an interesting character for your new fic. I think you should go ahead and start Why I Breath. As for the technical aspects of this fic, you're doing quite well. I enjoyed your vivid descriptions and your word choice. I've never done a first-person POV, but I have respect for the people who do them well, and I'd say you're one of them. You paint an excellent picture of Darksaber's mind and his motivations. My one issue is that you always put Death in bold. I'm sure you had your reasons, probably to make us understand that this is an entity, but I just found it breaking the beat of the story you might say. But that's probably just me. I look forward to your story.