Reviews for Candy Gone Stale
EmeraldTyphoon47 chapter 1 . 2/5
This is a well written and accurate parody. I agree with you; I don'y like Slash that much and it's so annoying that the vast majority of South Park fanfics contain it (though in my opinion it's even worse in the Yu-Gi-Oh! section). Every time I go to the South Park section, I have to go through at least 4 pages of fanfics before I find one that's non-slash or non-Candy so I understand you. I also like how you referenced some of the other Cartman pairings (Heiman, Shellman etc.) in this story.
Kaia Hancock chapter 1 . 6/16/2013
I love this story, I sort of support Candy cause I do think Cartman has a crush on Wendy like in that one episode called "Chef goes nanners"
NickelParkLavigne chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
While this is a hilarious parody, it's not going to stop my love for Style and Candy :3

In fandom, people like things different and slash is very popular. Patterns that are popular follow as well.

As for Stendy, I like the pairing but only as a childhood crush. Stan is based off of Trey Parker and Wendy is based off an ex-girlfriend. It would be nice to see different pairings. Another thing, Stendy isn't underrated. It's not as popular as the slash pairings, but it's still high up there.

I like Style because it's cute, but I don't see it the same way as others. Stan just shows to care much more about his best friend than his girlfriend. Wendy needs a challenge to keep her interested, and Stan just wouldn't provide it.

- That's my two cents anyhow. Just keep in mind people are going to like what they like, and that includes my love for Style and Candy :P
almostinsane chapter 1 . 7/14/2011
Great story! LOL. Poor Wendy... As for why there are so many yaoi stories, I think it's because there's so few strong female character. Only Wendy, and maybe Bebi, and the occasional random girlfriend Kenny has. Thanks for writing this. God bless!
paraPsychologist chapter 1 . 5/30/2011
Although I am a supporter of both Style and (one-sided) Candy, I do agree; there's too much! The South Park data
the writer formerlyknown as lm chapter 1 . 3/23/2011
Hmmm... Well, I do enjoy parody fics. :D

As for the CartmanWendy pairing, it all comes down to personal preference. Some people would argue that Cartman and Wendy have more in common than Stan and Wendy, a statement I would agree with, actually, but then again, it's not like Wendy's around that much.

That kind of brings us to the slash. I don't know why slash is so predominant in the SP fandom. Is it because male characters are the center of the show? Is it because South Park characters all seem a little bit gay (even for joke's sake?). Is it because all fanfic writers are 16 and this is how they get their kicks?

I don't know. When Matt and Trey were asked in an interview which character would grow up to be gay, they said either Stan or Kyle, but they were most likely taking the piss. And when Matt was asked about slash, he said that he probably wouldn't like it, but that he hadn't read any, which was a very polite way of saying it's not his cup of tea.

Why is South Park fanfic so romantic, anyway? The show's not a romantic show at all, really. And why do pairings have those ugly/cute names? I would bet money that most "Bunny" fans must just love it for the name because there's nothing else there.

These are questions I don't have the answer to. Maybe when I get my phd in Internet Philosophy, I'll unearth the truths. Why is my straight male roommate such a fan of the ButtersCraig pairing that he just sent me a text saying they're interacting in the episode he's watching? The world may never know.

Seriously, though, it's just fanfic. And read Seaouryou's stuff. I think she's hands down the best fanfic writer this fandom's ever had. She may be personally responsible for the tropes you hate lol.(Read "life is better" and see if you like it.)
laughingsohardatmypastself chapter 1 . 3/21/2011
re-really? the door can do all that? huh. no.

lolz XD love the Charlie the Unicorn refrence.

and i do invision fanfiction like that...and i pretty much never accosiate candy with style. partly cuz i dont like candy all that much, Wendy just dosent like Cartman! and style, creek, and K2 are used way to much. but i just cant stop reading/writing them! .

anywasyies, i thought it was funny. and i liked it.
rockergurl95 chapter 1 . 3/20/2011
I like it! I never liked those pairings. Too overused :3 same with Creek and K2. I want to see something new! And it definately doesn't have to be yaoi i wishthere were more Fics with no oc's or pairings! Just the main characters doing their main character thing. :3
Melinda Sandy Halliwell chapter 1 . 3/18/2011
Well, while I disagree about Style and slash in general (though I am pretty picky about the Style-it needs to be something new that grabs my attention), I very much agree with the Candy aspect. I tend to avoid fics that include Candy.

I realize you don't like slash, but I lean towards Bendy. In fact, it's my favorite pairing, so I tend to write Bendy/Style.
Rumanya chapter 1 . 3/18/2011
lollollol xD

love it. [Even if I do like Style.]
StanIsTheMan chapter 1 . 3/17/2011
I love this, considering I detest Cartman/Wendy, and to a much lesser extent, Stan/Kyle.

But for the story itself, it was a good parody of the whole situation. I laughed literally out loud at the story plot in italics. Nice job.
pinacolada1221 chapter 1 . 3/17/2011
one. you don't have to censor your words out. really. it's south park and you rated this t regardless, so censoring out a word so little as bitch is just odd.

two. i could probably take this a little more kiddingly if you didn't express your LOATHING of style & candy.

three. okay, probably not, because my two favorite pairings in this fandom are style and candy :3 -cries-

nah, im not offended [it takes a lot to offend me over a computer :P]. its just that ADHKFDL I LOVE STYLE/CANDY SO MUCH ITS MY FUCKING USERNAME X3

sidenote, ive never liked stendy ever [and i like a lot of pairings, even if i don't love them], but style'll always top stendy fanfic-wise in quantity because slash dominates this fandom so much :3