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El Tee chapter 14 . 7/20/2014
Damn. I know this is a dead fic, and yet, it was so good to read. Wish it wasn't abandoned. Love the dynamics and the portrayal of the relationships. So similar yet so realistic. So, I say with a heavy heart, one of the best I've read. Damn.
thepkrmgc chapter 1 . 7/15/2014
I never liked anders much in DA2 (although we were bros in awakening), but your interpretation is a refreshing difference from the norm. its sympathetic while keeping the issues that define him
Italian Empress 1985 chapter 14 . 5/25/2012
I completely understand being antsy to get the update posted when you know it's been a while. I 'just' updated one of mine, and the length between updates almost made me feel like a criminal, so I probably have more typos than you do, if it makes you feel any better.

'And Mother." Her eyes widened – conspiratorial, exasperated.'

Bwahahaha! I do this to my poor long suffering boyfriend ALL the time. I love my mother to pieces, but we're both at the phase of nurturing where we can't be in each others company for too long. Anyway, I really enjoy that you put little bits of real people into this story, in that you characterize them not be ideal characters, but to be real characters. That, to me at least, is the difference between reading something with a passing fancy, and becoming truly invested.

And, aww, poor woobie!Hawke had her bubble of ignorance burst, and found out that it wasn't quite bliss to begin with. It ain't easy bein' cheesy, or an apostate with friends in low places either it seems. Though I am surprised she seems to have warmed towards Sebastian, and not simply because 'I' don't like him, but rather, she didn't seem the type to take too well to how pious he is, but maybe she's just trying to make friends.

'A fair crowd had already gathered to discuss fixing it and to gawk.'

Isn't that the truth though. Give Ferelden another thousand years, where people are updating the status of Kirkwall on Twitter and there will STILL be rubberneckers. I adore the detail you put into both Darktown and the effects of the hurricane. And speaking of a hurricane, I ought to have made 'some' guess as to who might be dropping in, given her quickie of a back-story as to how she wound up a Kirkwall landlubber, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Isabella, my love, it's so good to see you again, and written so spot on and fun as well.

"Tell me there isn't a child."

This makes me think of an old bimbo joke I heard where a pregnant woman asks the doctor if it's hers. Izzy, sweetheart, if there 'was' a child, you'd be the first to know. :p And what a lovely couple they'd make . . . or not, but they're fun besides, and I agree there should have been more friendly banter, at least, between them in-game. But if we start ticking off things that 'should' have been in-game, we'd be here awhile, so maybe I'll just enjoy fanfic and the opportunity for creative improvement it presents. Though, it has to be said, sometimes fic isn't an improvement, and sometimes I come across gems like yours. It's a gamble, but worth it.

Which brings me to this. Love at first sight is about as real as Pamela Anderson's boobs. There is chemistry and lust, that's it. Love doesn't arrive until later, and I'll stand by that in both writing and reading, so by all means, write romance at 'your' pace and I'll appreciate you all the more for it. Though I have to say that you don't write 'Justice' as being cold towards Cala in the slightest, in fact, so far in your story I'd say the spirit and NOT his host seems the most likely to develop a crush on the wee Hawke. That'd be pretty weird, though, wouldn't it?

Great chapter, as always, if I want a quality read, I can always count on you to deliver.
RPGgirl514 chapter 10 . 5/2/2012
Can I just say that this is perhaps the best single-character story in the Dragon Age fandom EVER? I love your take on Anders. Your grasp of relationships (particularly between Justice and Anders and Cala and Carver) is fantastic. I love how you've sprinkled bit characters from the game into Anders' life and made them real, like Evelina. This story is so REAL to me. Also, I envy your description style. You have a way of describing the details in such a way as to make the setting come alive. Fantastic story. I'm looking forward to continuing to read Anders' story!
pickledpoopers chapter 14 . 5/1/2012

Yes, all caps and extra exclamation points are necessary. I did a little dance. Really. I stood up, danced down my hallway to the bathroom, danced my way back to the living room, then finally sat down to read the chapter. If that makes me a crazy person, so be it.

Anders is thoroughly enjoyable as always, and I'm loving awkward Hawke seriously beating social graces with a stick. Isabella was wonderful and gritty and covered in filth and gold. And drunk! No one ever seemed drunk enough in-game. Except for Moaning Al... and that one templar.

I look forward to future chapters, as always, and the moment when the whole abomination thing explodes in Anders' face. Weeee!
Peanuckle chapter 13 . 1/7/2012
I love your depiction of Anders. Absolutely marvelous.
rednightmare chapter 13 . 12/16/2011
Oh, good lord! I hadn't seen this! Thank you, Faretta! You saved my Hawke from a gender identity crisis! (And probably Anders from a lot of confusion...)
Faretta chapter 1 . 12/16/2011
Um, just FYI, Fanfiction has apparently decided to file your story under "Garrett Hawke" rather than your absolutely fabulous Lady Hawke.

It would be a shame if people missed out on one of the BEST stories in Dragon Age because of Fanfiction's error. :)
Italian Empress 1985 chapter 13 . 11/30/2011
I'm late to the party, sorry about that. Got sick and that put me behind on my own story, and I was holding out so Icarus could be my reward for when I finally got my latest chapter under wraps. Definitely worth the wait.

I really like the very un-candy-coated fear Anders had that he might actually have fathered some bastards he didn't know about. It's only in rose tinted fairytales that children are produced simply between two people that are madly in love, and I like my fiction with some grittier reality thrown in. And I have a suspicion that Anders got around while he was enjoying his freedom, pre-Justice, and using the false rumor about Walter to insinuate that very real possibility was a stroke of genius.

It occurred to me early into the Namaya incident, that Anders was likely to be blamed for the whole kitten-caboodle, certainly since I-Hate-Anders'-Guts Rylock was the one in charge of that pick up. Well, he already was on her black list, might as well just add to it, and at least he got freed. Though he wasn't the nicest person, how he went about that. I do like how you don't spare the fact that Anders was a first class a-hole when push came to shove, because the 'poor innocent me' routine can get old when it isn't tempered with a nice healthy dose of actual character flaws. Love it! Does that make me morally questionable? Probably. :p

Nathaniel had a lot of great potential as a character that wasn't given enough room in a brief Origins expansion, so it was great to see some of him, even if he's an aside to this story. And I think 'nancy-knocking cur' is my favorite insult, I have to find a way to use that in my life. Maybe that's what I'll call my boss when he's out of earshot. :p How you brought it all in line with last brief paragraph with Merrill was well done.

As per your note at the bottom, canon should be treated as inspiration more than 'the law as written by Bioware' We thank them for letting us play in their sandbox, of course, but doing your own thing is always fun, and I look forward to it!
Shinimegami7 chapter 13 . 10/29/2011
Nate will be all /sadface I'm sure lol.

Awesome chapter! I liked your version of events better than the scant bit we actually get from Anders in game. It's all so realistic :) Can't wait to see what everyone has been up to!
D chapter 7 . 10/28/2011
Anders couldn't think up a better way to describe what Cala Hawke did for the people she collected over so many years and cut throats. First there had been Aveline Vallen, widowed out of Lothering with a dead templar's shield lagging on her back; then there had been Varric Tethras, a business proposition that led to a younger brother in fierce need of friendship. Merrill, expelled by everyone else the accident-prone elf met. Fenris, a rage-blind slave he never grew to like or respect. Isabela, who – Maker knew – had committed more than her fair share of moral mishaps, running with daggers in open hands. Later, there came Sebastian Vael, the prince who suffocated his ambition beneath a choirboy smock; Charade, one of two cousins she didn't know she had; Alain, who became theirs because he had no other home. She did not welcome them all – not specifically – but there was this unfailing offer of a spare notch, a square to sleep on, a place where each body in their pack of strays could serve some purpose. Hawke could shoulder the burden. She had enough.


I'm really starting to like your Hawke by now, and the way you're playing this out. I hate this kind of thing, but I find myself fascinated. And that bit above? Don't know why, but that strikes me as some of the most beautiful writing I've ever seen.
D chapter 1 . 10/28/2011
""Why is it that people always seem to figure I'm bonkers? Is it the talking to myself, do you think?" he asked a particularly amiable-looking daffodil. The flower had no answers for him, but a breeze rippled through his stitched yellow coat, and made its petals gave an appropriate little shrug."

This, and addressing a gnarled lilac bush, all with Anders' voice in my head, have created amazing imagery for me. I'm finding so far that you're giving depth and personality in all the right areas that were missed in what was officially released to us. I love it.
serah-wiggums chapter 13 . 10/28/2011
oooh i love this chapter :) i like how you portrayed anders. I could actually picture each characters saying the lines and everything! brilliant! approves 20
massivelyattacked chapter 13 . 10/28/2011
I am SO excited to see an update to this story!

Okay, so when it started, I was very much enjoying the vivid scenery and the way things played out.

But that heist was incredible. Adore!

And then EVERYTHING with Nate. good. Your writing always sucks me right back into the world of this story.

I also agree with the Anders/Nate BFF status. They're too different (yet the same) to NOT be best pals. I even wrote their friendship into one of my stories...a sort of escalating level of respect.

IVIaedhros chapter 13 . 10/28/2011
You countinue to improve and improve on these honest little (or not so little) bits of characterization. Good work. I definitely look forward to the next chapter. I wonder, in light of what you did with Nathaniel, will you have Anders/Justice in an honest confrontation of pasts/words with Meredith? She is perhaps peices of Justice and Nathaniel taken too far, just as Anders was once the love of freedom and self taken too far.
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