Reviews for Aftermath and Revelations
Stoppelbart chapter 15 . 8/3
Another review, huzzah.

Well, I guess Sarah hasn't forgotten how to fight as a Ghost, though I could imagine that she would react differently towards the Zerg than everyone else. Especially given their past. Those Zerg used to be her servants after all. Perhaps she could feel some sort of sadness because she has to kill them? Or she could use a trick or two she picked up as the Queen of Blades during combat? We know that even though she was deinfested, there's still something Zerg inside her (like when she hissed at Valerien on the Hyperion).
Stoppelbart chapter 11 . 8/1
Well, another review incoming!

So I guess Sarah and Nova have a rather friendly relationship. It's somewhat strange since I always thought that both of them had hardly anything to do with each other. Well, at Sarah didn't care much about Nova at least.

To me they never had much in common. They are Ghosts, yes. But that's it. Perhaps it would be interesting to see how they manage to form a friendship even though they are basically completely different?
Clemency33 chapter 13 . 7/17
Good mix of dialouge and action, geat inventiveness. Still loving this story.
Clemency33 chapter 12 . 6/21
I love how you do battle scenes. It's like the long set piece fights you get near the end of the best super hero movies. Good tension created as well for Sarah & Nova's mission...
Stoppelbart chapter 10 . 5/14
Review incoming!

Not much to say. But I really like the idea that Sarah gives the Raiders inside-information on the Swarm. It's absolutely logical, she knows the Swarm better than anyone else after all. That makes her the perfect asset because she knows everything about the Zerg.

Getting back into the fight is probably understandable, giving Sarah's history. And it's basically what happened in Heart of the Swarm. Still, I always thought that it was a bit rushed. I know that there are several weeks between the end of WoL and HotS, but still...she went through a lot and I think that she shouldprobably be mentally instable the least.
pt1oef chapter 38 . 5/13
Wondering how you can handle so many characters, I felt crazy while doing such things. You have thoughts about what happened if Queen of Blades and Daelaam battle each other in judgement, don't you?
pt1oef chapter 53 . 5/9
Aftermath and Revelations Chapter 52 is one of my favorite chapter and best Nova story, It is too bad that these didn't come true.

Memory wipe seems to be the greatest weakness of Nova and she seems repeating that again in Nova Covert ops, she possibly had helped Defender of Man willingly until the Psi Emitter was going to be used again.

Nova's past can become the best weapon for her enemies using against Nova, Ghost and Dominion.
pt1oef chapter 50 . 5/7
It seems possible to overcome Zerg's inabilitity in water, that weakness exists simply because no one care about it.

Can Protoss swim or combat in water?

You wrote about Kate well, this seems to be something I should follow in writing my own story.
pt1oef chapter 67 . 5/7
Mal's actions seems heavily depended on his boss and he always has his own thought. Let him working under Raynor seems to be the best choice.

Is Dr. Evans original character?
Serdancos chapter 80 . 5/6
This is by far the best Starcraft fanfic I have read!
Looking back to the previous chapters, I cannot help but wonder how the author was able to make it so realistic: a ton of details, wonderfully characterized emotions(guilt and the need to be forgiven having prime positions), new OCs that seem to be creatively interwoven with the situations described( the dominion generals, the propaganda minister, the mayor of Korhal City, Franklin and so on).
Not only that, but Ragnarok brought back guys like the wrangler Mal Kelerchian
Cant wait for an update!
pt1oef chapter 18 . 5/4
This is also why I am so interested about the new possibilities from Queen of Blades being the same guy before infested.

After HotS, many assumptions about Sarah Kerrigan became wrongs.

Sarah didn't make up for what she did possibly lead to more problems than we knew. She had forgot her responsibilities.
pt1oef chapter 76 . 5/1
After everything happened, believing Zerg invasion won't happen again is unrealistic.

Nature of Protoss, Terran and Zerg makes conflicts again and again.
pt1oef chapter 49 . 5/1
Aiur, Aiur, so many fights of StarCraft happened there. How to make fightings there more unique than others?
pt1oef chapter 79 . 4/30
This always makes me feel how stupid Mengsk to create some preventable enemies. Valerian seems repeat his mistakes.
pt1oef chapter 63 . 4/30
There's possibility that Nahaan becomes hero by protecting Aiur, he probably stays on Aiur when other leave. He need a chance becoming important again and brings more troubles to Daelaam.
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