Reviews for The Invisible Line
rocklesson86 chapter 10 . 3/11/2015
I am glad that Bella turned down the job. I cannot wait for more.
lt90 chapter 10 . 3/11/2015
Love this story!
moonwinks chapter 10 . 3/11/2015
This continues to be such a beautiful love story. The tenderness Edward and Bella feel for each other is so loving. I been reading this story from the beginning. I was always so sad when they were with with others and really sad when they were not each other's firsts. It was so touching when Edward told B that it had always been her...every single time. (And I'm glad that there hadn't been 20!). This story is one of my all time favorites... beautifully written and a wonderful tale. Thank you.
Mom23xx chapter 10 . 3/11/2015
Awww...of course she needed to go do that. And she woul never make them move.
snoopylover60 chapter 10 . 3/11/2015
Loved it!

Looking forward to more :D
twiclare chapter 5 . 3/11/2015
It's so hard reading about them being with other people and it just not being right!
Ness1956 chapter 4 . 3/11/2015
I'm glad you started the story in their present day because I would be dying waiting for them to get together!
wolffia chapter 10 . 3/11/2015
Just 1 chapter left? Awww... I'm gonna miss this! Thanks for the update! :)
miss0sunny chapter 10 . 3/11/2015
One of my favorite stories ever :)
redviolet chapter 10 . 3/11/2015
Honestly, I forgot what this story was about and had to speed read thru the other chapters to remember. Then I remember how much I like this story. Then I remembered how long and full your chapters are. This chapter was super awesome and such a feel good story. Great families good friends, good food & spirits...I loved it!
roxiegirl chapter 10 . 3/11/2015
That was a great chapter! So much happened and it was all perfect! Can't wait to rec this to my"complete" only friends!
Taylor9901 chapter 10 . 3/11/2015
I love it.
2old4fanfic chapter 10 . 3/11/2015
funny when stories take on a life of their own. My first house had an orange countertop with melt marks, but it took two years before we could afford to redo the kitchen. memories
Guest chapter 3 . 3/11/2015
CatchingSnowflakes13 chapter 10 . 3/11/2015
Naw, I just love them! Look forward to the next/last chapter :) x
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