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ADL1820 chapter 28 . 3/23/2012
Stardawn19 chapter 28 . 3/22/2012
Nice ending to this struggle with the birth. Some good fights scenes...and I love how even though Xena was preoccupied with Gabrielle and her labor that she was still able to help with that cool chakram through.

So now the baby is here...and I do so approve of the'm also glad that Herc was there and got that special moment to bond. Nicely done.
HAZMOT chapter 28 . 3/22/2012
Finally, Gabrielle has a daughter and Hercules has a child to fill his life. But as we know Hera couldn't leave well enough alone. She had to bring in Callisto and Velasca. Those two psychotic women will do anything to be set free and kill their enemy of Xena and Gabrielle. However, I didn't think they go so low to kill a innocent child. I just hope that Zeus intervenes like Ares did. :D
Silvermoonlight GJ chapter 28 . 3/21/2012
This was a brilliant chapter you handled the birth scene so well it really believable but at the same time really tense because of everything which was going on around Gabrielle as the other protected her in every way possible. I think it made the final moment of birth really heartfelt and emotional. Hera's new plan though that sends shivers down my spine Velasca and Callisto together as a godly team that’s just really scary its like Hera's pulling out every single ace card she can get her hands on.
Stardawn19 chapter 27 . 2/26/2012
So the baby is almost here, and things seem to be coming to a head (no pun It'll be interesting to see what happens when the baby finally comes out.

Btw.. I noticed that you took out the Joxer bits... that's too bad, it brought a lot of life to this chapter, I think you missed an opportunity here.
HAZMOT chapter 27 . 2/21/2012
Hera is pretty devious by keeping Xena busy fighting while she attempts to kill Gabrielle and her daughter. What was unexpected was Ares interference and allowing Hercules and Ioalus to help. Hercules was not going to allow another innocent to die on his watch. I just hope that Hercules will be enough to allow Xena to help Gabrielle bring her child into the world safely. :D
Silvermoonlight GJ chapter 27 . 2/21/2012
This is cutting it close to the wire, you can just feel the tension and the struggle as the battle goes on around Gabrielle as she starts to give birth, this whole scene reminded me of god fearing child only a lot better than the original. Hera really is evil asking those men to kill Gabrielle's child and take advantage of her weakened state, guess she forgotten that age old saying animals are always far more dangerous when you back them in to corners same goes for people.
ivo1617 chapter 27 . 2/20/2012
This chapter had a little bit of everything - Xena killing bad guys, Gabby directing anger towards Joxer, and even a Herc sighting!

The interesting thing about this chapter is that you've ventured into unexplored territory (on the show at least). It's very rare for Gabrielle to display any sort of temper, except maybe when interacting with Joxer. I know that she is about to give birth and that Hera is on the warpath so that's perfectly normal. But it is always a bit weird to see Gabby like that.

The other bit of unexplored territory of course was Ares being helpful. The only time I remember Ares being helpful was when the four horsemen were released at the end of season five of Herc. There were some times where Ares tried helping Xena, but there were always strings attached and/or he did something bad to Xena in the very same episode. To me at least, a helpful Ares is like a good Callisto. It could work, but it will take time.

I think that your Hercules has gotten better. I don't recall him making the kind of wise cracks in your previous work that he made in this chapter.

The ending of the chapter was appropriate with Herc appearing on the scene. It felt like Xena was trapped on an episode of the Hercules show since it was always Herc who kept beating up bad guys who worshiped Hera. And now Gabby is in the same position Xena was in season 5...
Phineas Redux chapter 26 . 2/9/2012
Chapt.23 was exceptionally well written; but chapt.24 outdid it. The dramatic atmosphere, sense of place, characterisation, and sense of real people talking together was vivid. Chapt.25 was amazing, with Xena’s inward self-criticism of her handling of Solan and guilt ridden conversation with Gabrielle. Then the little happy scene between them to finish with. This is certainly some of the best writing you have done. The conversations between the different characters in Chapt.26 give a clear resume of the plot and what is likely to happen in the future. Their personalities, Gods and warriors, come across sharply. I’m looking forward to the next step in the tale.
ivo1617 chapter 26 . 1/24/2012
Is it possible that Ares is developing a conscience? I am having a hard time seeing why he would want to help. He made it clear that he wants Hercules dead and he is not that fond of Gabrielle either. Maybe it's because Xena is involved, but he did not try to make any deals or anything like that. What is he going to get out of all this?

It's also interesting that Ares seems to be showing interest in his own children. Like many other gods, he has probably done his fair share of sleeping around so he probably has many kids. And he's never struck me as a family man.

Finally who is going to stand up to Hera? Zeus seems reluctant to do so and the other gods are probably too weak. I am surprised that Ares is considering getting involved since he has always struck me as a coward.
Silvermoonlight GJ chapter 26 . 1/18/2012
I really hope that Zeus does stand up to Hera. Its very clear though is about to born and this is going to get very tough even more so if Gabrielle suddenly goes in to labor. I like though that Ares is being very noble and trying to help Xena and Gabrielle though I can understand why there both very wary, looking forward to seeing where this is going to go because I see one hell of an uphill battle ahead.
HAZMOT chapter 26 . 1/17/2012
As devious as Hera is, she want to savor her revenge against Hercules as well as Zeus. I did expect Ares to intervene in some way. He despicable, but even he would not cross the line to harm family members to kill a innocent child. Zeus seems to allow Hera to torment Gabrielle and Hercules child for his indiscretions. But how far will Zeus really allow Hera to go? I just hope that Xena receives some help, even from Joxer and hopefully Hercules. :D
Stardawn19 chapter 26 . 1/17/2012
So Ares has decided to help, I just hope that his help will actually help. He doesn't seem to be after anything in particular for himself, but with him it's always hard to tell.

Gabrielle's time is drawing near, and things are looking rather bleak. I'm just glad that she has Xena around, for if anyone figure out a way to protect her, it'll be Xena.

Although there wasn't a lot of movement in this chapter, I think it was important because it established several things, including the status of Gabrielle's family, the mindsets of Ares, Hera, and Zeus, and finally the progress of Gabrielle's pregnancy and what Xena is scrambling to figure out. I'm looking forward to see exactly how this all plays out.
HAZMOT chapter 25 . 1/8/2012
Who would of thought it would be Joxer to convince Xena to be a guardian for Gabrielle's child. Xena didn't have much faith in Gabrielle's request and certainly Gabrielle has to prepare for the worst. With Xena finally accepting to be Gabrielle's child guardian mother, that puts a lot of unnecessary worry off Gabrielle. I'm sure Xena is going to do everything in her power to protect Gabrielle. What I'm waiting for is for Ares to have a change of heart and step in to stop Hera. I know it's his mother, but even he realizes this is cruel to just kill Hercules child and hold hostange innocent families for revenge. :D
Stardawn19 chapter 25 . 1/7/2012
This chapter is dominated by Xena's feelings and how she feels as a mother. I love the direction that you too, comparing how she felt about leaving Solan, to what she was really thinking, but then how she came around (with the help of Joxer of all people) and realized it didn't really matter why, only that she did what as best for her child at the time.

I loved the intimate moments between Xena and Gabrielle here as well. Lots of emotions, and then the forgiveness and understanding toward the end. Nicely done.

Finally there is the part with Ares. He seems more and more likely to help this child, and I hope that he can do something.

Finally the journey is over, and they have arrived back in Greece. Now is the hard part...
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