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ivo1617 chapter 25 . 1/6/2012
This was a tough chapter for Xena. Even though Gabby is the person who is in direct danger here, Xena still has her motherhood issues to deal with. She is still not in her son's life so there is no way for her to ease the sting of giving him away. Also not being able to do something important, in this case raise her son, is going to eat a lot at someone as awesome as Xena.

Well at least ole Jox was there to calm Xena down. I don't know why some fans don't like him since he is very loyal to both Xena and Gabby. Why can't people be happy that they've made a friend?
HAZMOT chapter 24 . 12/30/2011
With Gabrielle knowing her father will be taken care of, and her father giving her advice about Hercules. I figuire she knows that she must include Hercules in the upbring of their child. Hera is pulling out all stops to kill Gabrielle's baby and make others suffer, because of her hatred for Hercules. I wonder why Zeus is not intervening is all this? Xena and Gabrielle must have a plan or otherwise Gabrielle is facing her doom without a fight. I hope Hercules and Iolas will be included in whatever happens. :D
Silvermoonlight GJ chapter 24 . 12/26/2011
Very deep chapter and profound I like that Gabrielle got to confront her farther though I feel that confrontation isn't over yet she has force home that she is Xena's lover and nothing will ever change that. Though I couldn't agree more about her comment on loveless marriage, there would be no point in her and Hercules marrying even if she was single if there's no love there to start with, plus it would only lead to more heartache.
ivo1617 chapter 24 . 12/26/2011
Talk about a tough chapter for Gabby. She has to protect her baby (and herself) from Hera. She has to make a long trip while being nine months pregnant. She has her family to worry about now. And there is always the chance she will lose Xena when going on a dangerous adventure.

And to top it all off she had to answer some very tough questions from her father. But to be fair, Gabby and Herc are two of the last people that would ever have kids out of wedlock. They're such model citizens.

Well the only thing going for Gabby is that fighting gods and saving children are the two things Hercules does best. And as always she will have the ultimate woman by her side.
Lientjuhh chapter 24 . 12/26/2011
I like it.. Well done.. :)
Stardawn19 chapter 24 . 12/26/2011
A heartfelt and ominous chapter. I loved the emotions that Gabrielle went through, with both Xena and her father. I also liked the closure with the Amazons and how Gabrielle and Xena had left their mark on them as well.

The moment between Gabrielle and her father was espeically nice. I liked how they both realized there were more important things to life then what society expects.

And now they are returning to Greece, where I'm sure they are going to run into all sorts of trouble, I just hope they will be able to worm their way out of this mess... somehow ;).
HAZMOT chapter 23 . 12/14/2011
With Gabrielle already burdened with carrying Hercules child, and Hera wanting the child dead. She has hightened the drama with threathning her family. Xena can only do so much and I'm not surprised that Joxer wants to help. Xena is really going to have her hands full protecting Gabrielle and finding a way to protect Gabrielle's family. Xena always has a plan, but lets hope that Hercules can be included. :D
Stardawn19 chapter 23 . 12/13/2011
And the all too peaceful life among the Amazons comes to an abrupt halt. I feel for Herodotus, he's just a pawn in the middle of it all, and he and his family are suffering for something they have no control over.

The characterization of Hera here is very dark, and almost enough so that she reminds me of things that she did to Herc. We don't see her much on Xena, but she has that deep content and hate for Hercules that now is being extended to poor Gabrielle.

I wonder now how the rest of this is going to go. Gabreille on the road this late in a pregnancy is a really bad idea, and could turn harmful to both mother and child. And that's not even taking into the account the harm that awaits them in Greece.

Nice addition, and way to pick up the pace on the story once again. :)
ivo1617 chapter 23 . 12/13/2011
It was very brave of Joxer to go into an Amazon village.

Your portrayal of Hera is right on the money. As vile as her strategies seem, she was using similar methods at the end of season four on Herc when she was trying to take over Olympus.

You had a good, vivid description about what happened to Gabrielle's family. Herodotus is in an interesting position during his talk with Xena. There is some resentment there, but he is definitely speaking from the heart. Nothing is going right for the poor guy. He even had to go through the disappointment of Gabby not being married since the idea seemed to appeal to him.

Xena and Gabby are in an interesting situation here since Hera is forcing their hand. It will be interesting to see what Gabby has to say about all this. With all the great plans Xena has had, she would really need Gabby's input here since going back to Greece puts Gabby and her child in mortal danger. Either way, Herc and Xena will have to confront Hera (or her minions) regardless if she is going after Gabby's baby or someone else.

I wonder if Gabby is going to become a target for Hera as well. Gabrielle's life is already in danger, but what if Hera thinks Hercules cares about her? Even if Hera knows about the godly wine, she might make it a point to kill Gabrielle if she thinks Hercules cares about her in any way.

Interesting bit with Joxer in the end. I assume this goes back to the scene where he met Hera and she manipulated him somehow. It is strange that he has a voice in his head since Hera is not supposed to have power in Anatolia. For better or for worse, Joxer might have a bigger role in this than I originally thought. If Hera is using him, she must be going for a surprise attack since he is the last person that would hurt Gabrielle.

Looking forward to more updates. Hera is worse than any of the gods Xena had to deal with in season five.
Silvermoonlight GJ chapter 23 . 12/13/2011
Very heartfelt chapter, I feel really bad for Herodotus poor guys lost his eye which is awful. It does seem though that despite his prejudice of her daughters relationship with Xena he does look past this and see's the bigger picture in that he needs her to help him to get his family back. What Hera's done is really evil and I hope that she pays for it ten fold and that Xena and Joxer send her back to what evil Tartarus she sprang from.
HAZMOT chapter 22 . 12/2/2011
It seems that Xena and Gabrielle have a better understanding of their frienship and responsibilities towards each other. Even Queen Thiege has learned to be a better leader around both Gabrielle and Xena. Yet there is still the threat from Hera in finding Gabrielle's baby and destroying the child. With knowledge that Hera is holding Gabrielle family. She may not have a choice to show herself and Xena may be the catalyst in all this. :D
Silvermoonlight GJ chapter 22 . 11/30/2011
Poor Gabrielle clearly she in the hard part of her pregnancy, where she's moody and unimpressed by everyone and just wants her daughter to be born. Poor Joxer he nearly put his foot in there good job Xena was there to save him.

Clearly it seems that Ares's character is changing he’s starting to understand the difference between right and wrong, Hera's plan sound plane vile and I hope he stops her.
Stardawn19 chapter 22 . 11/29/2011
I like the progression with this chapter, as we do a time jump and really get to the of the story. I liked the way that Xena and Gabrielle have seem to found a place with these Amazons, and their presence has had a positive effect on the Amazons as well.

Ok.. the Joxer scene.. lol.. sorry I couldn't resist. It was funny ;)

And finally the bit with Hera and Ares.. talk about 'something wicked this way comes.' It doesn't sound like good news for Gabrielle's family.
ivo1617 chapter 22 . 11/29/2011
It seems that Gabby has done a good job of civilizing the Amazon village. She definitely seems more assertive than usual in this story. Though I still do not understand why those Amazons were acting as though they were at war with someone. In the seven months that Xena and Gabby have been there the only person to show up who might be unwelcome in the village is Joxer. And chances are Xena told the Amazons not to pick on him (too much).

Poor Xena, she seems to be having trouble at home if she is out on the practice fields to much. And she was all too willing to go with Joxer to the village even though Joxer was being very vague. Given Joxer vagueness, is there a chance that he took one for the team by going into the Amazon village in order to give Xena and excuse to leave for a day or two? It seems that ole Jox is the big winner with the living arrangements since he gets to chill in the village though he still can't do anything right when it comes to Gabby. One moment she loves him, one moment she hates him.
ivo1617 chapter 18 . 11/24/2011
I wonder why this particular tribe of Amazons are behaving like they have been fighting someone.

Gabby is already asking questions about Cyane. It's possible that Gabby will figure out that Cyane was an Amazon and put two and two together.

My nitpicking for this chapter: when Gabby's baby is released from Hera's hands, is Hera dropping her on purpose or did someone take the baby from her?

Also nice to see Xena possibly making a friend in Alteri. Despite her tough exterior, deep down Xena has always been lovable.
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