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Oh my god chapter 1 . 12/28/2016
This is one of the best Gorillaz fanfics out there. Seriously.
The chemistry between all of the characters was amazing, and I love love love how in character Murdoc is, and how you still managed to have him as a young boy and still... Murdoc. And we don't exactly know what Sebastian or Hannibal are truly, truly like, but the way you wrote them was fantastic! And your OC, Pris, was a really interesting character and felt like she was actually made by Jamie and Damon!
All the dialogue felt natural and amazing, and the overall way you write is so beautiful.

I seriously couldn't stop reading this, and I wish there was more.
I love stories about the Gorillaz in the past, especially Murdoc, and you did not disappoint!

It was interesting, disturbing, amazing, touching and SO addictive.

You have serious talent. X
Holy Fuck Ma chapter 18 . 8/24/2016
Ok, this was really, really good. I can't really go into full detail about why I adored this so much, because I'll be here forever, but I'll try to tell you how fucking fantastic this is, because I couldn't possibly read this and NOT tell you what I think.

Like, wow. WOW. Honestly, this was written superbly. It was like a professional, published book, like a proper story.
You should DEFINATELY consider becoming an official author, because this was stunning.
Seriously. Superb.
It was beautifully written, with detail and thoughtfulness, along with some of the most touching and depressing writing. I fucking cried. For real. It was gorgeous.
Extremely raw and real, really sad and yet so lovely and... Just... GAH! I loved it SO much.
Well done. Honestly, WELL DONE.
It was so... Meaningful and SO well written, I just... Ugh.

It was amazing.
RedBenchArty chapter 1 . 3/21/2016
Oh my gosh. Could you make a playlist for this fic? I absolutely adore all the songs you're using!
OptimusPrimegirl213 chapter 1 . 1/2/2015
Wow this is awesome keep up the good work
Guest chapter 18 . 12/17/2012
best ever gorillaz fic! :O spent all night reading!
Guest chapter 18 . 11/16/2012
This was amazing! Vividly written, original, and Murdoc was just . . . wow! The dynamic between him and Pris was electrifying.
Requests you say? More young Murdoc! I'm addicted!
sweetcherrycandy chapter 18 . 6/28/2012
Oh my goodness! o: I love it! :D

I like the bit where Hans shoves the fag into Mudz' eye. I know that sounds rather mean, but it's just a good way to show how Murdoc's eye is the way it is, y'know? It really ties together with the actual Gorillaz, and the story, and all. You, as always, have greatly impressed me, and inspired me in more ways than one. Too bad this all over... :c but all adventures must come to an end. I've had a wonderful experience reading this, and can't wait for what you have planned out in the future. c: You, my friend, have TRUE talent that will go far one of these days, and I'll hopefully be there to experience it. You ever thought about writing a book, girly? If you ever get the idea to, let me know, all right? :D

Keep writing! I dunno what exactly, but just keep doing it forever and ever and ever! Make me proud! :D

Well, this review must sadly come to an end. Once again, loved the chapter and the story. The whole thing was just gorgeous! Definately one of the best Fanfics I have ever read!(: Good luck, my darling. :3 Hugs! Kisses!


-Cherry.c; x
xPenguinxDreamsx chapter 1 . 6/25/2012

Im gonna miss her so much. She's like an actual part of the gorillaz fandom now. To me anyways. Shes pretty much canon. She was perfect. I honestly was a bit in lurve with her. ;)

BRAVO SWAN-SCONES, for the best written fanfiction in the fandom! BRAVO SWAN-SCONES for the most lovable, realistic, Mary-Sue-Murderer, f-ed up, BEST MADE/CRAFTED OC in the entire history of gorillaz fic! BRAVO SWAN-SCONES for giving us fanz months of amazing writing! BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO LADY!

I'd die to hear more of Mis Pris, but if not, I'm proud to have luveed this fic from the beginning to the end and ill continue to love it as long as im on ff. :)
MaffyUndead chapter 18 . 6/20/2012
Wow, loved every chapter :]
cherry-magpie-x chapter 18 . 6/18/2012

Sigh. I suppose since it IS over, I can sob out a review.

THIS IS FABULOUS AND I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! You've completed your first chaptered fic which is a big milestone for ANYONE, but not only that, it is mind-blowingly fabulous! This is just a perfect ending - well not perfect for the characters but for the readers, anyway - and the perfect crescendo for the whole fic. Firstly, Hannibal was fantastic - that cold, almost murderous detachment, and then the anger, just - asdloiahgpsh. And MURDOC, poor bb! Though I have to say, out of it all, I do feel sorry for Pris. You handled the rape very delicately, which is something some writers twice your age can't do, and that was wonderful. She stayed true to her characterisation till the end, which was what sort of MADE the end all the more heartbreaking - that line about cutting her hair, god, the tears in my eyes :'( The dialogue, the interaction, the eventual resolution of the whole thing - and even the Paula Cracker cameo - all of it was just the best, the most wonderful, the... I have no more words. I'll miss this fic almost more than I can say, it's become such a light, such a mainstay in my life - I almost felt as if I knew the characters really, as if they really existed, were my friends, and that's just a mark of how good you are. Ok. I'm going to go and cry about the fact that Hopscotch has run its course now. But I AM SO PROUD. Well done again, lovely girl!
LookingGlassKid chapter 17 . 3/27/2012
I'm not so much of a Murdoc fan, but this. This is amazing! You have converted me to the ways of Murdoc-ism, and next to nawt makes me change my mind .

Keep up the wonderful work!
sweetcherrycandy chapter 17 . 3/4/2012
Hiya! :D

so sorry i haven't been here to review for, what, the last two chapters? SO SOWWY! Dx

I'VE MISSED YOUR WRITING SO MUCH! it's just so darn... brilliant! gorgeous! PERFECT! it's PERFECTION! :D oh Goddddd, if i'm about to have a panic attack if i don't start writing write now... you are just so inspiring! GAH!

OMG! Murdoc... Pris... BED! GAH! So... AGH! i'm about to start screaming my head off! FINALLY! it happens! i knew it would happen! i was right! - poor Hans... he's gunna murder the both of 'em. they'll probably wish they would've been that poor bunny instead. :c (RIP BUNNY!) or will they? o:

knowing Hans, they probably will.

gah! such beautiful details, writing, and... and... EVERYTHING! i just can't wait for an update! :D again, sorry i wasn't able to review for the past two or three chappies. but still can't wait for that update! :D

good luck! :D

Coy Fish chapter 17 . 2/14/2012
I will admit, I feel just a tad bit dirty after reading this chapter (Which I loved). You can just feel the tension building towards that absolute breaking point. There's something about their general teenage angst that makes me reminisce about that age (although it wasn't that long ago), it makes me sympathetic and that shows what an excellent writer you are.
cherry-magpie-x chapter 17 . 1/31/2012

I'm never usually so ineloquent, but holy - blimey!

That was fantastic, as usual, Soph. Sometimes it's hard to believe that you're still only 17, you're just too worldly-wise and clever and GOOD. And yes, it all was vaguely disturbing - Murdoc and his deliberations about rape, for instance, were a little bit unnerving, although also just serving as a reminder that he is kind of still a little boy. But there was something so oddly, I don't know, beautiful about it once it really started - and when I recognised that it was the original prologue, well But seriously. As disturbing as the bit with Pris and Murdoc was, it was also just kind of... I don't know. Lovely. In a disturbing way, obviously. Their characterisation was perfect, as per usual, you gem.

However, the bit that DID really unsettle me was the bit with the rabbit. Poor rabbit! Poor Murdoc... Poor Hans, to be honest. I feel sorry for him, really I do, even if he is a sadistic bastard. But his mentality, and his thoughts and feelings, are portrayed so wonderfully that you really can't help but sympathise and sort of, like him, or at least I can. Yet again, puddin', you've pulled it out of the bag. Like magic. Like a rabbit from a hat... Hopefully live!

(Sorry, awful joke. I'll stick to the day job, eh?)

Anyway, great great great WONDERFUL update from a great great great WONDERFUL writer and I'm so insanely buzzing out my tree for more. Whenever it arrives, I shall surely implode.

PandaLove01 chapter 17 . 1/24/2012
brilliant! bjdckjjdcdjdjd
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