Reviews for School For Scandal
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 25 . 10/25/2013
I really hate fake friends. And PARENTS that act like fake friends are worse. Your child is a disappointment, is pathetic, is a disgrace, because they lost a FOOTBALL GAME? And this is why some people shouldn't have kids. They don't deserve them. Instead of lifting them up with praise and speeches of effort, they condemn them and give them self esteem issues and mental disorders that cause them to act out and poison other people in their wake.

Mr. Watson never hit John before, but after last game he damn near strangled him. Abuse is abuse is abuse.

Ah. Now John is feeling the brunt of the withdrawal.

I don't understand. This is John's final year at Redverse. And Harvey has decided to be magnanimous and allow John to remain at school after Marty usurps his position? What, would they throw him out in his final term just because he wasn't captain anymore? It's finals time. School sounds like it's almost over anyway.

A recorded kiss. Point, Moriarty. Game. Set. Match.
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 24 . 10/25/2013
Please don't make Marty the new captain. That would pain me. And I'm think Marty knows about him and Sherlock. (Frankly, if John finds out Marty knows, he may stop holding back on pounding the boy's face in for all his ill treatment of Sherlock. Luckily, he doesn't know about the latest two. Though why a bruise has not developed from when Marty punched Sherlock and why John has not seen it yet is beyond me. I guess you forgot about it.)

Ben is his most loyal friend. I hope he keeps him. Though I doubt that will be the case when the thing with him and Sherlock comes out.

And this is why I don't like his father. If hate wasn't so strong a word, I'd use it. We'll go with despise. He just man-handled my man. Man. Handled. I had to stop reading to wrap my head around that. Then had the bloody nerve to tell him if he messed this up for HIM, that John may as well not come home. Frankly, I think he should have been left home long ago as Harry obviously did. Heck. He could have moved in with her. I'd be damned if I'm staying in a house with a father that loves my imaginary future more than he does me. And then abuses me for it? Screw the hell out of that.

And how did John not assume they were going to usurp his position? I thought that had been very well implied from the beginning of the chapter: “I’m still the captain. We’ll play by my rules until that changes.”

.Y. He won't be the captain much longer, mark my words. I think they may even kick him off the team.

I could literally never write James this well.

Jim made Hurst disappear. My my.

John knows good and gosh darn well that those friends and that team is not who he is. He hates football. His friends constantly annoy him, though he does take some pleasure in their company. If he happened to lose his captaincy, it would be very little short of a blessing. He could stop doing something he hates, for one. He could probably avoid poisonous company as a result for two.

E tu, Billy?

Oh John. If he'd realized those idiots weren't his friend long ago, like his mother knew, like Sherlock knew, he wouldn't be hurting so badly. [ But keep Ben. Despite his gay hate, I like him.

I really need someone to handle Marty. He’s on my nerves.

Oh. My. Gosh. Now they've both been kissed by an outsider. Damn. I wonder if he'll tell John.
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 23 . 10/25/2013
My my. Just what does James have on Hurst? 3 Manipulating teaches. My goodness. So bold, that one.

I'm going to need that entire football team to man the hell up. Marty don't run shit. He's not even the captain. Being the most prone to violence does not give him automatic respect. And if enough people would stand up to him, it wouldn't even guarantee that everyone would cower in fear of him.

Please let him walk in on Marty doing it with James. . Anyway, my point is further proved. Why does John need to tell Marty specifically that he's leaving? He told Ben. He could have even told the entire group of his teammates standing downstairs. For what reason does Marty need to know?

I KNEW IT! Point. Set and match.

Now Sherlock is pissing me off. Punch him in the fucking face! He is ruining MONTHS worth of work! Months! Kick him in the balls! Whatever you gotta do. This cannot continue. CANNOT!

Bravo! I like the retaliation. But retaliating and then turning your back on your enemy is stupid. If he thought Marty was just going to stand for himself getting punch, Sherlock was solely mistaken.

Oh my. Jim's got them now. And frankly, I think Sherlock should have punched him, too. Not that it would have done a great deal, but it might have let off a smidge of steam. Still. Jim knows. They're screwed.

Like blood into water. Interesting visual.
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 22 . 10/25/2013
Why did John have Sherlock's phone to begin with?

"Why won't you be my friend?" I can honestly see him saying that to Sherlock. xD!

Ooh. I like high school James. Just as crazy as full grown James.

How what, Sherlock? How had they destroyed your door? By taking a knife to it. How did they know you were really gay? You had loud sex in your room in broad daylight with everyone awake and active and milling about. You were heard.

"I think a more pressing question is why you have my phone in your pocket." Thank. You. My question. And as it appears that John did not originally have it in some fluke as was my original thought, then James stole it. And likely broke into it. And very likely went through the texts, calls, and pictures. We're in trouble.

I think Hurst might be gay. I think that's why he's so affected by Sherlock's troubles.

I missed the reason for Marty's violence. I assume it will be revealed to us.

Shit. Best birthday gift I've seen in awhile.

I honestly think Marty’s gay, too.
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 21 . 10/25/2013
I haven't written a Sherlock fic yet, but I imagine James would be a nightmare to write. And no worries. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, with a sex drive is crushing on Jim. How can we not?

"Fixed point iteration," Jim said from beside him, breaking violently into his thoughts. "How quaint. Do we get to do fractions too?" LOL! As someone with a Bachelor's in Math, I couldn't quite call it as pointless as Sherlock deems it. But this line had me laughing.

Ah. I'm loving Jim already. He's of course, one of my favorite characters in general.

"He had an expensive looking silver watch on one wrist and was wearing the school's blazer. Something very few boys did unless they had an insatiable desire to get beaten up." I want someone to try to beat up James Moriarty. Try. It. See if you don't get handled where you stand.

Jim would have some ideas to change the school. Day one and already decided he's running shit.

Why is it that everyone in John's clique thinks they run each other? Everyone is afraid of Marty. Marty and Billy are the biggest douche bags. Ben seems to most level-headed, but still tries to steer John around. And John puts up with all of it and only really gets in charge on the football field. They are a very dysfunctional group. And now James has come along about to stir shit all the way up.

"I don't want being away from you to get easier." This is a perfect sentiment.

Sex in the middle of the day with people right outside your room. Daredevils.

Wouldn't it be something if James was Sherlock's new roommate? xD!

Billy hurt Jim. I suspect Billy to not be 100% healthy and fit very soon.

John is going to give them away. He has GOT to learn to control that flush of his. But it's probably already too late to hide from James.

And didn't I just say that Billy was going to get it. Ah Jim. Making his mark already.
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 20 . 10/25/2013
You just know Sherlock is going to steal John's med school app, likely fill it out, and send it in without ever telling John about it. That's going to cause a shit storm.

This is the second fic I've read recently where they've had to hide their relationship. Each time it tormented Sherlock to pretend they were less than they are. Ugh. Stop. It hurts. x.x

Why do I get the feeling that John's father is going to be the one that outs them?

Sherlock could drown them all with the juicy details of his holidays.

Oh my. I hadn't expected you to bring him on. Especially not this late in the game. SO anxious to see what part he will play. Now I think he'll be the reason the boys get outed. If he doesn't destroy their relationship first.
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 19 . 10/25/2013
Honestly, you don't have to apologize for length. You do have a lot going on here, but none of it is superfluous. You don't get too wordy as so many people do. It flows. And frankly, a word count of over 200K is quite impressive (to me, at least). I suppose it might intimidate some others, but frankly, a good few thousand of those words are your author notes.

Oooh! Fluff! I like fluff. And I'm sure even if your fluff is a bit too sweet, it'll be nothing like some story I just tried to read. That seemed to be 20 odd chapters of saccharine. I think I made it to 7. But when every chapter is pure sugar and plot is nonexistent, it gets to be too much.

Hopefully the only thing he left at Sherlock's was that Christmas gift. That is something he will NEVER live down should it be discovered.

Yeah. Sherlock made it worse.

That scene is confusing. First Sherlock is touched by a cold hand on his arm where he sleeps on the floor of John's room, but apparently John is still in bed. Unless John's house has phantoms, this is a problem. Then Sherlock can feel John's heat through the covers when he apparently slipped beneath the covers himself when he climbed into John's bed.

'"I don't know how we're ever going to get past this if you can't just let it go," John said softly, sounding breathless with hurt.' John must be kidding. Sure, we can hope that in time Sherlock can forgive and maybe forget that the boy he is in love with was caught kissing the older brother he can barely stand. But that's IN TIME! John expects Sherlock to have gotten over it when it just happened LAST NIGHT?! He's mad! He should be happy that Sherlock doesn't cringe away from even touching him. Were I Sherlock, I'd shy away from the thought of kissing him and his touch would revile me. At least Sherlock still wants the boy. I'd need time to recover from the hurt and disgust. And John is plenty bold. He went from, "please, don't leave me," to "suck it up and move on."

Angela Watson is my new favorite character. Weaknesses aside. "Are you or are you not sleeping with my son?" xD! Besides, she actually wants what John wants. (And honestly, what parent wants their child to be a football star over a doctor? Really. Though I suppose football pays better in the short term.)

I'm glad they're getting over what happened, even if the emotions are all just jumbled up in there.
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 18 . 10/25/2013
I honestly don't understand your Mycroft. And he is the only Mycroft in the various Johnlock fics I've read that I just don't like. That's sad, as he's generally one of my favorite characters. Say what he wants, he has nothing of Sherlock's best interests at heart. He wants him cold, unfeeling, detached. What's wrong with wanting him to have someone that loves him, that can open him up, make him stop destroying himself? No, I don't care for your Mycroft at all.

My goodness. Sherlock is such the jealous type.

"No, Sherlock did own him. Not like a toy or a possession. He wasn't one of Sherlock's things, but they did own each other. They were connected. They possessed each other like every person possessed a brain- or a soul." This is the sexiest thing you've said all story. I am in awe of its perfection.

"When we first got together," Sherlock said, his voice shuddering with the effort not to scream at him, "you told me that if I ever hurt you, you would leave me." I am so glad this has been recalled, and that it seems to be the two way street. Finally.

Um, John did not kiss Mycroft. John was assaulted. John tried to say "stop." John tried to push Mycroft away. And even if John did not succeed, the attempt was there. John is not faultless, though. Sherlock warned him repeatedly to be careful, to watch his drink. If that pissed John off to the point that he overindulged instead, then he can blame his own pride. My point is that John was not really unfaithful, harmless flirt with random boy...mostly aside (honestly, that'd have made me jealous, too. Which is why I won't be going to any clubs with my boyfriend. It can't end well.).

I'm surprised John didn't sleep his hangover away in the car. I distinctly remember that when they left school, you mentioned that John had a tendency to fall asleep almost immediately while riding in cars. Twenty minutes is plenty of time.

That was QUITE the first impression.
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 17 . 10/25/2013
And to think, his family was right downstairs. EVERYONE knows what they were doing.
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 16 . 10/25/2013
"He dreaded the possibility that John was just bored of him, that he had never felt any particularly strong regard for him and when they returned to Redverse everything would revert back to the way it was. Sherlock lusting after John from afar and John oblivious. Well, not so oblivious anymore. And that was the worst part." Congratulations. I think this was my first heart clench of the story. Painful idea, that.

Whhhyyyyyy would Mycroft do that? .

Lol. Quite a turn up. And they're in London. SOMEWHERE has to be open. Screw the expensive cab. Get to walking to a corner store.
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 15 . 10/25/2013
I really do wonder what Sherlock's problem is with Mycroft. Frankly, I'm getting some rather incestuous vibes and I pray that is not the case.

I don't blame Sherlock in the least. John is full of alcohol and has indeed been affected by Mycroft's behavior. Sure, he wants Sherlock, and granted, he might just be ready, but shouldn't that decision be made when he's not tipsy/drunk? Yes. It should.
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 14 . 10/25/2013
Seriously. Isn't his roommate Ben?

I feel like this isn't the first time John left red welts on Sherlock. I'm sorry. Who sees hickeys on Sherlock and just doesn't comment on it?

Uh oh. I see where this is going. John lied about whatever Mary said so Sherlock feels justified in lying, by omission, about the play.

"a library, which had long since been commandeered as Mycroft's personal living space." E gads. Can I commandeer a library for MY personal living quarters, please? O.O

Lol. Mycroft is terrible. xD!
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 13 . 10/25/2013
I'm sure John is a key player, but one person hardly, and I do mean hardly, makes a team. So I expect everyone to not solely blame him. Sounded like only one goal was scored and the only Redverse team member of note was the goalie.

"He turned onto his stomach for easily the hundredth time that night and stared across to Billy's digital clock on the windowsill." Isn't he roommates with Ben, not Billy?

"he held out a hand and palmed Sherlock's sex between his fingers." I'm not sure you can palm something between your fingers.

Well. That was hot. And I'm glad they're willing to wait.
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 12 . 10/25/2013
Lol. Over a week since your last update. Talk to me when you hit the 3 month mark. That's guilt. x.x

A pile of junk, including cigarette packs? Uh oh. Harvey found John's magazine. I TOLD him to burn it, but noooo.

And why are they acting like Sherlock is the only gay one in an all boys' school? Being surrounded by so many of them, several of them are just likely to turn out, whether they actually come out or not.

I also told Sherlock he would indeed get hit. See. I know best.

Sherlock is faced with haters on all sides. They don't like him because he's brilliant. It's not like he's done anything to them, besides perhaps pointing out a few unflattering facts. But for them to torment him for years because of their own inadequacies. It's ridiculous. He doesn't talk to anyone. Keeps to himself. Eats by himself. Stays buried in books (which we haven't addressed in awhile). He does nothing to anyone so they call him gay (with clearly no grounds, though there are plenty) and that's all they can say against him. Frankly, they all need to get a life.

Sure Sherlock isn't afraid of Marty, but he also clearly isn't stronger than Marty. Or as irrationally insane or violent. Marty can and will hurt him. Badly. And John better man the fuck up sooner rather than later. My pity for him is nil. He's going to quietly stand by as Sherlock is beaten. If he lets that happen, I will hate him.
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 11 . 10/25/2013
"As the due date for the rough draft drew closer, all English classes were devoted to writing their play." Surely not everyone chose a play. They had the option of a video among several other things. A play would be one of the harder options whereas a video takes very little effort if they don't care how it really turns out. Just push record and make some basic story.

So now Hurst wants to do something. And expects John to act in such a way that he, himself, hasn't clearly for at least two years. Tell me, did Hurst once scold Marty for calling Sherlock gay, faggot, cunt, all that other crap? Have any of the other teachers? Because I haven't seen it. And now he wants to condemn John for failing to prevent what might have become a fight? Glass. Houses.

"You two can have the empty classroom down the hall." Why are they getting their own classroom when it sounds like everyone else is still in the main one?

"He was still not quite sure of what he was going to say./...He had decided what he was going to say hours beforehand," Again. Completely contradictory.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like Sherlock's personality has changed. I can't explain how, I just feel like it has.

"He had a couple of days to finish the storyline but no words seemed to want to come to him./He would write a few paragraphs and then delete them. And that happened again and again." Again, contradictory. When no words come to me, I get no words. Not several paragraphs' worth again and again.

"But if you ever hurt me, I'll leave you," Let's keep this in mind and make it a two way street, shall we? Because I will bet my bottom dollar that John is going to hurt Sherlock, badly, before this is over and done with.

John's red pants. x3 Okay. I'm done.

My my. John's first blow job. And an unlocked door. My goodness. I'm frankly surprised they weren't caught with Sherlock encouraging John to make noise.
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