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ShyPenuin chapter 30 . 2/6/2014
like always I loved your fan fiction. I was well written with an entertaining plot. Keep you the great work and I cant wait to read the next one. :)
animeyaoikid chapter 30 . 9/26/2013
Okay, I was listening to "I See the Light" from Tangled while I was reading this chapter, and just as it said "bright orange" during the sunrise scene, the song went into the climactic bit where both of them are singing together for the first time throughout the song and it says "and at last I see the light". It happened right then, and it was beautiful. I think I just experienced fate through fanfiction.
ForeshadowedFate chapter 30 . 5/29/2013
Though I adore the first 3 fics in this series because of the suspense and drama, this one was a nice change-up because it seemed to be much more relaxed and easygoing than STTA, PIAT, and ITN. I was half-expecting either one of them to start a case while on vacation or be pulled back to Japan for an emergency, but luckily, that didn't happen. I was also glad to see that they finally got over their separate traumatic experiences, as well (for the most part, anyway).

I think one of my favorite things was the whole idea of them being together in Florida in the first place. It was so exotic and crazy that I found every single thing they did very interesting, whether they were sightseeing at Epcot's World Showcase, abusing each other in the various theme parks, or just relaxing back at their (very nice) hotel. I finished this story up last weekend while on vacation at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH, and even though I had a TON of fun riding the bigass rollercoasters, I was still jealous of L and Light's adventure in Orlando! I can relate to L being an adrenaline junkie, because the second I get to an amusement park, I'm like, "Okay, where's the biggest rollercoaster here? I'm totally riding that shit." XD

I went to Disney World once, though it was less than 3 days in Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. Kind of like L, I was sort of skeptical at first, thinking it to be a place just for little kids. God, was I WRONG! It was probably the coolest amusement park I'd ever been to. I'd give anything to go there again, except for much longer and with more money on me this time. Lol. Oh, nostalgia... Anyway, much of what you described in the story were parts of the park I didn't get around to seeing, so I'll just have to go off of your descriptions of them. However, the ones that I did go to that you included, such as parts of the World Showcase, the Rock 'n' Rollercoaster, Space Mountain, and a few other parts of Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom, were described very accurately to my recollection. Whether you did that all off of memory or looked it up on the internet for reference, it made the story even better with the vivid descriptions of an actual theme park.

This story was very fun, and though not as suspenseful as the first three, just as entertaining. I'll admit that the very first thing I ever read by you was Obsessed, which I got at least 9 chapters into before I realized that it was a sequel to 4 other fics in a series. Lol, hopefully I don't remember anything about it before I begin reading it. Keep up the great work!

-P.S. I liked the cover image you chose for this story. Fits it nicely. ;)
Decadent Lover chapter 25 . 3/1/2013
The part where L got made at Light for the mouse ears and dumped ice water on him was really funny. lol
Neko86 chapter 30 . 12/28/2012
Very nice, as usual))))))))))))) Thanks a lot - really enjoyed it))))
What bothers me though, are you planning to continue Obsessed, that follows right after this one? "cause I'm not about to start reading it, if you say no )))))
Aquacanis chapter 13 . 10/1/2012
I just want to say how much I'm enjoying this fic so far. I visited Disney World for the first time in my life last December and this has brought back so many memories. I hope I can visit there again someday!
Anyway, I love how you capture L and Light's relationship in your fics. They're all so beautifully written and I sure hope you continue to write more of them. :)
hudgens77 chapter 30 . 9/15/2012
Awwwwww! I loved it, girl! The end was so sweet and Watari's offer was just perfect. Is there gonna be a sequel? I really love your stories:)
Potions Failure chapter 30 . 9/8/2012
Awesome story. I can't wait for your next one!
SoShi Love x3 chapter 30 . 9/6/2012
Loved it! That's all I have to say.
Chellyisback chapter 30 . 9/3/2012
I never really tought about watari dieing, on the other hand...Light using butler clothers like Sebastian (kuroshitsuji)...*nosebleed* i just love this story
ejay1118 chapter 30 . 9/3/2012
Very very nice. For all that I didn't want this story to end, you certainly ended it well.

Nice touch have Watari approach Light with the prospect of filling in for him should he pass one.
Watari is an old man and it is certainly likely he's going to pass on before L. And I don't think even L is aware of how dependent he is on the thousand and one things Watari does without even thinking about it.

I was a little confused about one point. Do you have to go through customs upon LEAVING a country? I know Light and L had to go through customs coming TO America from Japan, but I wouldn't think they'd have to go through again until they hit Japan.

But that was nit-picking. This was an excellent ending to an excellent story.
OwlishEyesAndAvidQuill chapter 29 . 7/20/2012
OMG so brilliant! Can't wait for an update!
SoShi Love x3 chapter 29 . 6/23/2012
Ok. I found putting it all together first. But I didn't read it first. I read something to think about first. This was day before yesterday. After reading pitting it all together, I read into the night, and I just got done reading this too. Other than the seemingly random spelling and grammar mistakes, they were all very good reads. So good that I'll probably read the rest of your stuff, too. And there's still one more chapter of this to go, so I'm gonna put it on my alerts.

One thing I noticed though; if souvenirs were gotten for the rest of their little group/family, why were none gotten for the yagamis? They deserve presents too. Lol. Anyway, thanks for writing!
ejay1118 chapter 29 . 6/2/2012
Only one more chapter? Noooooooo!

Very nice. Very, Very nice. Makes me want to go through Epcot again!

Nice development of the characters as well BTW, L and Light are bonding as a couple. I'm very impressed with how this story has developed through all 29 chapters.
darkmoonfairy16 chapter 29 . 6/1/2012
Lol I loved L's bluntness toward the topic of past lovers. It is sad to see their holiday coming to an end
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