Reviews for backstage & behind the scenes
lilyflower34 chapter 1 . 2/13/2012
I seriously loved this. It was so romantic! Although I guess that was the whole point of the story...

Amazing writing!

Review my story if you get the chance? Thanks!

Guest chapter 1 . 6/17/2011
Louis is younger then Dominique.
fabricated fantasies chapter 1 . 3/25/2011
Alright, so I'm reviewing this as I go, so forgive me if it's a bit choppy, okay?

Right, so it's LouisNatalie! &hearts


Loved the little LouisandJamesandFred moment here - and Louis is adorably cocky here. "Look, can you do me a favour and make this quick? We all know I am meant for Gryffindor House." But I think you need a 'that' in there, as in "We all know [that] I am meant for Gryffindor House."


I love how you've characterised Natalie here - have you based her off yourself?

Louis seems considerably less confident in this scene, which I suppose is what you are going for, but I don't think that realistically she could have affected him so quickly, as they have just met... Unless there is something going on that's explained later?

And I assume Natalie is Padma's daughter, right? I can never remember.


We're seeing a whole bunch of different sides to Louis here, which I love - though halfway I forgot which pairing we were doing here, and got worried that Louis was going to take away Natalie xD

In the next scene, I'd really like to see all these aspects brought together, because in each scene he seems like a completely different person.

I love Lorcan here, though - he's very funny - and Natalie is very consistent, but I'm a bit worried that she's becoming a tad two dimensional.


"We're all naturally bad, Louis, especially wizards like us."

This confused me, completely and utterly. I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, so it's obviously some sort of fundamental deep thing I have no idea about... oh wait, actually, I sort of get it.

Anyway - more expansion of Natalie's character, making it ten times better, my love - and all the different pieces of Louis are being brought together, which is awesome


Aw, these two are adorable together! And I can really relate to the whole Merilyn sitch... I think everyone has met a Merilyn at least once in their life! And I loved the cheesy movie line! And I like how blunt they both are with each other - it really shows how close they are! And I was wondering when the Louis hotness would kick in!

Aliyah is very cute, and I love his awkwardness around her. But Louis has lost all his cockiness, and I would have liked to see a little more continuity in that... of course, life moves on and people change.


Love the FredJamesLouisHugo interaction here – and I love the continuity of their friendship shown in the first scene, with Hugo thrown into the mix. And you also explore the little theme of peer pressure you’ve got here very well.


Alright – so it still isn’t letting me type it out properly, so I’ll have to cut this review short… sorry love

So… little random things I loved:

YAY! A mention of Aquarius!

“She says yes to anything with a heartbeat, Louis." Is this based off your Aquarius, or my version?



Erk, a DomScor reference… xD

A good explanation for why there is a ball – and I’m so glad it isn’t because it’s Halloween! But “you must attend with a dance partner from another house” – Both Louis and Natalie go with people from their own house.

YAY! A DomLouis interaction! AND SHE’S A SLYTHERIN! &hearts

DOUBLE YAY! A LouisNatalie kiss – ooh, wait – TWO LouisNatalie kisses!

I think it’s a bit of an over-reaction for Natalie to have left school completely; avoid him, maybe, but I got the sense that she loves schoolwork too much to do that.

I loved the continuity here – her looking for her dad is the cherry on top of the ice-cream cake of their relationship and friendship.

Well, Mad – it took me about an hour, spread over two days, for me to get this review to you! So I hope I helped and flattered you enough )

Great job, love – really great job!
kingslayers chapter 1 . 3/24/2011

This was so nice! I read it the whole way to school ;) on my iPod, it was fun! But I couldn't review, i had no internet :[


I liked your characterisations. Louis was veryveryvery lovable, and not just for us fanatics ;)

Natalie was harder to warm too, but I think that was mainly because Louis was oh-so-in-love-with-her, and she oh-sobelonged-with/needed-him, but she. wouldn't. do. a. damn. thing. about IT!

Yeesh. Okay, rant at the luckiness and far-too-rational parts of Natalie over ;)

I think that her rationality was just perfect. It was enough to completely antagonise the reader (ME!) but it wasn't sosososososo rational that she couldn't accept Louis, or so rational that the ending was stiff. It just kinda.. flowed.

And here is my reprimands to the characters (sorry, can't resist! XD):

Hugo - why, oh why would you tag along with James? He's only going to mould you ;)but otherwise, you were a sweetie

James - Dude. EVERYONE could tell by that point that it wasn't just Natale & Louis: Best Frieds. It was soso obvious that it was Louis&Natalie: MeantToBe, Forever&Ever. So why would you flirt with her? Apart from that, you're amy-zhie-ing

Fred - Bro, CONTROL JAMESIE! Someone's gotta do it ;)

Natalie - Love ain't about rationalreasons, and coolcoollogic, little Ravenclaw. It's about being yourself, and loving him for no more reasons than he was he and you were you. Love without reason is the best kind.

Louis - I'm sorry. I'm sure you're not a bad kisser, she's just... terrified. That's why she runs away when you kiss her ]And I love your cloudgazing skills. They rock. Just sayin'

LORCAN - YOU BAD, BA BOY! You ditched Natalie and Louis for an eleven year old and her cousin? Sigh. Okay, better friendships expected next time! tut tut tut.. but make sure you propose in a perfec way.

Aliyah - Sweetie, you were adorable. I gotta ask, did Natalie or someone tell you that you had a chance with Louis? Because where did you get that idea? And why were you hurt?

Merilyn - Merlin, you need a hobby. That doesn't involve kissing, pissing off Weasleys or hitting on Lysander/Scorpius/all the cool boys who belong to someone awesome.

Seriously, yo. It was amy-zhie-ingly perfect to read XD

justalittle l o o n y chapter 1 . 3/23/2011
Oh Mad... I'm so proud of you (and certainly not proud of myself, because I just misspelled proud about 5 times) for finishing this 10k! Natalie and Louis went marvelously together, and you wrote him adorably. I loved how compatible they were, they simply clicked in my mind. Am I the only one who is slightly shipping JamesJanelle in my mind?
verity candor chapter 1 . 3/23/2011
Mad - I liked this soooo much.

Your Natalie was wonderful, and I loved how well you developed their relationship - it was wonderful and believable and very, very sweet.

Louis was hilarious - his viewpoint was fabulously done, and I think you did a good job showing that awkward stage where you are in-between friendship and romance.

I think the last bit, when Natalie runs off and then they find one another again should have been longer - I want to read more about them legitimately creating a relationship! You spend so much time showing their friendship, that now I want a sequel about what happens afterward! /begging

Overall, great job, though!