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X-san chapter 1 . 12/29/2014
I've not learnt about KDZ manga until recently. Thank you for spreading the joy. It's a nice surprise to know that your favorite character has undergone considerable evolution. Akira/Goki has never been given the real spotlight in the anime, yet he is undoubtedly a paradigm of righteousness and perfection, as seen in the original manga.
Nikki chapter 1 . 5/25/2013
EXCELLENT piece of analysis.
Well done, Azu-chan.;)
Erameris chapter 1 . 3/24/2013
About the manga and anime differences

I completely agree on the dissapointing differences between the manga and the anime.

First of all I must point out that I’ve only read the translated chapters of the manga, and you already know there isn’t a complete and accurate translation to date. The rest of the chapters I’ve seen and flipped through the pages, of the chinese version.

Despite of this I can clearly see that Zenki in the manga is more considerate and not such a jerk like in the anime, where he’s practically devoid of any feelings for the sake of exacerbating the simple minded side of him, that revolves around the seeds and the seeds alone. This comes in detriment of Zenki’s character development, making him nothing more than an accessory to Chiaki. He has relevance only during fights and is not even given screen time outside of that. Which, btw, takes away from them all the “pairing potential” that may have taken place during the first season, making the all ZenxChi idea nothing more than a whim of the fans that can’t conceive a story where there’s nothing romantic going on between the two main protagonists. Which, unfortunately, I have the impression are the majority.

In general the second season is the worst of the anime, unfortunately this is when Goki appears. Which means that, unlike Zenki who at least got some decent moments during season 1, Goki wasn’t even given a chance to shine. He’s not developed at all, both guardians have little relevance during the second season and many things about Zenki and Goki’s nature, as well as other things that happen in the anime, are not explained at all. I see big plot holes there.
And don’t get me started on the end when Chiaki entrusts the fate of humanity to Zenki’s desire of beating Inugami, THAT IS NONSENSE. Not only that Chiaki should know better but also that GOKI SHOULD KNOW BETTER than to let them do such a stupid thing. And I say this because Goki is supposed to be the second in command among the guardians, if Ozunu and Vasara are not there to lead then he should at least advice Chiaki on the right course of action to take.

About Zenki and Goki’s strength

About your assumption that Goki is stronger than Zenki, it makes sense to me and I think that would be really cool because it justifies many things in the dynamic between them. I think Goki is stronger and Zenki secretly respects him for that.

At this point I’m stopping again to make clear I’m a fan of both guardians, I have always been a fan of both, not just now. What changed lately is that, thanks to you, I know them better and like them more for that.
I said it makes sense to me because I don’t think Zenki HAS TO BE the strongest just because he’s the main focus of the story, or at least b/c it’s named after him. In fact, it’s more interesting if he isn't, then Zenki’s behaviour and frenetic attempts to prove himself the strongest have grounds... that he’s not the strongest and he can’t bear this, so he tries to change his situation by fighting like a possessed demon, like he always does.
I don’t think he even has to be the strongest of Ozunu’s guardians in order to be a valuable member of the “squad”. I think Zenki clearly isn’t the strongest and yet he is an important part of the team because he’s unwavering until the last consequence and follows the Seeds like a hound.
Goki on the other hand is more on the leading side, he has more responsibilities than Zenki. He not only fights, but also protects, and knows the nature of his demon comrades very well and, therefore, how to handle them. In this part I’m only guessing but, considering Goki’s unconditional loyalty and irreproachable behavior, I assume Ozunu trust a lot in him. And this may be one of the reasons Ozunu didn’t seal Goki, like you mentioned, many critical things in the story wouldn't have happened without Goki’s intervention. I think maybe one of his responsibilities in this era is to make sure the secret knowledge of Ozunu is preserved and passed onto Chiaki. If this is true, then Goki’s role will be a lot more relevant now because he’s pretty much in charge of “babysitting” Zenki and making sure the inexperienced Chiaki follows the right path and reachs out to her full potential.

To be continued.
RedWingedAngel002 chapter 1 . 9/4/2012
Dammmmn, my friend, that was brilliant! I really need to reread the manga with new eyes. Thank you for sharing! :D I can just see the passion of this, from you.
Mr X chapter 1 . 1/30/2012
This is an excellent thorough analysis of the best male protagonist in Zenki series. Akira/Goki will be touched to know a fangirl who could understand him deeply like you because thanks to you I realize several of my mistakes and now I'm his supporter!
Crystalwhisper chapter 1 . 12/23/2011
Well, on the technical side: This is a very good piece of persuasive text. You have, be it purposefully or unknowingly, used many techniques of persuasion. And your thoughts and points of view are extremely well supported with valid reasons. Great job! :D (You really notice some stuff that I don't!)

I loved the way you defended Akira/Goki! You seriously did him justice! I'm not exactly disappointed on the anime, I was just kind of shocked. Still, anime is better than manga because of thefact that it's animated, isn't it? ;-)

I think that the pairing should be Zenki/Chiaki/Goki, though. Chiaki does seem to care about Zenki pretty much. But I have to say that you're right, maybe it's just mutual affection as with Zenki. (And on some ocassions, Zenki saves Chiaki solely because she's the only peraon who can change him back-the first few eps show that. And he's never completely loyal.) XP

Also, I'm still desperately clinging on to the hope that the manga series will continue. :'(

Overall, awesome analysis and personal thoughts!
Yuna chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
I love this essay. Wellwritten and purely amazing, it made my feelings for Goki propel incalculable distances.
Fukue chapter 1 . 9/10/2011
Great work of an essay. I appreciate what you feel about Goki since he has the tendency to be so much greater in the manga in comparison to the anime. It's good to see such a devoted Kishin doji Zenki fan like you nowadays. ChiakixGoki just ROCK the world!:thumb:
Iespan chapter 1 . 7/6/2011
Haven been a fan of your fic there!I believe this essay is quite amazing and detailed,you did change the readers' view in such a nice way. Congrats!
Goddess Rhiannon chapter 1 . 6/7/2011

I've just finish reading you essay about Akira/Goki, it's really well-written and neat! I could never write like that in English! XD

I love the manga much more than the anime too, although I must say Goki was never one of my favourites, I strongly believe you have a point. Indeed, I still like Zenki more, and the Chiaki/Zenki pairing, but that is MY point of you, of course XDD

It's a pitty that, as you mentioned, the end of the manga was so abrupt, I'd love to see more of it! *_* But not a chance I guess T_T

Again, great work!
Meicdon13 chapter 1 . 5/26/2011
I thought you might find this interesting XD

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I'd really love to read the manga to see how different it is from the anime, but I don't think it was ever scanlated or translated into English *sigh*
UzumakiHatake chapter 1 . 5/1/2011
Im so pleased to see someone stand out and defend such a good character as essay an' writing style and hope to read more from you.
Sanskrit chapter 1 . 4/28/2011
Really like the well-detailed writing style of never known the day when I can read a decent work dedicated for such a good character like Goki, dunno why few people were able to appreciate him like me n you for writing again.
Enma chapter 1 . 4/14/2011
Having watched the series I had long recognized Goki had a thing for Chiaki, but I could not find the courage to declare it because the Zenki/Chiaki fans were so your material I felt ashamed of myself...:( yes, he is so special because he can fight for love n peace. Thank you for broadening our mind.
Saeki-Yagami chapter 1 . 4/5/2011
Hi, Shuichi. It's me at last. I apologize for taking so long and for not replying sooner, but I've been very busy and haven't had the time to read this invaluable information. That's why I haven't updated my own fanfiction. I really REALLY appreciate all the time that you took to write this down (And translate it).

I must say that I'm baffled after learning so many things of which I didn't have a clue at all. I mean, the true Zenki story, the myth behind the Demon Lord is bigger and more extraordinary than I ever imagined.

I love the anime. I really do. Actually, it's my favorite anime of all time since the 2000, no matter how better it could've been. It really sucks that the storyline was altered just to appear more "mainstream", or more "easy to follow". It would be fantastic to make a reboot of the series and tell the REAL story without changing anything. Can you imagine a Zenki anime with the current technology? How awesome the special effects, the character design, the landscapes and everything else would be?

As you know, I used to see Goki as a minor hero, and I always focused on Zenki (I am a longtime fan of Zenki-Sama). Now, after reading your essay, my opinion about Goki has greatly changed. This will help me in my fanfiction, so I can develop it a whole lot better. Actually, it has changed some events and things that I had planned, but that will just make it fiercer, stronger and BETTER. And it is thanks to YOU. For anyone else who has read it, he or she knows that Goki hasn't had a significant role there YET. But, that will change in the subsequent chapters. Be prepared ;)

I still have many questions. I haven't read the whole manga, as you also know, since it's still being translated by some friends from Argentina. However, I still don't understand who Vasara really is. He was evil, but he's actually a demon lord, is he? (I hope I didn't screw up on that in my fanfic) Is he really an ally or an enemy? And what about the other warrior whose name I slightly remember (Correct me if I'm wrong, please) to be DOKUSHI?

Shuichi, if you could help me with those details, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks in advance.

I am downloading the goodies that you left here. I will soon be reading the fanfic, which I didn't know it existed on the website. He/she should include it in this space, which I originally requested to the administrators so I could develop my Zenki fanfictions (Yes, I have other stories planned for the future, but right now I'm focused on "Zenki: El Legado", or "The Legacy").

Hugs & kisses to you from here to Vietnam. I hope I can talk to you more frequently, because I have a lot to learn from you and it's great to find a true Zenki devoted fan in the world. That's why I love the internet!

Take care and again... THANK YOU for opening our eyes and for telling the truth about Zenki to the world )

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