Reviews for Arranging Love
IzzyLightwood chapter 3 . 3/16
I could so see tv sage wanting meridith and her not giving him anything
leni18 chapter 23 . 3/6
This was really a cool chapter. I was so worried that Bonnie and Damon wouldn't make it to the portal but thank god they did. And now they're with Mrs. Flowers, I'm actually pretty confident that they'll be alright for now.
I'm also glad that Sage doesn't think Damon is guilty of murdering his mother and I hope he and Stefan can find some proof for that.
Maybe if Meredith and Elena probe a bit more Caroline will tell them where Klaus is or what he has planned. I think by now she has clearly realized that she needs to get out this marriage for her own good. I don't know did Klaus want to keep her? And shouldn't people have noticed Katherine being gone by now?
Oh and since when did Bonnie and Damon try to make a baby, I know that was the plan all along but I didn't know they were actively trying. Thanks for updating ;)
celineb chapter 23 . 3/1
Beautiful as usual but had to wait too long for his chapert. Hopefully he next one will be quicker
Guest chapter 23 . 3/1
Um i believe Theophillia or something like that was real name, nice update.
MileyRowling chapter 23 . 3/2
Great work!
Sci-fi Christian chapter 23 . 3/1
Enjoyed this chapter! Loved Stefan asking for Sage's help! Really loved the Bamon moments! It was well worth the wait! Take as must time as you need! We'll wait as long as you need to! Great job! :)
Laughing Shadows6 chapter 23 . 3/1
Loved it:):):)
xXPrincess-of-DarknessxXx chapter 23 . 3/1
Aw I liked this chapter! It was great! Can't wait to read more (: I thought mrs flowers had a name but I'm not sure anymore anyway it's not much important. And the main couple was adorable (;
David Fishwick chapter 23 . 3/1
I liked how you wrote the conversation between stefan and sage about klaus in this chapter. What is going on with Caroline? As she does not seem very happy but she still wants to marry Klaus. I can't wait to see stefan and elena doing some sleuthing in the next chapter and please update soon thanks
Books and Roses 268 chapter 22 . 2/14
Will you finish this story or not?
duaa chapter 22 . 1/25
Stelena91 chapter 22 . 12/25/2014
Love it Update Soon
Rumzz chapter 22 . 12/17/2014
Plzzz update! I Can't wait
carola chapter 20 . 12/5/2014
favor actualizar pronto
19FOREVERandALWAYS99 chapter 22 . 12/7/2014
When are you going to update again? I can hardly wait for the next chapter!
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