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FireAngel5683 chapter 5 . 4/9/2013
Thats so funny lol i feel kind of bad for him
Aranna Undomiel chapter 12 . 8/13/2012
A relatively mild chapter compared to the others but somehow it really fit ;D Loved how Don had managed not only to rope the other CSI's into his scheme, but even the That's what I call determination ;P
Well, I really loved reading this, so thank you for writing this!
Aranna Undomiel chapter 11 . 6/9/2012
Great to see you came back to this story. This last prank was really clever, nearly snorted out my drink ;) Can't wait to see what Don has up his sleeve as
afrozenheart412 chapter 11 . 6/3/2012
Anything I can do to push for more, consider it done! This prank that Danny laid on was BEYOND BRILLIANT! Oh god, I nearly busted my computer chair when I fell backwards laughing! Don would make a lovely woman, his cheekbones and coloring...ugh I'd hate her already! :D Besides if its good enough for Patrick Swayze its good for him too!

Danny has every right to fear what may be coming, we all know that Don is a master of keeping Danny off balance, and I do see something brewing! Adam being afraid of Danny is hysterical especially since Mac knows nothing about this. Or does he? the man has sources that we can't even dream of but I think he went to Danny to see if he would come clean about what is going on.

More please, because I'm drooling over here to know what is going to happen! :D
afrozenheart412 chapter 10 . 6/3/2012
*sigh* All I can say is that I really wonder what is up with these two to do all of this to each other, I LOVE IT! Don creating a fake woman to lure Danny in, that is priceless! Though I do wonder what happened between the two while chatting, and knowing how racy Danny can sometimes be...if I can persuade you to make that a story in its self...I'd be your ever loving stalker! :D

But my favorite part is when Danny came out of the bathroom pulling his shirt on in front of Stella. Gah, to think she was gifted with that sight. LOL, the way Danny didn't care about his furniture makes me wonder what his old stuff looked like, I'm betting its stuff he's either taken from friends or found. Those poor girls, all they wanted to do was play Barbie! Kourtney, however, I'm a little suspicious of...did Don rope her into his pranks? I'll tell you my guesses now, the package contains either a teddy bear, LMAO, or a framed picture of her in lingerie. I'm dying to know what was in it! :D

And thank you, I do try to keep up with my stories but there are times when the muse doesn't work for me either. :)
Aranna Undomiel chapter 9 . 11/20/2011
You forgot the: 'No Teddy's were harmed in the making of this chapter' LOL

Well, not as hilarious as the chapters before, but very funny nonetheless ;D

Loved the teddywar and off course Mac's reaction to it. And Stella's ambush of Don ;)

Hope you'll find some inspiration soon!
afrozenheart412 chapter 9 . 11/15/2011
Oh my god, you had me laughing so hard throughout this that my dog is now scared of me! I love the head slapping, that was one of my favorite parts! Especially when Aiden kept getting Danny and Don got it twice from Stella, LMFAO! These men are smart and respected by the people they work with but when it comes to pranks...its so much fun to see them revert to high school or college. And what tickles my ribs the most is how Stella is upset that she wasn't asked to participate, gah ROTFLMFAO!

What greeted Danny in his bedroom and Mac walking in, is it bad that I want to see this on the show? Or something like this? I mean Don still has to get Lindsay back for the doll thing. Mac thinking that Danny is still suffering from the shooting and needing his bears only sent me over the edge again with laughter. *wipes the tears of laughter from my eyes* Priceless!

Don is so sweet, even though he did get Danny to sleep in the tub I thought it was very cool of him to make it comfy for his friend. He didn't have to do that...the teddy bear was a nice touch. Danny HANGING it was sick but I'm sure we'll see a smirk from Don about it in the morning. Heehee! I think Mac should play a prank on all four of them, show them who's the REAL PRANKSTER on the team! HA!

Favorite moment

"Hey, Danny, do you—" Mac's words hung in the air in front of him. His eyes took in the walls and the ceiling. Danny stood there in horror, praying pathetically that maybe Mac wouldn't see him, even though he was standing right there. You have to give the man credit, Danny thought. Other than a slightly wider opening of the eyes than was normal, you would not be able to tell by Mac's expression that he had just seen teddy bear posters plastered all over a grown man's bedroom.

His eyes finally fell on Danny. "Anything I should know about?"

In a deadpan voice, Danny said, "I've never seen these posters before in my life?" It was almost a question–of whether or not Mac would buy it...and Danny would lose a lot of respect for the man if he did.

"Danny, I know things have been tough over the last couple of months, but you know you can talk to me—"

Danny cut him off. "Look, Mac. I'm doing fine. I love my job, I love my life, I love the ladies. I think that about sums up the typical life-changing events. I'm not trying to get fired, I'm not suicidal, and I'm definitely not homosexual." Not coming up with any ideas on how he can reasonably explain away the teddy bear pictures, he opted for part of the truth. "It's just a joke Don decided to play on me, you know, to get me to liven up a little bit and not get so depressed about everything that's going on."

Mac nodded. "You should probably tell him to tone it down a little bit next time."

If Mac only knew the half of it...

Relieved that Mac wasn't taking a much more intense interest in the shenanigans of his employees, Danny replied, "Will do." Looking at the walls and ceiling, he said, "Uh, Mac. I don't suppose you know a way to get this stuff off?"

I lost it again with the whole I love the ladies line, Mwahahahaha!
lily moonlight chapter 8 . 8/25/2011
That was funny! Oh wow, I adore the image of a possibly naked Danny and then the clothing selection that Adam picks for him :D Great conversation, too, between Adam and Chad, and I liked also the little bit with Stella and Don before she heads to Mac's office. Great seeing Aiden also! I'd love to see a new chapter in the next few days!
afrozenheart412 chapter 8 . 8/25/2011
Mwhahahah! Never make a lady choke and inhale a citrus drink...the only thing worse than orange juice is lemonade, LOL. Everyone in here is perfect, you definitely captured their personalities. But it was the conversation between Adam and Chad that was my favorite, how could Adam not like to bowl? I guess the glowing pants do factor into it but I love how Adam had to ask why Chad has those pants. LOL!

As for dressing Danny in pink, how very October of you, I think he's manly enough to pull it off. But that is definitely a sight I would KILL to see, LMFAO!

My favorite moment

"Don decided to continue. "If we insist on revisiting our respective frat days, there are going to have to be some ground rules, primarily nothing that can get us arrested, fired, or evicted."

"Whatever," he grumbled. "Can I have my clothes now?"

Don threw the bag at Danny and turned around so his friend could get dressed in something close to privacy. "And, I want us to remain friends when all is said and done. I don't know about you, but I think we're flirting with disaster as it is."

Danny was dressed in record time, trying to force his anger to dissipate. Don had a point, especially now that Danny had a better understanding of how he might have felt the night before. Stuffing the rest of Don's prank back into his gym bag, he shoved it into his locker and pushed past the taller man to leave the room.

Both of the men were apprehended by Mac at the top of the stairs. Mac looked directly at Danny, down at his watch and back at Danny. Before Danny could say a word, Don spoke, "Sorry, Mac. Danny accidentally grabbed the wrong bag this morning in his rush out the door. I just managed to get here." Danny stared at Don in amazement, wondering why his friend was doing this after everything Danny had put him through the night before."

That was a funny yet touching moment between the two. Danny has to know that no matter what prank they pull on each other, Don would still have his back. :) On the updating, I'd rather wait so that way it won't be over too son. But either way, its your choice. :D
Aranna Undomiel chapter 8 . 8/24/2011
Decided to stop drinking too while reading this chapter ;p Would have loved to see Danny in that clothing combo, though I think my mind can come up with it

About updating, I don't mind waiting, it builds up the excitement for the next chapter, and hopefully in the mean time you'll be able to come up with some more fun things :D
Thorne Lockehart chapter 8 . 8/24/2011
Sooner, duh! Let me know if you're still stuck on pranks and I would be glad to help you out
afrozenheart412 chapter 7 . 7/14/2011
Oh that was beyond PERFECT for Danny after what he did to Don, pink is definitely his color...and with the nearly gave me a coronary with the way I was laughing, my friend! Gah, it is the perfect way of preparing for Lucy! Never mess with a Flack!

I adore Don's neighbor, Cordelia and her daughters, they were very cute! Yes, pranking is wrong and bad...but totally okay for grown ups is what they should have said. I've a feeling that she is going to have big trouble on her hands. As for Adam and Chad, LOVE THEM! I adore how Chad was rating Adam's dancing with those thumbs up. XD More please!
Thorne Lockehart chapter 7 . 7/13/2011
Ohhh, this was too funny! I love these two, they always crack me up! I know some good pranks, if you'd like a little help in that department...
Aranna Undomiel chapter 7 . 7/13/2011
Well, I don't know about you commmenting that you won't be able to keep up the high level for pranks, because I think this one was just as hilarious as the first one :D

The image of Don sitting with his weapon in front of the bathroom; Danny sleeping a bathtub; nearly walking into Mac and off course the pink girls clothes and Adam's reaction. Those were just priceless :D :D

Can't wait to see what more DOn has in store for
Wolfgirl818 chapter 6 . 7/12/2011
Your story is amazing! I laughed so loud at Danny's stunt my parents started yelling about the neighbours). I'm waiting in anticipation for the next chapter. Please hurry!
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