Reviews for Surviving Winter
wearethewitches chapter 21 . 1/1/2020
Epic fanfiction! There were so many moments when I was cringing away from McGee's pain and suffering. There was so much of it! Amazing writing!
FallenAngel218 chapter 21 . 6/20/2019
I've never laughed so hard at drunkenness before... this was a fitting ending to the story. Having Tim visit Franks was the perfect way to get his head on straight. Sitting in a hospital bed doesn't seem like it would've helped much.

Thanks for another great story! Keep writing!
FallenAngel218 chapter 7 . 6/20/2019
I'm stopping reading to leave you a review at this point, hazel. I am completely LOVING this fic. I can't wait to keep reading and see what happens!
Child of Jon Snow chapter 7 . 7/23/2018
The view switched !
Tims alive i know he is!
Also ut only chappie 7 thier are 22 he is alive!
He has to be.
tonkshamsandwich chapter 21 . 4/2/2015
Hah that ending! XD
ohmigosh I absolutely loved this fic :) read it all in one go today! My, what a whirlwind of emotions.. Winter was a cruel bastard! And that Tim!whumping was perfect.. Thanks for writing this story! 10/10!
ncisrox chapter 21 . 4/29/2014
Wow, Sheila, not sure how I managed to miss this one up until now. I was looking for something to re-read yesterday, and just happened to stumble across this story, and I am so glad I did. Let's just say that I don't remember the last time I had a less productive day at work. I've been sneaking my cell phone so I could continue reading throughout the day.

Winter is one hell of a scary guy, and quite the character portrayal for someone you've developed. I can understand how McGee was so taken in by him. Someone as honest and forthright as McGee would be easily taken in by someone like Winter who is in a position of respect and authority in the military establishment that McGee has spent his adult life sworn to protect and honor.

I love the way Gibbs and Tony in particular never gave up even when their rescue mission turned to a recovery mission. The strength of these men screams off of the page, as does their humanity when faced with the tragic loss and subsequent recovery and resurrection of one of their own. I also love Dunham and Fornell and can really see them in the roles which you've cast for them. Dunham in particular is one of the most under utilized characters on NCIS in my opinion.

Abby's meltdown and recovery are so well written and not dragged out, and her bonding with McGee's dad is just wonderful. I also love Ziva in this story and the way she reverts more to her Mossad training when her friend is in trouble, but also her softness and protectiveness with Abby is fabulous.

As usual, your original characters are fantastic, I particularly love Wilson and Maggie and all they bring to the story as well as the young Marines that are so protective of Tim and willing to follow his lead.

All in all, this is just a great piece of fiction and I am so glad I found it. Also, you've given me a new appreciation for Mike Franks, who isn't always one of my favorites. His role in McGee's recovery and the final scene on the beach are just perfect.
gwid chapter 21 . 8/31/2013
Hi there,

Finished reading your story ... I like your writing, and got a bit sad, that I was finished right now
Ladyaloysius chapter 21 . 4/30/2013
A truly fantastic piece! Had to stay up late 2 nights in a row on school nights no less to finish! You balanced humor, recovery, etc very well! Great job!
stareagle chapter 20 . 9/15/2012
I thoroughly enjoyed re-reading this story. It is just as good, if not better the second time around! Great plot, loved McGee's strength of character and Tony's alternative cure. Dunham was great too. Loved Ducky hiding the body in the morgue!
Dr. Angel Bean chapter 1 . 6/19/2012
I couldn't do anything until I finished the whole story! What a nail-biter. Loved the growth in McGee, and especially drunk Timmy on the beach and naked Dunham. Thanks for this
dr3 chapter 21 . 6/4/2012
Absolutely loved it. ;p
dr3 chapter 6 . 6/4/2012
This is so painful :g
jmsings chapter 21 . 6/3/2012
Sheila, I just recently started reading NCIS fan fiction after the S9 finale, and have been looking for well-written stories that feature my favorite agent, McGee. I just read this entire story and must tell you how much I enjoyed it. I'm really glad that it was already complete because it was a real page-turner! I actually cried more than once...or twice, but also had to laugh from time to time as well! Thank you so much.
IAmMurphy'sLaw chapter 17 . 5/26/2012
While so far I have enjoyed this fic, I still find many things wrong with it. I honestly don't believe that a situation such as with Winter could happen. Not to that extent at least. At some point, a lot of the marines under his command would find what he's doing wrong and would report it. Making it very hard for the Sec Nav to ignore and if he still ignored it, someone would go higher up the food chain and get him fired.

Also, even before McGee got sick, there were tons of things to clue him into realizing he was being tricked, munipulated and used. I just find it hard to believe he would let himself fall into a situation like that. :-/

But that's just my opinion. Other then that the story is good. Hope I didn't offend you, I was just stating my thoughts.
Mathais chapter 21 . 8/12/2011
You put me through such an emotional rollercoaster and now... Now I'm just deliriously giggling at drunk!McGee and how adorable he's being with DiNozzo.
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