Reviews for Insanely In Love
LiteratureSoccerEnthusiast chapter 26 . 8/9
Yes, a sequel would be awesome!
Guest chapter 26 . 6/24
Seque please
Mileycfan4eva chapter 26 . 10/30/2017
Insanely in love with this story hope I see a squeal when I visit your page.
ttttam chapter 26 . 6/17/2017
Sequel? YES! PLEASE! I know it's been awhile, but please write a sequel.- GA Peach
Guest chapter 26 . 1/28/2017
Guest chapter 26 . 9/18/2016
SlytherinPrincess2193 chapter 26 . 11/16/2015
RiversInYourMind chapter 26 . 8/28/2015
Wow. That's all I have to say. I woke up this morning and found this amazing story and read it from start to finish. The ending was so well written, I loved how you had the flashback conversations in between the doctor trying to save Brooke. Please, please write a sequel. Or at least an epilogue! I'm a sucker for sad stories but I think it would tear me apart if she dies. Such good writing! Cookies!
PhantomRobar chapter 26 . 2/3/2014
Squeal, please. You can't leave us like this :,(
Tihosra chapter 26 . 1/30/2014
Sequel yes! Pweeease!
Hykal chapter 26 . 6/23/2013
MaxwellAndersonJC chapter 26 . 6/23/2013
I swear if you could see me, id be on my knees! Please give us poor readers a sequel, this story is beautiful and it's always on the back of my mind. Im begging!
Guest chapter 11 . 2/17/2013
Well, this is different. I really like it. I don't think I've ever read a Breyton story where there's a couple of love interest fighting over Peyton. Its usually everybody is fighting over Brooke. It really makes a nice change for. Thanks. And I have to say, I'm already feeling sorry for Rachel as we know Peyton and Brooke were meant for each other :)
persephone.aphrodite chapter 1 . 11/10/2012
Seriously where is the sequel I need it
KeSuQueen chapter 2 . 9/21/2012
Love this story!
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