Reviews for Rough Beginnings
Chloe chapter 43 . 12h
I'm so glad to see you still updating after all this time. I've moved on from Faberry after Glee ended, but this is one fic I always come back to, to see if it's been updated. I adore it so much.
auntdedra chapter 43 . 11/26
awesome! update please!
smutandtears chapter 43 . 11/24
wow how much further are you planning to go. i thought graduation would be the end...if you read reviews, since they've never really discussed it, it would be nice for them to have a discussion about kids and maybe that could segway into the long avoided Beth talk? Just a suggestion...this was a pretty awesome read. Have to admit i got a little sick of the back and forth in the middle chapters before they came out to Rachel's dads and the Glee club. I understood the reason for it, which was the strain of being in a closet relationship but it was exhausting. I do hope you update, whenever you get inspired to. There is still a lot to explore here, as i said kids discussion, Rachel's great breakthrough, Quinn coming out once she's not under the financial thumb of her parent...
Guest chapter 43 . 11/22
Guest chapter 14 . 11/20
Quinn needs counseling. She has real anger issues.
texican chapter 43 . 11/19
So sweet. I love how much they've grown together. Even if Rachel needs a reminder from time to time, she can still see what's important. Poor Sam though.
Soflacomet chapter 43 . 11/17
I didn't realize how much I had missed this fic till I read the updates. I love the look into their lives as they start out. Their interactions were so tender, sweet, exasperating and real. Nicely done. And of course I still love your characterization of Sam. Thank you for sharing
Alenairam chapter 43 . 11/16
Another update! :D I loved the chapter, a peek inside how are their lifes as a completely out couple. Their dynamic is outstanding. Thank you!
Guest chapter 43 . 11/15
Santana is the Ebola virus of Faberry fan fiction, authors always find a way push their obsession with her on us during moments in the story that should be about Quinn and Rachel. You lost momentum two years ago and are now just spinning your wheels. Maybe if everyone just wrote Pezberry from now on I could finally rid myself of this fandom.
RachelBarbraBerry chapter 43 . 11/15
I love this they work so well together
HighOnFaberry chapter 43 . 11/15
Love this!
Kiet G m chapter 43 . 11/14
Glad to see this story is still being updated, I had lost it couple years back when I lost my data. You write the characters so profoundly with such ease and you show us the story rather then tell us story. I'm wondering how far you've planned in this story and where you plan on taking it, without of course spoiling me. I envy how you write dialogue so easily and your overall tone with chapters. Just brilliant, I cannot wait for more.
Till then, G
shakes chapter 43 . 11/13
Love this fic although all the talk of 3 sums and involving santana blew me I'm tired of faberry fics going that route and of course it won't matter but I'd def stop reading if that happens like seriously just no. I DO love their friendship with Sam as opposed to how usually authors force Puck into their lives as this all around good best guy friend
Jasmk16 chapter 43 . 11/12
I love this story so much! It's beautifully written!
ajm287 chapter 43 . 11/12
I see what you did there ;) Miss Sarah of Nevada lol. Great update, thank you!
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