Reviews for Linchpin
Just cause I read chapter 22 . 4/7
Holy freaking hell but that was amazing! Literally one of the most incredible fics I've ever read! Some spelling and grammar errors but nothing to get too hot under the collar about. That plot was dynamite, and the drama! Oh man but I loved the drama. That scene with the cuffs welded to Robin gave me chills. Awesome job. Really awesome.
Dragonviking chapter 22 . 3/31
woooe, this is story was amazing, I was sad when I finished :( THANKS!
hogwartsalways5298 chapter 22 . 3/26
Okay. I'm calm now.
This story was absolutely AMAZING. I only recently started watching YJ, but I must say that this is almost certainly the best YJ fic I've found. By FAR. I found it on the favorites list of one of my favorite authors on here (Haana Sedai... Such wonderfully done Apprentice fics) and figured I might as well check it out. Because hey, if an awesome author really liked it, it must be good, right? Right.
I am so so SO glad I read this. I figured it would last me a couple of days, or at least one... Haha no. I blazed through this thing so fast... Would've reviewed sooner, but I couldn't actually stop reading. This story is BRILLIANCE. Loved it so, so much.
Now, time to stalk your profile and read more stuff yaaaaay fanfiction yaaaaaaaaay
Actually I should probably go write my semester paper... Nope. Nope, it's time to fangirl over fanfics.
Renx27 chapter 7 . 3/22
ok ... I cried TT too emotional. And right now i HATE sportmaster more than ever (he kinda reminded me of slade with his sadistic side)
Renx27 chapter 6 . 3/22
Awesome story! i wish they would make a movie or animated series with this plot
Lw117149 chapter 22 . 3/20
well done wel done indeed
TheBatmanlover4evagirl chapter 1 . 3/19
It's still one of the best stories I've read! I also read it on Deviantart (a long time ago before I found fanfiction) and I'm glad that I've found your account here, can't wait to read your other stories :D
Brownie chapter 22 . 3/6
Magiccatprincess chapter 22 . 3/1
This story was one big, beautiful, emotional rollercoaster, and I loved it!
xemidemon chapter 21 . 2/15
Aww, Dick, my poor baby! I just wanna hug him right now. So bad. *telepots herself into story and enfordes a group hug*

Also, I love how emotional Artemis was throughout the story, and in this chapter in particular.

All in all, everything I can say is: Great Story, and I really hope for a sequel!

Prins chapter 22 . 2/10
Omg that was good. I liked this storry so much i dident stop until the end. Super storry.
readthishit chapter 22 . 1/27
*slow clap* I loved this story! I just wish I found it sooner! YOU, my dear author, are a brilliant writer!
Sifryd chapter 22 . 1/18
OMG sp good story!
aearwen95 chapter 22 . 1/8
*thunderous applause* That was a brilliant fanfic one of the best I've ever read. The amount of angst on Dick's part and the suspense and thriller and action is oh man, A man! Seriously the suspense is killing me and the little plot twists and death traps lying around, cause this is the The Light /of course/ they thought of everything especially when they purposely left Dick without a gag so he'd call Superman for help and then it's all just another trap.

Also, how everyone is so damn close to saving Dick but there's always something in the way it really breaks his soul apart, when hope is fed to him whenever someone almost rescues him and to just rip that away from him, it's heartbreaking. Yeah again wonderful job on this story, and I'm sorry about what you had to go through while writing this. But in the end, you pulled through :)
Varishi chapter 22 . 1/6
Wow! I enjoyed every second of this, it was fantastic! Nice work, and I know that I am a LONG time too late, but I was so sorry to hear about your mum. You've done her proud :)
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