Reviews for The Best Laid Plans
IngloriousShosanna chapter 6 . 4/1/2011
awwww what a sweet end to this story!

loved every chapter, must say i was surprised by alice and alannah's lenient decision- if it was my mother, jack would be missing a quite significant organ AT LEAST XD

and yes- katarina really is growing up to be wise! is it weird/bad that i immediately go "awww- i remember when she was a wee babby!" ?

ah screw it- we've bonded with these children growing up! and theyre so freakin cute still :D

really cant wait for michael to court arianna- though that'll mean stayne will get older... not to say he wont be a hot older gentleman :P

wow, this review has taken the harshest of turns- best get back to it :P

jacks ending is so sweet- hes been forgiven by the children and families, and has made a great friend in Katarina- sorry you had to state there was no romantic interest there- but i wonder if she will be courted, and by whoooooooooooom? ;)

loved it, will miss it and congrats dearest :)

CCGurl chapter 3 . 3/28/2011
Very interesting. You've hooked me already! Update soon!
IngloriousShosanna chapter 3 . 3/28/2011
wham bam thank you man! er- megan :P

ok, two chapter review! since i rudely neglected to do yesterdays :P

thanks so much for the daily updates! youre much kinder to your readers than I- I love how this is going: the drunken foolishness of the kidnappers is in brilliant contrast to the just so sweet cunning of the children!

plus im still "awwww-ing" at michael and arianna XD especially when he had his arm around her while they were sleeping- wee boy saw his chance and took it! :P

you write the parents grief so vividly- poor alannah swaying in fear and the quite accurate description of stayne almost crying- men dont generally allow emotions to sway them so very well done m'dear!

as for alice and tarrant- silly hatter for thinking she wouldnt want to come and rescue her children :P the poor babbies for having their children kidnapped- you make us all fearful for the families we have come to love so much through your amazing stories- they truly are a gift and we can't thank you enough- for this and the fantastic reviews and guidance you give us in our own stories :)

thank you so muchly dear rang- congrats on another great and keep the good stuff comin!

IngloriousShosanna chapter 1 . 3/26/2011

what an opening! you really feel sorry for the guy initially, but you change this so fluidly into disdain- facing his problems by drinking and sleeping- you create the a brilliant blend of pity and disdain for him, so early too.

but you have to feel bad for him- he's definitely picking the WORST children to kidnap imaginable!

stayne is... well we can take a guess what he'll do.

poor bugger!

and congrats on a great beginning! ;)

cant wait till the next chapter!