Reviews for An Old and New World
SuperVegitoFAN chapter 1 . 4h
Youve read it a million times, harry goes to azkaban and meets sirius and bellatrix...

actually no i havent, while i have seen a few good bellatrix stories this is the only story ever seen on the hp section
maartenvervloet chapter 20 . 7h
nuclear weapons :p (I once used one to blow up Azkaban, with most of the Death Eaters still inside); then again, the character who decided to do so also has a saying: "when in doubt, fiendfyre"; so she might be considered somewhat insane

That notwithstanding, I'm pretty sure my character is saner than your Harry Potter (I so like your story)
WildKhaine chapter 3 . 11/23
Well, have to say you have really made Harry a total dick. He comes across as a little kid with all the stupid insults and the way he riles everyone up. Is his picking on the ladies his way of showing he likes them? That's what 5 years olds do with girls they like. I'm actually hoping Voldie AKs Harry in this fic he's such an annoying ass.
OoOXylionOoO chapter 2 . 11/8
Ah ah great work !
sarah-rose76646 chapter 37 . 11/5
I just don't understand how Draco Malfoy could get a month named after him...
bearblue chapter 37 . 11/3
Hilarious and epic story. I enjoyed it far more than I intended to, but it was totally worth the reading. Thank you.
Mr.Destructo chapter 37 . 10/27
read the whole story in one one go found it very amusing entertainment :)
DylanL chapter 37 . 10/14
wow, this was a very strange fic ending. even when considering immortal!Harry fics, this one was odd. i want to know first of all, why the ICW is in rome, and secondly how they were able to charge harry with things he had a license for. for that matter, why was the ICW preforming a criminal trial for things that were done by a british citizen on british soil. also how did they find out about things like what is powering his ship (which they seemed to have no problem with if it wa just Lucius and not a kissed girl too, or perhaps you forgot that you said 'lucius was sleeping with sally' after harry's rebirth) and about the atomic bomb (though i dont think i would count that as an act of greatest evil since all the people there were criminals who had murdered all the residence of the city and then taken it over), in fact there is a lot about the trial i cant understand where they got there info from. like wesley snipes' death, the special steel (which there was no evidence he actually made that), and the imperious curse, which he only used for pleasure and only with willing females like tracy.

overall i really liked the story, i was worried at first because this seemed like a douchebag!harry, especially leaving fleur on a roof and taking off with her broom, but he turned out all right. strangely, this is the first story i have read where harry gets thrown into azkaban and becomes friends with bella, doing so with sirius yes, but not with bella so that made it an interesting one. i guess thats bc i havent read but a couple harry/bella stories, which i need to rectify as that paring can be a lot of fun to read if it is done correctly.
DylanL chapter 36 . 10/13
harry compelled voldy into a live prawn not a baked potato. given that luna was the one that first turned harry on to the dish, you would think he would remember what he ate to kill voldy when talking to her
DylanL chapter 34 . 10/13
lol, shrimp taken from keanu reeve's belly button. classic luna and another good matrix reference. i dont know why i didnt think of it before, but is the sticky shield also from the matrix? i kept trying to figure out what movie had a sticky shield and even with the other matrix reference you had, i never put it together until now. that omake was very strange and i still cant make heads or tails of it. was luna the blue goddess?
DylanL chapter 23 . 10/11
so i am very curious about that scene with bella obviously she was pregnant, i got that from her being nauseous, but i dont understand anything after. did she transfer the baby to another girl and if so who was it? pansy would make sense given that she was suddenly interested in having sex with harry the same night as bella did what she did, but the timing wouldnt work out correctly unless pansy aborted it when she found out, that seems like what someone would do if they have the description she does. i am also amusued that harry has an Oedipus complex, but it very understandable given how old lily is and that harry hasnt had her around as a mother figure before.
DylanL chapter 21 . 10/11
the matrix scene you used is by far the coolest adaptation you have used so far. i absolutely love that movie and that scene in particular. i also have a suspicion that harry purposefully asked for hermione's hand so that her dad would be so relieved that she was a lesbian. that was a really nice thing for harry to do for his friend, to allow her to keep a good relationship with her parents and still be with the one she loves.
DylanL chapter 20 . 10/11
how did that last scene happen. harry lied about what happened and scrubbed the radioactivity. i admit that i am sure the muggles have a sensor for detecting that kind of explosion, but how did the minister of magic know about it at all, let alone who did it and then was able to tell the prime minister
DylanL chapter 19 . 10/11
lmao, harry actually set off an atomic bomb in voldy's hide out. he is going to be so mad when he gets back
DylanL chapter 18 . 10/10
from what we know of tom riddle's history from canon and from chapter 9 of this story, i find it unlikely that tom was involved in WWII given he would have had only 2.5-3 months from graduation to the time when WWII was ended. however, i recognize that it was possible.
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