Reviews for Worth Something
Munkeyfump20 chapter 1 . 1/13
Oh so sweet and thanks for the very good read and a little sad too
Guest chapter 1 . 11/12/2012
Yeah. Love was stupid.

yes love is stupid
LittleMender chapter 1 . 3/28/2011
Lovely one-shot. Your descriptions of love and the good things it does (that Lisbon HAS to think of as bad things for her own protection) are so sweet and poignant. Love that Jane knows what and whom she's thinking about and that the combination of denial and hurt in both of them is just as strong and the combination of longing and hope. Perfectly bittersweet.
Chiisana Minako chapter 1 . 3/27/2011
Just in case, you've got annonymous reviews turned off :P

I really enjoyed this fic. I've been very lazy with reviewing lately, but this one I felt I really had to. It's so subtle that makes me smile, yet not so much that *nothing* happens. Very Jane, very Lisbon. I love the implications and I'd love to read more from you :)
KamiNytha chapter 1 . 3/27/2011
I really liked our story. It was understated and subtle in just the right way because that's how both Lisbon and Jane are, at least in regards to their feelings (and not just in regards to each other), and it made me smile. thank you
information specialist chapter 1 . 3/27/2011
I love this! Great fic for if they were in love but in denial.
ArafelSedai chapter 1 . 3/27/2011
Heeeee ;-D

Just gave me a big smile at the beginning of my work week! So thanks for that.

Yeah, love is stupid...and hopefull and all the other things that you put in this great little piece. (...and obviously we all enjoy the sillyness, cuz here I am with a silly grin about two characters that don't even really exist...but we still love em!)
MeltedChoccoButton chapter 1 . 3/26/2011
I really like these type of stories where nothing is really said explicitely, it's all hinted at. I felt the subtle tension and I like how they each made a brave semi-declaration of sorts, then quickly retreated. I would like, on the show for there to be another tentative confession of vulnerability, it doesn't have to be romantic.

Jane seems to be getting meaner this season and I found myself liking him less and less.

I also liked how you described Lisbon's struggle to remain dismissive of the notion of love.