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Snovolovac chapter 8 . 7/29
this was a great story!
Iwillburnthebuttoffyou chapter 8 . 1/6/2013
Beautiful. 3
hot4booth chapter 8 . 8/13/2012
Another great episode tie-in. - (No one on the outside would know that Spencer's new haircut - the one Hotch made fun of as soon as they saw each other again - was borne out of necessity not vanity. He needs bangs to cover the scar on his forehead. It's distracting otherwise.)

Awesome! - (Somehow, he got that gift, while she never got the chance: time.)

LOL! - (The scar on his arm isn't something he hides. He is proud of it. He even goes out of his way to show it off, and the ladies swoon.)

Aw! - (Though she knows that Hotch has invested in a survival kit, which he keeps near him on every flight. He told her that before they left. Probably, to ease her mind, but it hasn't. Back at the BAU, in her office, she is worried sick about her babies.)

Love it! - ("We made it. Safe and sound," he reassures walking through the airport. He tosses the phone to Rossi who looks confused but says hello. The process is repeated time and time again. Emily is last.)

Such an awesome and well written story. I love how you were able to get in everyone's heads and see their perspectives. I usually have a hard time reading stories without much dialogue, but this was fantastic.
hot4booth chapter 7 . 8/13/2012
JJ's hurt! Oh, I wish she would tell someone!

Very smart! - (She collects a few rocks and arranges them carefully in the dirt, making sure the letters stand out, and are large enough to be seen from a good distance: S.O.S.)

Damn! You are so good at bringing past episodes into this fic. - (As hard as their job is, it does teach them some useful stuff. Like, a few years ago, in Houston, they had worked a case where a war veteran was in a major PTSD flashback.)

Very smart! - (JJ has already decided. She'll use the brightest colored ones. She will somehow find higher ground, tape the fabric to a stick and stake it in the dirt. She is exhausted, and she can hear Hotch calling her name.)

Not very smart. I wish we would have asked for help - (blood is now soaking into the waist of her jeans. She forces herself to keep going.)

Yay! - (The subtle, but familiar chopping sound of helicopter blades overhead.)

LOL! So cute! - (Henry shoves a hand between them, angry at being ignored.)
hot4booth chapter 6 . 8/13/2012
Wow, something else I hadn't thought about. - (the stench of fuel is still too close at hand)

Ohhhhh! That's what's going on with him. - "Too many memories…" he admits, his voice soft. "The only time I did anything outside was when that son-of-a-bitch wanted to… Fishing. Swimming. It's all messed up in my brain now, and I can't look at it the same."

And another thing I didn't think about! - (It will be daylight soon, and not for long either.)

:) -"Well, I got a good feeling about today. We're gonna get out of here, all right? Reid's out there flashin' bat signals to the planes already."

Aw! - "Don't make promises you cant keep."
hot4booth chapter 5 . 8/13/2012
Awesome! - "Because being compassionate is in your nature. It's an intrinsic part of you. You think you run from suffering, but you don't. You try to soothe it. It's who you are."

So sweet! - (For her part, Garcia says nothing, just pulls him closer and presses a kiss to the gauze wrapped around his head.)
More sweetness! - (Garcia, of course, knows none of this. She just continues to sit nearby, determined to stay awake with him, because she doesn't want him left alone.)

Poor Reid. Great job bringing up a past experience into his fears in this situation. - (Spencer can hear a shovel sinking in rhythmically... But out here, there is nothing but time to think and remember and relive these horrors.)

Love how Garcia helped Reid.

So awesome! - "See?" he asks, his voice shaking a little. Hope shines unmistakably in his eyes. "I knew you wouldn't run."
hot4booth chapter 4 . 8/13/2012
Oh! I didn't even think about the smoke inhalation. I've experienced that. It's awful! You painted quite a picture of Emily's hell with just a few words. And then again with her feelings. Great job.

I like seeing Rossi as a caregiver. I think he would be a natural.

I know this is a serious story, but I can't stop smiling and laughing at Reid. Loved this - "A pencil impaled Hotch in the thigh," Spencer volunteers, sounding impressed. "Would you shut up about the pencil?" JJ asks irritably.

So awesome! - ("I can hear you!" Emily calls, equal parts pain and fierceness lacing her voice. She imagines the perplexed and amused look Rossi is giving them and a thin smile stretches her mouth, despite her current situation. "She can hear us," Rossi passes along, matter-of-factly. "Emily?" he asks loudly. "How are you?" "Fine!" she insists, despite the fact that she is sweating, experiencing the most intense throbbing she has ever known. "Now let's make a plan and get the hell out of here!")

Very sweet. - (I was home at the time, but our parents weren't. I couldn't save her." Silently, Emily squeezes the hand in her own. "You saved me," she tells JJ softly.)
hot4booth chapter 3 . 8/13/2012
Poor Jack! I hope he hasn't been told anything.

Hotch's thoughts of Reid made me laugh. - (He has been working with the walkie-talkie that Spencer found while searching for God-knows-what in the woods.)

Hotch's dialogue when talking to Haley was in character. Nice job.

LOL! So Reid - "It's too cold in there, and Spence keeps telling me horrible plane crash statistics and coming up with all the ways we could die out here... Not very comforting."

I know it's gotta hurt, but the pencil in Hotch's leg must look rather odd. That no one noticed it before then goes to show how chaotic things were and the amount of shock they would be experiencing. And then when more ended up at the fire they noticed more of their injuires. I wonder what Reid thought he would do with the pencil? I like Morgan's concern for Reid's head wound.

Aw! Poor JJ! - "Hotch, what the hell are we gonna do if we can't get out of here? Emily is like..." JJ trails off, her voice intense and quiet. "I should have never said we'd take this case..."

Double Aw! - (Derek sits down between them and puts an arm around each one. "This is nobody's fault. Okay, Superwoman?") And poor Hotch is feeling guilty, too. Glad Morgan is there to set their thinking straight.
hot4booth chapter 2 . 8/13/2012
I love Garcia's go-bag survival kit! I guess they won't be teasing her again! I like take charge Garcia! Tough cookies - Love it!

Reid - Maybe they will be thankful later like they are now with Garcia? I like the idea of Reid doing his own things to help. - (She knows already that Spencer has pilfered through her bag and claimed her only reflective surface and is using it to send SOS signals in Morse code to no one.) Love it! - (In addition to stealing Garcia's mirror, Spencer has also managed to amass a pretty impressive pile of berries and nuts.)

I love that the guys built a lean-to right around Emily so she wouldn't have to move. I can't imagine how much pain she would be in. Love that Garcia refers to it as Emily and JJ's hospital lean-to and sends the guys there.

Bears? Eek! Cuddling with Derek to stay warm... love that idea!

Yikes, that's a scary thought. - (Because the fire in the plane was just like that - as if the sun itself burst through the window of the tiny plane.) So sad that Emily is reliving being trapped when seeing the fire. How horrible.

Days? Whoa! I didn't know that Alaska was one of the most dangerous places to fly. Great job with all the research.
hot4booth chapter 1 . 8/13/2012
Seriously curious about these instructions - (Shaking his head, to clear it, Rossi goes to Reid first. "Go with Penelope!" Thunder cracks above them. "Stay away from the plane and away from each other! Crouch on the ground with your head down! Don't touch each other, and don't move until I come for you!" he instructs. "Derek! Take Hotch with you! Run as hard as you can that way! Spencer will tell you what to do!")

Awesome! - "I promised," she said simply as lightening flashes too close for comfort.

Wow! I've never been in an earthquake, but this is such a great comparison to think about. - (It reminds him of digging through rubble after an earthquake.)

Awesome! - (Just like that, they are a team. United in this one thing. This one effort. The only common goal they ever work for: to save a life. To stay together. But, Rossi knows, they don't do this because it's their job. They do this because they are family. They can no sooner abandon Emily as they could a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter - to an awful fate like this.)

Poor Emily! Badly injured on top of being trapped. This visual has me cringing. - (One of Emily's legs is bloody and badly burned. Her black slacks are melted to her skin.)

Terrifying! - (The plane groans, and Rossi glances up. For the first time, he registers that they crashed on an incline. In addition to the risk they ran of being too near this thing when it exploded, now they also had to worry about it skidding down its hill and crushing them.

"Move! Now!" he shouts, in a voice that leaves no room for argument.)

Oh no! The pilot! - (And Rossi can do nothing but watch from a distance as their only way out of this mess rolls down the hill and bursts into flame, taking their pilot with it.)

Oh, now I get it. - (He hopes they remember his direction. Hopes they don't do what feels most natural and lie on the ground - making themselves a larger target for lightening to strike. He hopes they are brave enough to not huddle together like their instinct would have them do, but instead, ride the storm out alone.)

Very intense and suspenseful. I'll be back for more.
Melle22 chapter 8 . 5/2/2012
I love these plane crash stories. Just the team and the wildernes and their own ingenuity.
JustineZ chapter 8 . 3/30/2012
Lovely story. Wonderful team dynamic. The Reid and Garcia scenes nearly killed me. *sniff sniff*
lolyncut chapter 8 . 3/4/2012
Very good. It was an exciting story. Glad I found it.
lolyncut chapter 1 . 3/4/2012
I can't believe I've missed this story for a year. So glad I was browsing around and found it. Off to the next chapter.
LynnAshe chapter 5 . 7/28/2011
Interesting chapter, I love it when Reid has a panic attack! I usually don't like Garcia but I think you did this perfectly and were very insightful about both Reid and Garcia.
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