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LadyAces chapter 14 . 11/25/2015
This story is amazing! Great job channeling these awesome characters in the heat of conflict
ElementalFusion chapter 1 . 7/21/2013
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Kenshin13 chapter 14 . 11/6/2011
Read four chapters two days ago and then was up till 2am last night because I couldnt stop reading this story. I'm very new to The Magnificent Seven and only just finished watching the series few days ago, but I've already started watching it again. I can't believe the series only has 22 eps! It's turned out to be one of my favorite shows and I love Ezra dearly. But I digress, this story was wonderfully written and I haven't been thrown around emotionally like that in a while. I know its going to sound weird but what I focused on the most through your story was the way you wrote each characters dialog, you captured their speech patterns and I could practically hear their voices in my head. I think Ezra's dialog was especially good, his speech is so distinct but you didn't seem to have a problem with it. Was it hard to write in the way he speaks?

I'm always interested to read the M rated stories in any fanfiction because they tend to deal with some more interesting issues than lesser rated stories. In my wildest dreams I don't think I could have thought something up like this, but it was such a perfect topic to have these men deal with. I think that Ezra is definitely a much better man than he gives himself credit for and you showed it in spades with what you put him through. I really enjoyed the way you kept the personalities intact, I could see them all reacting in the ways you wrote them. I think the reaction/feelings that got to me the most were that of Buck, the way he hated himself for being glad it was Ezra and not JD and his confession to Ezra about his feeling brought tears to my eyes. You also created one disgusting and horrible villain who I was just wishing death upon the entire time. This was a very powerful and moving story about a subject that I don't see much of when talking about male characters, fantastic stuff and I hope you bring us more in the way of Magnificent Seven fics. I would write my own but after reading this I'm not sure I could do the characters justice. Now I shall make my way to reading your other works and thank you so much for such a good excuse to stay up until 2am!
Aelan010 chapter 14 . 8/23/2011
All I have to say is that it gripped me. This story reached out, snagged me with the sharp claws of just -needing- to know what happened next. Part of me craved the next chapter, a part of me wanted to run from the absolute emotions your words invoked in me. I cried, and I wanted to hate the boys who couldn't understand Ezra. But.. it was real. People react in different ways, and sometimes its easier to blame the victim then to understand. This wasn't just a fluffy, cheerful, everyone bounds together and sits by the foot of the bed as he gets better like so many I've read. This is real people, with real reactions, and real flaws, vulnerable. Even Chris, with his feeling the weight of leadership on his shoulders. And Buck with so grateful that it wasn't JD. I've read all of your fics by now, and this one. This one stole me, dragged me through the wringer of emotions and left me sitting here, tears in my eyes, wondering if someday, I could ever dream of writing as well as you do.
sfulton229 chapter 14 . 4/3/2011
What a wonderful upbeat ending to the story! So glad they have worked the kinks out for the most part and are heading in the right direction on the rest. Lovely analysis of each of them; JD will be a great sheriff if he lives long enough and both Nathan and Josiah have settled down in town. Great how Ezra is slowly regaining himself; he's starting to feel comfortable around them. Their acceptance after all that turmoil means so much to him and he is willing to do whatever it takes to stay. Love their recovery plan of frequent drinking and talking; it does seem to be helping. Love Chris' chat with Travis; he certainly told the truth about all of them but they are worth keeping. Things are looking up. This was a very powerful fic and you did a tremendous job with all the emotions and painted such a vivid picture of what happened and how everyone was reacting. I enjoyed it completely, especially the hard parts and the troubles they had to endure. The bits of humor did help a lot and your word choices just made the story flow. Thank you so very much for posting this; it's a tremedously good piece of work. I love your Mag 7 and Ezra fic and hope to see lots more from you soon. Thank you!
sfulton229 chapter 13 . 4/3/2011
And the healing is beginning. The arrival of the brother did clear up a bit of a mystery and gave them a reason to work together; I wouldn't be a bit surprised that William played decoy for Matt and is looking for revenge. Nice how Chris kept Ezra and William seperate; it would have been a shame for Ezra to kill him for trying to do what he thought was right for his brother. They are starting to mesh together again. Love that Buck and JD have worked things out. JD did have a good talk with Ezra and really cleared the air; the thank you was heartfelt and JD tried to restore the ring to Ezra but I could see that no matter what he felt about it before, the ring is tainted big time. Glad Ezra convinced JD that JD doesn't owe him for what happened. Ezra is really trying to smooth things over with everyone. Buck and Ezra worked out their discomfort readily and Buck may have taken some time to get it right but he did. Nice bit with Josiah and Ezra; once he had all the details Josiah was able to put things in their proper perspective and move on. Josiah was judging Ezra for what others had done and the truth caused him to change his mind. Love the bit about Maude and how Ezra's outlook on what happened is a helpful one. Glad they have reconciled. Love the quote for this chapter; it fits so well. It's lovely to see the repairs going on. Things are getting back on track.
sfulton229 chapter 12 . 4/3/2011
What a struggle between living and dying for both Ezra and Bracken; Ezra getting all the attention and Bracken getting the scorn but holding on for spite. Glad that they are trying but the image of everyone snapping at each other and Vin about to lose it really makes it unlikely. They are all getting to the end of their ropes from the waiting. Great point that Vin made about how they are treating Ezra; they need to acknowledge it to move forward. So glad that JD remembered the ring and took that from Bracken before he died. Chris and Buck showed remarkable restraint in not speeding Bracken to his reward but the pause while they waited to see if he were really dead showed just what a hold he had on them. Josiah is right about the struggle to get Bracken out of Ezra's head. Love that Ezra is so confused about whether he should wake up or not; Buck is right about him taking his time but that the gestures of affection are what are driving Ezra to stay unconcious was just what I would expect. Love Travis' take on the town; he doesn't like it but it's what his son cared about so he's going to watch over it. Lovely chapter.
sfulton229 chapter 11 . 4/3/2011
Another difficult fight on their hands; love Chris wanting to remove Bracken as the last thing Ezra had seen and Nathan working so hard to stop the bleeding. Sounds like a nicked artery and the kind of damage that Ezra doesn't have a lot of reserve to fight. Nice to see Chris getting so worked up over things and while he wanted some time alone realized that he has more of a connection to them than he thought. Love that Vin is the one making sure to stay in town; that is a first. With all the turmoil, Judge Travis would be one to wonder if any one could control the town. Lovely image of Ezra's past and history of trouble following Ezra like a hound. Looks like Ezra has managed to bring them back together for the most part. The flashback to the past and the story about the previous time really shows Ezra to have a bigger heart than he lets on and a good reason to protect it. Josiah seems to be blaming Ezra for what he chose to do and while I love the chat with God; Josiah does have it a bit wrong here. Love Chris' protective nature toward Ezra. I also love that Nathan is working himself to exhaustion and nice mention of how life goes on no matter how bad things are for them. Great chapter about the team realizing that they want to stay but may not be able to. Great that JD is talking to Ezra at last and finally finding the words; maybe Ezra is hearing them on some level. Bracken is still holding on but fading slowly. Looking forward to more!
sfulton229 chapter 10 . 4/3/2011
Another tremedous chapter. Ezra is fighting back with the best weapon at his disposal; his brain. Love how you show him cataloging what is going on and weighing options and odds. He's not letting Bracken get into his head again and is using Bracken's desire against him. Love how Ezra is willing to make the ultimate gamble even though he's sure to lose. Nice how he took out Link; that was a better death than he deserved. Great how everyone was thinking about leaving; Chris is seriously pondering it and Josiah has detached himself from the group. Nice characterization of Buck as a lynchpin; he does hold the group together. Love Chris point about riding to Eagle Bend to drag Buck out of a lady's bed, though. Great twist and that was as good a warning as they could have gotten back then. Love how Buck and Chris get helpful information from passersby. Terrific description of Ezra fighting back and the rescue in route. Great twist that the victoryt cost Ezra so much and Bracken might still win. Love Nathan ignoring him competely. Great complication!
sfulton229 chapter 9 . 4/3/2011
Nice change of tone here; the sun is shining and while things are looking better it's just because Ezra is getting better at hiding and the others aren't pushing it as much as possible. Love Buck still trying to sort out what he is feeling and that he has so much trouble with Ezra asking to be chosen; it really messes with Buck's ideas about manhood and he just can't talk about it. Nice that Ezra is self medicating just enough to numb himself but not enough to be obvious and is finding other places to hide. Very nice that he's staying at the hardware store too. Great letter from Maude and terrific distraction by Ezra; such a gentle nudge to get Buck out of the way. Maude's letter really poked Ezra there. JD still hasn't given up the idea of leaving but it's getting less attractive. Nice how Nathan laid out his concerns about Ezra; while he's healing physically, mentally is another question. The story that Link is headed north is a bit of a distraction and not a surprise that it was a ruse. Nice look at Buck and his thought processes as well. Vin's quiet concern is a balm to Ezra and he's doing a nice job helping. Josiah really is dropping the ball here. Nice to see Ezra decide to ignore the gossip and start acting as before. The poems were a good choice and I can hear Ezra reciting them as he strolls in the moonlight. Terrific cliffhanger and this is what Ezra has been waiting for and dreading.
sfulton229 chapter 8 . 4/3/2011
Well, that went badly. JD is not dealing with his feelings at all and trying to put some distance is a great way of avoiding them. He's convinced himself that it would be better if he were gone and Vin is trying to talk him into staying. Love the image of Vin dispensing pearls of wisdom and how tired he is of trying without much luck. Nice that JD still hasn't figured out how long term relationships work and what good advice he's getting. I don't see Casey waiting too long either. Very easy how Bracken pushed JD's buttons and that was a very smooth jail break. Lucky for the stable boys they were safe. Love Chris trying to smooth things over in public and increasing the Ezra watch in private. Ezra has something else to feel guilty about and JD still can't talk to him but isn't leaving yet; very nice reaction by JD. Love the line from Ezra wishing that they would just take care of Bracken. Josiah really noticably has problems to deal with and isn't helping Ezra at all there and may be making things worse. Nice show of support by Chris; he's not sure what to do and he's trying to pull Ezra out of this mire but just can't manage it. Oh the scene at the end with Ezra realizing all the splits in the group and that despite himself he does care about them and wants to stay no matter the personal cost. The ring was a nice distraction for JD and the trophy aspect really set him off. Very nice look at the team holding on by their fingertips and looking at a nasty fall.
sfulton229 chapter 7 . 4/3/2011
Ouch! Things aren't going very well and Chris is trying his best to keep the lid on the situation but things are blowing up rather quickly. Buck is looking for a target to vent his feelings on and can't reconcile that Ezra would be willing to talk himself into being raped to spare JD. He really did phrase his question poorly when he talked to Ezra so no wonder Ezra went to get drunk again. Nice look at how Ezra percieved the trip back to town; talk about potential flashbacks and bad memories popping up and he wasn't as out of it as Nathan thought. Love Nathan as Ezra's protector; he's doing as much as Ezra will let him. The teasing back and forth veering toward serious territory until Ezra put up a warning sign really spoke of their friendship. Great description of covered up Ezra; he's emphasizing his strengths and protecting his weak spots for now. Josiah really isn't handling this well; very detached and looks like he's blaming Ezra for what he chose to do. Love that Nathan is pissed at Josiah for the whiskey throwing incident and his lack of help. Nice try by Vin but JD isn't ready to hear that just yet; leaving would stop JD from thinking about what could have happened to him and the price Ezra paid for him. Mary is putting the pieces together as is the rest of the town and that is going to hurt Ezra even more. Love Vin being quietly supportive and Nathan realizing that he can't help at this point. Chris is helping more than he thinks. Looks like things are just going to get worse before they get better. Love the word choices for the description, especially Vin's smile glimmering and the little bits of humor still.
sfulton229 chapter 6 . 4/3/2011
Wow, the decline continues. Very nice bit where Ezra considers suicide; it was very close and you showed how he was just drifting toward that with the cuts. Nice how Maude's memory stepped in and reminded him not to give up. Those are some nice cheekbones, too. Ezra's mental anguish is so strong and he's getting so tired; he just can't get any rest. Having Bracken constantly in his face just keeps the trauma fresh and no wonder Ezra is hearing him all the time. It does look like Chris has taken the message about appearances are everything to heart and gave Ezra the strenght to go back as if nothing were bothering him. The trip is really taking so long and is just wearing them down even more. The storm was a nice additional burden. Great how Ezra just couldn't hold on any longer and Josiah caught him when he fell; the support was needed so much. Nice cover for Mary and they are closing ranks against the outsiders. Wonderful how you have everything still boiling along heading for an explosion. Looks like Bracken is only temporarily defeated. Great how Nathan has bided his time and is making the exam to check that Ezra isn't too badly damaged; Ezra is one for avoiding discomfort as much as possible so will tend that. Very vivid description of just how damaged Ezra was; he must have been in agony. Things are still heating up. Great that they made it home.
sfulton229 chapter 5 . 4/3/2011
Wonderful look at the family aspect here and how they are still a family during this rough patch; Chris is having a time trying to keep the lid on things and not always saying just the right thing. Love how Vin is trying to keep it as normal as possible and the Magnificent bit was a good try. Nice shift between Chris and Ezra's POV and how they are feeling. Love Ezra so determined not to show weakness and to keep things as normal as possible. Nathan is still trying to help as he would prefer and so nice that Ezra appreciates the concern behind the offers but just can't tolerate the touch; the reflex jerk did get the point across to Nathan very well. Vomiting up the dirt was another reminder of just what Ezra had gone thru and love how he tried so hard to reassure Chris and Josiah but just made it worse. Josiah is not doing much at this point and is a bit detached. Nice that Buck knew that Ezra needed to see at least one of his rapists dead for closure; Chris is piecing things together slowly. Wow, Bracken really is insane and so much trouble. This is going to be a long ride back to town for sure.
sfulton229 chapter 4 . 4/3/2011
Terrific continuation and great look at how hard it is for them to deal with what happened. Nathan is trying his best to deal with the guilt of not trying to fight back earlier and to help Ezra; knowing just what damage could have been done is really preying on Nathan's mind and he wants to help whether it's what Ezra needs or not. Vin is trying to help Ezra and treats him the way he would want to be treated; nice that Ezra realizes that. Chris is so frustrated and worried which is coming out in an attempt to protect Ezra whether he wants it or not and JD just wants to not think about what happened and whether he could have done the same. Josiah seems a bit withdrawn now. Buck is wavering back and forth about what he is feeling but he's concerned about Ezra. Love how Ezra is so focused on getting the bad guys; he will go thru the pain and not let them win. Terrific how you show his stubborness and focus; he's not asking for pity and just wants to process in his own way. Nice bit that Nathan figured out that Ezra had been raped before and Ezra doesn't want to let him check. Love that the pack is reforming; they really do need their lead dog to tell them what to do. The people from Sharpsville really need to stay out of the way. Terrific advancement and nice how you showed things starting to come unraveled! The quotes really fit the tone of the chapter; especially for this chapter. It's interesting to see how they are all taking what happened. Buck does have a point about the number not really mattering that much but it's certainly bothering Chris.
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