Reviews for Distinct
Possibility Girl chapter 1 . 11/4/2011
Nice story and good view on Kimblee's character :D I like how you explained it all, even though it's short the main point is there! I love how gradually he enjoys in death more and more, it's really believable to capture him that way. And the ending is so hunting - and I mean it on a good way :D I love the line "Was that all? He felt thoughtful. So, that was it. An entire life that he had observed for so long. One brilliant flash and a fade into obscurity." Not only it goes well with Kimblee, it's also true - the whole life and all with it can be deleted at one second. Nice touch to this kind of story.

All in all, a really good read!
Cocytus chapter 1 . 4/18/2011
This is a interesting take on a obscured character. Brilliant really, how not one sentance does not dull the other.

The idea of Kimblee not feeling the rench to cry or the misfortune to not sypathise in our way over the death of another is agrivating. You start to wonder what pushed him to this unlawful limit.

Con's: I might need to take another while on this story to fully grasp what happened and when, some parts hinted towards diffrent things but with the little knoledge given I couldn't see what is meant in its full form. The bit about his father for example. " His father had killed people, hadn't he? Not with his own two hands and probably not through any malicious intent, but Solf had grown up around that factory. He might have been bored by the lectures on bale dying and piece dying, but he had observed what went on there. What made a factory owner, an industrialist, so different from any other kind of killer? "

When you said piece, did you mean peace? And bale meaning evil; harm; misfortune? Did he work with dead animals or human beings? Was it accidental or a slauther house?

Other then that the ideas incorporated where stunning. Someone (namely you) should toss around the story of a criminal minds/fullmetal alchemist time warp. When the killings just don't make sense for FBI agent Aaron Hotcher, children of the town begin to speak. Who is really commiting these acts. Why do we need them still alive. And why does the milk man clank when he walks on his left foot?