Reviews for It's A Dog's Life
Shempinkilt chapter 1 . 7/28/2012
Hey guys. Thanks for the reviews. Glad you're enjoying the story. Have actually submitted the full story for publication in the Rifter. Will see how it goes. The full story is MUCH longer, and too big to post here. Still, if they don't wind up using the story (its big enough for 2 or 3 issues in print) then maybe I will start posting other parts, or parts of other stories set in Rifts (yes, the characters are regulars in the stories.)
Axrat chapter 1 . 6/25/2011
I must say, this was quite enjoyable. I have a Dog Boy character of my own I've used a few times, and he is quite enjoyable to play as. The only area of note I have is that some of the Dog Boys seem to be a bit too human-like, their dog qualities kinda omitted a bit - especially with the group of female Psi-Hounds. It's an intriguing take on their lives, but I'm not too sure how it fits in with the whole CS human supremacy way of life. The lieutenant at the end was wonderfully portrayed, though. He seems to act exactly as many Coalition State officers would act around the Coalition's loyal dog packs. Great job, there.

All in all, you've done a pretty good job with this. -thumbs up-
Pixo chapter 1 . 4/3/2011

Nice little tale you've got there. I like the little snip-its of growing up as a Dog-Boy under the CS. Though, it wasn't nearly long enough for me! Also, you seemed to left out a very important aspect ... military training. They go from early years training straight to being called up for active duty. Why don't you add a section about Ruffy and company doing a training patrol. (It would be very dramatic if they trained using live-bait - ie crippled d-bees let loose, so the dog-boys could practice tracking them, etc. Very dark, very difficult stuff, but the CS wants to prepare them for a hard, brutal, and no doubt short life fighting for Humanity.)

There were a few moments of pure genius; the b-ball to the nuts is totally something I see Dog-boys doing ... they are taught to be ruthless and win no matter the cost. And Wanda's observations about life, family, and rewards were very grim and very telling about the nature of dog-boys.

I wasn't a fan of the dog-girls dorm-room antics and acting as cheerleaders ... I don't really see the CS going for dog-girl pom-pom squads. It would be a waste of resources, and, bizarrely enough give them an important role in encouraging the males to play better - putting them in a place of power. The CS would never let that happen. Besides, the cheerleader outfits might encourage unauthorized mating!

I hope you continue this, and if you need anything, give me a shout.