Reviews for United Nations High
TinaFinland13 chapter 1 . 12/28/2014
So cute! One thing though I thought you'd like to know. You called Feli "Italy" before you mentioned that being his country name. I mean, it's something that all readers should have knowledge of regardless but it's something I thought you'd like to know and should be made aware of.
iluvfandoms1 chapter 29 . 10/27/2014
Good for you finishing this story! It was absolutely great and I loved reading it and if there was a sequel I'd read it in a heartbeat. This story was awesome. ;D
Guest chapter 1 . 11/30/2013
So damn cute. As soon as ff lets me log onto my a account ill be shure to favorite. :)
RaVeNcLaW65 chapter 26 . 7/12/2013
Does anyone else notice the similarities between this story and Ouran Highschool Host Club?
Akira Senri chapter 29 . 6/25/2013
I'm literally trying not to cry right now... This fic was fantastic -I loved it. It was amusing and cute and just all around awesome(though not as awesome as Prussia, sorry). I loved it, I really did.
xXSapphireDawnXx chapter 21 . 6/15/2013
Love the story so far! Amazing job! I can totally see Seychelles being a yaoi fan girl. What do you think your country name would be in Hetalia?
And one little fun fact for you: The dude who plays Germany in Hetalia plays Keith Goodman/Sky High in Tiger and Bunny.
kysharichidumlong chapter 21 . 5/2/2013
Did italy just what
kysharichidumlong chapter 19 . 4/29/2013
Good job toris up no nevermind italy loves germany noy emile
kysharichidumlong chapter 18 . 4/29/2013
Emile you dirty son of a bit**
kysharichidumlong chapter 14 . 4/29/2013
Yes it is bad thatbyou regret it already
kysharichidumlong chapter 12 . 4/29/2013
I love it thank you but next chapter i want to know how italy reacts
Melda Burke chapter 9 . 4/28/2013
You sure do like Haruhi Suzumia, don't you? Also, very good job with the story. Well-written and legible with few to zero mistakes.
kysharichidumlong chapter 4 . 4/28/2013
I wonder did italy enjoy the kiss and whp are lovi and feli
kysharichidumlong chapter 2 . 4/28/2013
Italy sounds like me in this chapter i hug new people alot i guess it is a habit because i started doing that at three when this boy was crying i wanted to comfort him so i ran over to give him a hug mind you never seen or heard him before
sits-with-cats chapter 29 . 4/16/2013
Awwww I cried at the end! And if u finished this story last year you must be in the same grade as me! I wish we went to the same school! u we would be like the best of friends!:) but anyway this was a great story and I loved all the plot lines and I ship most of the ships u sailed!
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