Reviews for Chess
akumu keayo chapter 2 . 4/12/2011
Huh... sorta interesting. You've got me wanting to read more, anyway. And usually I reaaaaally don't like the ones where the characters are suddenly human (or something else) and the only similarity between the original and the fan...abomination is the name.

I kinda like this one, surprisingly. Clever play on names. 'Maddox' really isn't all that close, but if I slur, it sounds like 'mad hats'. And Chessie/Chess, of course, makes me think of Chessur. So good job!

One part I REALLY loved-my favorite bit, actually-was the intro to the first chapter. Especially this part:

/"Dammit Chess, when is this going to stop?" When's what going to stop? My murderous rampage of which I was previously unaware due to selective memory?

…Oh, right. That./

Laughed my ASS off! XD

I hope ya keep writing! :)

~akumu keayo