Reviews for A Voice in the Darkness
KaleidoscopeHearts chapter 1 . 7/8/2011
Honestly, I don't review a lot but I think you deserve one.

"Sexual slavery has nothing to do with romance, and there is no such thing as a HEA. It is nothing but abuse, human debasement, and rape, even if the oppressor is attractive and named Edward."

I've read many stories where writers use slavery and abuse and make it seem as if it's a turn on. And, eventually Bella falls in love with Edward, her abuser/rapist and they have a HEA. I just don't believe that a victim can fall in love with her abuser. I understand it's fanfiction but it still makes me sick.

Even when the abuser is Edward, it is still abuse.

This is where your story comes in. It makes me sick how slaves still exist in our world. Reading this story made me sick because it made me think of the slaves that still exist today, that are being abused as I sit here and read this story. Your story is so raw and gripping, it's like a slap to the face. It may not have a HEA but it is the horrible reality.

All I can say now, is thank you.

Thank you for sharing this beautifully written story.
rosi711 chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
There was no other choice for her! This was the only way out.

It's a good story but so sad. Thank you for writing. R.
SilentHurricane chapter 1 . 7/6/2011
Well done.
A Girl Who Reads Cereal Boxes chapter 1 . 7/2/2011
I have read this after reading the debate in the UC campfire on ADF.

For me reviewing this, I have to approach it in two ways - the subject matter and the writing.

From a writing perspective, this story is very clever. I am fascinated by the way you have used the words that many fanfic authors use to try and justify an immoral Edward. I have only read one fic of a sexual slavery nature - and that was to do with arranged marriage, not straight sexual slavery. But I found myself very disturbed that there seem to be large numbers of authors who see this kind of thing as some kind of escapist fantasy. Your one shot really highlighted an issue that many people seem to accept/overlook - slavery is wrong. Even if those involved have the names Edward and Bella.

There is no fairytale in abuse. I hope that those reading understand this, and stop giving those who write abuse fics fantastic praise and 1000 reviews. Maybe people should imagine how they would feel if Bella was their daughter, sister, mother or themselves. No one can honestly say that they would like to be in that kind of position.

On a slight side note, I did skim read a very realistic fanfic. It was added to a community I subscribed to, and Edward and Bella didn't have a happy ever after. Edward abused Bella, and she left him, and found happiness elsewhere. Not with her abuser.

Thank you for posting this. It is disrespectful to those who have suffered from the horrors you describe for the twidom to lavish praise upon glorified rape/slavery fics. They aren't love stories, they are very twisted.

(I apologise for standing on my soap box during this review. But this issue does upset me, and even though I missed this fic when it was first posted, I am glad that it seems to have highlighted an important point)

If you don't mind me asking, what are your views on feral-ward fics? Having carried out a number of research projects on feral children throughout history, I find the fanfictions where Bella somehow falls in love with a raised-by-wolves-Ward to be overlooking the serious psychological impact on a person who has been raised without human contact. They can't just turn around and start feeling romantic love (by our standards) for Bella.

I suppose what I am really saying is... the fantasies in the twidom are becoming more and more disturbed. Just because a character is named Edward and has green eyes does not mean that they can behave in an unacceptable way, and be excused because of their name.
jasperslover chapter 1 . 6/30/2011
i dont know what to say, except that i was touched and sickened.
Loffen12 chapter 1 . 6/30/2011
Wow - thank you for this great story that came recommended on Einfach Michs LJ. It was very disturbing and that was a good thing. Its a great counter-balance to all the Bellas who fall in love with their abusive Edwards and end up with sappy, happy endings, marriage and 2.3 kids in this fandom.

Your story seemed very true to reality and I loved your A/N.

Thank you so much for writing this story and also for making a handsome Edward the abuser. Handsomeness or wealth does not make an abuser less abusive.
kelseycjim chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
I have no words.
Jay's World chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Thank you. For this line:

"God doesn't listen to me anymore."

Thank you. And for the story. Thank you. I've read some stories on here, which romantizies human trafficking, abuse, and violence, and every time I have I always think...this isn't true. This is wrong. Although cases of Stockholm Syndrom does occur, it's not THAT common, which most fanfic-writers seem to like it. Though fictional, you wrote the truth here. You wrote what most glorify and sugar-coat, because Edward is handsome or successfull they make it love. But what if he was ugly; fifty years old with bad breath, too much body hair and a beer-belly... would it be love then? No. And you managed to do it while still using the 'loveable' (and I use that term extremly lightly) version of Edward we usually see as the good guy. He's in the wrong. He's bad. She's just an innocent girl. Honestly, while reading this, I've held back the bile and the tears. And you know what? I THANK YOU for producing those reactions in me, because you're on of the few who are able to write the truth. This story will stay with me for a long time, and I will reccomend it to everyone who read the 'romance'-stories based on slavery and abuse.

That last line broke me. If took me a good fifteen minutes to collect myself to actually write this review, but I had to. You wrote truth, albeit a fictional story, but I'm grateful for the fact that you took the time to write this statement. It's something we all should read and consider.

Thank you.

xx Jay
ATT159 chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Heartbreaking, yet I'm glad I read it. Thank you for writing this.
reader chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
To be honest, it took me a while to summon up the courage to read this story. I kept reading the ANs, until I finally forced myself to read the actual story. It was gripping, horrifying and disturbing. Thank you, for writing this, and bringing some reality into the 'HEA sexual slavery' stories on this website. I don't think I will ever be able to read one again...
Nayaritism chapter 1 . 6/27/2011
I read this story about a couple of weeks after your campfire. Like that campfire I walked away keeping my opinions to myself because I just was too hurt, too emotional, too scared to say anything.

But there have always been a great many things I had wanted to say to you. This will probably jump around in topic, because I'm always all over the place, but hopefully you can follow me.

Gah, I remember hating this story and being so mad at Bella. Yeah, I know right? Not the usual response here.

You'd think, considering our recent "conversations" that my story (Stolen Souls) would be a glorification of rape and slavery, but it's not. The two victims (among others) are very different sides of the spectrum and I showcase that about them both.

My Bella is exactly like yours here. And my Alice was just like me.

I can't tell you how many times when I was living what I had I thought about killing myself. Isn't that something horrible to admit? For like four months straight I slept with a knife under the mattress hoping I'd have the courage. There was other times where I took a lot of tylenol thinking it'd do the trick.

I know, I sincerely do, what it's like to want to give up. To be, in a sense THAT victim. But the truth of the matter was, I was never that victim. I always used to tell myself "it's gotta get better, right?"

"I mean I was a kid, and I always thought I was nice." I had NO idea what I had done in life to deserve what was happening to me. And at the end of the day I could only come to the conclusion that I didn't do anything, and so life HAD to get better. And I clung to that like you wouldn't believe.

And it just became easier to wait out time for me. The fantasies were my escape, what I could use to put myself in the right mindset to please my perpetrator so that my life could be somewhat pleasant.

Because, for me, the fact of the matter was, the reason I couldn't end my life no matter how bad it got, was because I HATED the fact that I only have one life. I mean HOW fucked up was it that I didn't even have the chance to be happy. So I held out for that. I did whatever I could to have this elusive happiness that people write about that you see in movies.

I was just talking to Duskwatcher about this story, hence why I'm now finally leaving this review. The reality of knowing that you're never going to be whole or that you're never going to escape your own personal hell.

And truth be told if I was your Bella I'd have taken the steps to fall in love with him because for me there isn't any other option. I just want to live the only life I have and at least be happy.

I'm not so blind as to not know that it would be a false happiness, but over time, when you lie to yourself enough you believe it. I know that all too well. So it's what I would have done.

And that's why I hate this story so much, because her life just ended. It kills me.

The thing is I get it. I really do. I get the whole "Stockholm" thing. I get that it's false. I get that my way of coping wasn't healthy in the slightest, but it was all I had. And it WAS my choice.

That's the choice I made, to live in my stupid little fantasy world until things got better for me. It was how I survived other wise I wouldn't be here today. And I'm SO glad, all things aside, that I did have that small freedom because I AM a great person. I AM someone who is worthy of real happiness.

It's hard, you know, understanding this until you've been there. Fuck, I was there and I still can't explain myself well enough. Just to say that it was what I did to survive. Wrong or right, it's what I did and it molded me and it's who I am. Like it or not.

God I wish I could be someone else who wouldn't have such first hand experience, that didn't have to like what I like because of this. But I can't change the past. I can only move on from it.

And that's my point. That's why I'm so mad with Bella. Because I HAVE a life to move on to.

But I DO recognize that I'm one type of victim. There are so many out there with different mentalities, different reasons, different ways of coping and what have you.

I do think there is a place for all of them and their ways in this world. That's why I really AM glad there are stories like this out there, just as the other ones. Because there isn't one specific type of victim, and that's something that needs to be known. HOWEVER I do wish that those other stories had the same types of A/N's as yours. The disclaimers that just because it IS a coping mechanism or a fiction doesn't mean that it's a standard of a healthy relationship or healthy coping mechanism.

I think this is all I've been wanting to say about this one-shot.

Thank you for taking the time to listen AND for having the courage to write something like this. Reality is SO much harder to deal than fantasy, and you did do that quite well.

Elbly chapter 1 . 6/27/2011
Thank you.

I don't read Twific - I've never read the books and I don't plan to.

What you've written is wonderful, if harrowing, and I want to thank you for putting reality into the situation that so many fanfic writers and readers mistake as "romantic"
CHITTLE0915 chapter 1 . 6/26/2011
so so so sad
Shoshy chapter 1 . 6/26/2011
I did some voluntary work a while ago for an NGO in India. It was time spent out of my everyday, regular life as a nurse. I heard some absolutely heartbreaking stories that will never leave me. One included a lady who was hit by a train, loosing 2 legs & an arm trying to escape from her dead husbands family as they tried to put her on his funeral pyre - alive!

I thought this was the worst thing I'd ever been confronted by but after reading this story and looking on the internet I am truly stunned. I'm not naive, I know people do dreadful things to others but at least the lady I met got to make an attempt at a normal-ish life after she was rescued. Your story left me wondering how many women & children take the same course of action as your Bella character.

This has given me much to think about in relation to my future and my career. I feel as if now I have to try and pursue something a little more worthwhile and selfless.

Thank you for writing this story, being honest in your writing style and for being brave enough to put it out there but most importantly for not giving it that HEA ending.
vampirelust79 chapter 1 . 6/25/2011
It took me so long to read this O/S because I just wasn't able to read it thinking it was fiction. I kept having to stop because I couldn't read through the tears. I knew that what I was reading happens daily to people all over the world and it hurts to think that mankind is this cruel and evil.

This 'story' makes you wonder about your own limits and your own strength if ever faced with such terrible circumstances. There's only so much we can take before reaching our breaking point. And that's why this story touched me, because it can happen to anyone.

Thank you for writing this and for making the fandom aware that slavery is a horrible thing, no matter how beautiful and 'dreamy' the owner is... The simple fact that a person even considers owning another human being makes them ugly from the inside out, and that will never change.

Thank you.


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