Reviews for The Gold Knight
Homo sum chapter 1 . 3/30/2011
Amusing at points, though I find the storyline slightly clique, I'm sorry. The plot about how a town head finds a potential warrior and grooms him to become the savior of the world is slightly overused. (I hope I'm wrong)

I think you can do much better with your skills. Surprise me with a twist in the next chapter!

"The charging boar had no time to react at all and charged straight into the wall, which resulted in a heap of broken bones and rubble."

I have a slight bone(pun intended) to pick with you on this. :. I personally feel that you should keep game mechanics out of a fan fiction. A boar should not vanish into thin air after being killed. Bring the carcass into your description!

Just work on the tiny details. :).