Reviews for Love Sleep, Come Unto Poverty
EdenMae chapter 145 . 8/6
I'm glad your still alive and I'm saddened that this story is on indefinite hiatus but I hold HOPE for it to continue in the long run and a definite happy ending later! I love your story so please keep going and never give up on this!
Guest chapter 145 . 5/13
I'm so glad you posted this note; I thought you were dead!
wreathdeathscythe chapter 145 . 4/26
Atleast you are alive!
I love your story
EdenMae chapter 72 . 4/25
Woah...that was intense and it's understandable to be insecure with what they have it's good they can confront the issue and realize they need to assure each other;)
EdenMae chapter 31 . 4/23
Oh shit that was intense...but wow I hope she doesn't leave...and idk who her husband(or maybe I do) but he was a bad match for her and she totally doesn't deserve abuse! KomuiXGracia!
EdenMae chapter 29 . 4/23
Soft squishy feelings!wudiwkicejskodowbdixiwnwiskwisiieisswuuw x$ Ahhhhhhhh so cute and geebs I want to hug her as well!
EdenMae chapter 28 . 4/23
Awww I'm glad she finally remembered and she got to call Komui and everyone's expression in seeing alive made me happy!;)
EdenMae chapter 25 . 4/23
Hahaha that was so epic!;D No one mess with a girl when she needs her beauty sleep lol wow this story makes me appreciate sleep more hahaha! Also lol it's nice to see komui expecting a phone ''stress free call'' now and then;)
EdenMae chapter 22 . 4/23
Awwwww that was so cute! Lol Komui stuttering is something worth reading about and I'm glad she got through to him;) it's developing nicely. It's a nice slow paced interaction with plenty of time for oppurtunies and growth.
EdenMae chapter 11 . 4/23
Just started reading this and I'm likening it so far;) Gracia is really entertaining lol at first I was skeptical because I was concerned how a sleepy innocence can help in a fight and her sleepy disposition also concerned me...but I get it now and I'm starting to familiarize with her and I'm excited when she develops more as an exorcist as well as the people around her;D this is pretty legit!
shinoyami chapter 145 . 4/10
omg... it's good to get an update of sorts. I'm happy you're still here and thinking about this story. It's just SOOOO wonderful! I will be reading your other works for sure though. Thank you for all your work and giving us fanfiction.
Lady Iris Heart chapter 145 . 4/11
It is good to see you are in decent health. I had wondered for awhile where you had gone.
ichypa chapter 145 . 4/10
That you and this story still live is all I needed to know. Good luck on your current projects!
Z0mbieMart chapter 145 . 4/9
I will wait to the end of time for an update to this story! It still one of the BEST fiction here at Fanfic. net! And I will read it over and over again! :3
GlassGazer chapter 145 . 4/9
Oh my gosh, thanks for updating! I think Hoshino is still interested in continuing the series. She updates her instagram daily, and it's filled with doodles of Gray-Man. I heard something about how the publisher she's with (might've?) dropped her, or they're working on a new contract or something... . But I do know she has a disease that prohibits her from drawing too much, so I think she's working on her own pace so that Gray-Man can go from being once-thrice a year to almost monthly/weekly. She just needs to pace herself because if she doesn't, she runs the risk of crippling her hands. I'm glad that you'll continue/finish LSCUP even if Hoshino doesn't. I honestly think you could write your own string of events and it would be perfect for the series.
If you're looking for other manga to read/muse from in the meantime, I would suggest these (none of them are really the same type of genre, but they're all action): One Piece, Claymore, and Tail of the Moon. OP is my all-time favorite, and is super popular in Japan. It is most DEFINITELY continuing and is on ch. 782 right now, still going. It's really light hearted and about pirates, no romance. Claymore is the exact opposite but still ongoing (I think, haven't read it in awhile). There's monsters and only mutant knight-women can kill them. It's pretty extreme but might be good for fighting-styles. Tail of the Moon was finished a couple of years ago, but it's a pretty cute ninja-romance if you want something to pass the time.
Have a nice day! (:
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