Reviews for Whatever is Left of Me
saruchi chapter 23 . 3/30
I just found this story and have read continuously till the end because I couldn't stop. The story is so complicated, so emotional yet so simple. The pain, the confusion, the hopelessness is tangible. It is as if I was right there. As if it was me who was feeling who was living it.

It was truly brilliant. I can't believe that so little people know about it few have reviewed. Thank you for sharing it with us. You truly have a gift.
twiclare chapter 22 . 2/13
Finally, hallelujah!
twiclare chapter 21 . 2/13
You want me to die healthy? What an awful way for her to feel. She's so terrified and dealing with the fact that he could guarantee she'd be ok if he chose to and he's choosing not to.
twiclare chapter 20 . 2/12
He seems to have no idea that Bella is actually hurt by his refusal to change her. She needs to know he wants her forever.
twiclare chapter 19 . 2/12
Just when she was feeling so much better!
twiclare chapter 5 . 2/12
It's sad to read but completely understandable how completely broken and mistrustful Bella is. I'm almost glad at her lashing out at him, it's just a shame it had to hurt her!
twiclare chapter 2 . 2/11
I'm rereading this, poor Bella really is in a fragile state.
MinaRivera chapter 23 . 1/29
I loved the story, though I'm a little sad there's nothing more. What can I say? When the story is so good, you never want it to end. *shrugs*
Thank you for writing and sharing your story.
Kimmie45 chapter 23 . 1/24
This story...I just...It is one of the best I have read in the fandom. I have read many stories since I have been a part of it since 2008. Its definitely angsty and I'm such a whimp, but I just couldn't put it down. Yes, I wanted to strangle Edward and Bella at times. They were so tortured and this was the first I've read where they are both this way and not just Bella. Your story has minimal errors and a vivid detailed description. Very good. I have rec this story in many of the Twilight groups on FB, I just had to share this fic.
Thank you for taking the time to write this and share it.
debslmac chapter 23 . 1/24
:) Loved this story
jedigirlsc chapter 23 . 1/20
This was really beautiful. Very sad but with purpose. Enjoyed the character development and how literature was tied to canon. This was reccd on facebook at vampward lovers group. Thank you!
jmolly chapter 23 . 1/19
Awesome story. I love the way the literary references are woven in. Thanks for writing this. You might want to mark it complete so more people will read it. Readers were discussing the story on FB today in the 'Vampward Lovers' group. I'm glad I stopped by. :)
SarcasticBimbo chapter 23 . 1/19
Great story. I wish you had gone on into after she woke, but I can see why you ended it the way you did, as well.
Mayuri love cullens chapter 23 . 1/13
Awwww such a beautifully heartbreaking story...with a HEA I loved it! Thank you! :)
madnessdownunder2 chapter 23 . 5/25/2014
very cute!
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