Reviews for Unconventional Doll
Dreamer1985 chapter 4 . 6/7/2011
nice story, and memories can be very fun. Besides, this story just gave me an idea lol.
Dreamer1985 chapter 2 . 6/7/2011
i admit I'm getting into this story and I'm not into dolls LOL.
Dreamer1985 chapter 1 . 6/7/2011
I never was in to dolls,but my youngest sister was.
PDXWiz chapter 4 . 4/2/2011
Now I get where you got the story title from. Truly, Leslie is an unconventional doll (and I've loved her since I first read your stories :-D )

I am glad that Christian and Roarke like their doll look-a-likes so much. Yes, truly awesome. :) And well deserving of a place in the curio cabinet-especially the Lilla Jordsönian bride outfit doll. :)

Awesome conversation and good memories...well, not necessarily good memories, but good that she can remember them more. :)

One of your best stories, ever. I loved it. Great characterizations of everyone, fabulous dialogue in every chapter, every scene. I just wish the dolls hadn't been lost in the Susanville fire :(

PDXWiz chapter 3 . 4/2/2011
Hmmm, wonderful, it sounds like the doll shows I have been able to visit over the last few years! :-D

I really want to be there at that convention!

Hmm, I wonder if Sharon was named after Sharon Johns who tried to revive Dawn for the 2000s...

Hey, it's Myeko! Yahoo!

Yes, this does drive us! Just one more doll...two..five...20...LOL

Mmm, Dinah is so pretty, I love her... So hard to limit oneself with these pretties, and *very* easy to go over budget. :/ Nice selection to start with. :)

Hanayo is an interesting name. I like it, wonder what it means? She sounds very pretty, I wanna see her! Her kimono sounds incredible! Kimonos make a difference between plain or ugly dolls and works of art in a lot of cases I've seen of dolls at doll shows and estate sales. If that makes any sense-the doll might not be very attractive, but a beautiful kimono goes a long way towards making the doll desirable for our collection.

Hah! A Scandinavian bride doll, too cool! I want it!

A Lilla Jordsönian bride? OMG! Perfect for Christian! You rock the universe, chick!

PWOGH! Explosion of happiness-dolls of Christian and Leslie and Roarke! Too fantabuloso!

Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo! Leslie and Myeko have made a new friend to join the ever-growing Leslieverse! Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo!

Bringing tears to my eyes...Excellent chapter!

Thank you very much. :-D

PDXWiz chapter 2 . 4/2/2011
Time flies when you are having fun-I didn't realize how much time had gone by during their search and their exploration of the box.

I am SOOOO glad Leslie was able to remember her Dawns. Wonder if she will try to buy some and share them with the girls as they grow up (hint, hint).

It occurs to me that Anna-Laura might be a bit too old for Dawn, but some of the other family might have had Pippas or some of the later 6.5 inch fashion dolls. When Christian writes to the family about Leslie's fun with this convention, someone might make the connection; I think Anna-Kristina might have had late-era Pippas, Liselotta might have but I don't see her family letting her have them, and Louisa might have had the Mattel Family Corners dolls from later on. 6.5 inch/17 cm fashion dolls (and those similarly in Dawnscale) rock!

Yes, you can always put another shelf up on the wall hehehe... Dawn collecting bug, bite Leslie hard! heheheh I'm evil, I admit it :-D

Christian has a very good relationship with his employees. He can tease them and they won't mind-NOT because he's the boss or because he's a prince, just because he's a good friendly and somewhat father-figurely guy (just ask his nieces and nephews...).

Diane was spreading clean white clothes(?) over the tables? Hmm...

Mmm, nice nostalgia. If only you had packed them, Leslie..

No, hehehe, not even close! I think 1 of us Dawn aficionados to 12,000 of us Trek aficionados in the world is a good ratio, and Dawnettes are less raucous than Trek fans. And there are at least three people who are fans of both ... :)

Rats, I'd love to visit Diane's website! Arrghh!

OAK TREES! Hehehehe, great gosh but that's a good mishearing...

Christian will kill you for getting into this hobby...and he'll kill Myeko for dragging you in...and he'll kill Diane for hosting the convention...ROFLMAO

Yes, they are more collector's items than toys, nowadays, for those of us who were kids in the 70s. But I kind of wonder how she can drag him over to the convention...heheh

OMIGOSH! She asked to be though she's a little kid who wants to play or watch tv. Wonder where she's going...

...and a cute triplets interaction! Wahoo! Thank you! :)

Sweet...he'll help her display them, anything she finds...

On to chapter 3!

And I wonder if Diane can makeover a Dawn and a Gary to be a Leslie and a Christian...or maybe one of the later princes from the 90s would work. Hmmm...

PDXWiz chapter 1 . 4/2/2011
Cool! It makes sense lots of groups would have conventions on Fantasy Island. There's the famous San Diego Comic Con, and various Disney and Trek cruises which are a type of convention themselves, as ways to visit fabulous places.

Ahahahaha! She named Dawn after Topper's greatest concoction! I didn't catch that one! Hehehe...

Great conversation and more than makes up for gettin' splashified by Camille's brats (well, Camille's family, of course, but they splashed Leslie, so they are temporarily categorized as brat monsters :P)

Ahahahahha! Myeko really talked Roarke's ear off, huh? Yes, you really need to let Christian know so he doesn't worry Leslie's off on a time-travel fantasy...heheh...

Safety first, indeed! That's good, and Roarke would accept it as a compliment.

Oh yeah (snicker) Ron's green hair... The second-biggest fiasco with Topper, after going belly-up, of course.

Yes, I've heard of the film The Boy With Green Hair but have never seen it and don't remember who is supposed to be in it...I could always google it of course...I think it came from a book...Hmm, guess not, according to wiki. But it sounds interesting and has a great cast. Maybe someday I'll be able to watch it...

Yeah! They found them! And Leslie can remember what they look like now...

Awesome chapter! On to the next one!

LadyMarianne123 chapter 4 . 4/2/2011
Very sweet story. And congratulations on the wedding!
jtbwriter chapter 4 . 4/2/2011
What a touching story! My sister had a Dawn doll and a Glori-I think the Glori is still around! But the way you worked them in, and gave Leslie a new friend to boot is great! Thanks for a wonderful tale-looking forward to your next "trip to the Island"!
Harry2 chapter 1 . 3/31/2011
Dawn Dolls? I'm sorry my friend, but I don't remember the doll. I just hope it doesn't turn into something nasty that makes Mr. Roarke have to step in and bail them out!