Reviews for Verbum Unum
Lykaia chapter 1 . 4/1/2011
For a first timer, you got the characters down on the spot. There's nothing much to add, but: Thanks for this. :)
bleachers chapter 1 . 4/1/2011

I'll apologize for my short review, but I'm speechless.

This was great, truly. Even better than that.

What a great flrst fic to read in the fandom.

My only suggestion- maybe get a beta to look over errors in flow.

Thanks, much.

pandora jazz chapter 1 . 3/31/2011
I was searching for a story to read and your summary caught my attention. I'll admit, I have my list of favorite authors, but I've been trying to read work by writers new to 'SN'.

Welcome to "Supernatural" fanfiction. :) I think I'm going to enjoy reading your stories. You captured the voices and expressions of Dean, Sam and Bobby and did a wonderful job of writing them.

I love how you gave us Bobby's thoughts on the Winchester family. It is true that since John's death, his sons have now become Bobby's boys. '...when they began to associate Bobby as a father figure in conversation, Bobby found himself beginning to reference them as sons.'

I love seeing a worried big brother and what a nice touch as Dean waited for an injured Sam to wake up.

I could imagine Bobby making some phone calls to make sure the man that had tried to kill one his boys was stopped and if the gunman happened to be killed in a gunfight...

Awesome scene when Sam woke up and Dean was right there for him, plus Sam wanting Dean to stay with him, perfect. What a great line to describe the scene when Sam finally opened his eyes and looked at Dean. 'And the room took a breath.'

I'm glad that Bobby had some medication to help Sam with the pain and nausea.

I love how Dean and Sam both trust Bobby.

'Trust in Bobby – that he would be Sam when Dean was in need…and Dean when Sam was. That he would protect each brother as the other would - at all costs... He had the trust of the Winchester brothers.'

I enjoyed reading your story.

Thanks for sharing it with us.
Meggin Lane chapter 1 . 3/31/2011
"And Bobby suddenly realized how long Sam and Dean had trusted him – not only as a father figure, but as an extension of their own devotion to each other. And it wasn't verbal – never had to be. Because, with Sam and Dean, what really mattered, was expressed by what they did.:

THIS! For your first time out as a fanfic writer you captured this most precious dynamic, the one that has been forged between Bobby and the Winchesters.

Now it has been niggling in the back of my mind for some time that the way Sam and Dean (aka 'SamandDean' because the two of them have been operating almost as one from the time since they were little.) have this bond. It is almost a feral thing that they have with eachother, on an instinctual level. Like they grew up as wild things, grown exclusive to each other. Nobody, least wise no civilian and not too many hunters could know what they know about keeping each other alive. And like wild things their trust of other humans is a slow won process. One that is forged by deeds, not words and built up over years. But also like wild things, forces of nature like they are there is a majestic quality to them. They can be deadly or steadfast and if it is their loyalty and trust that Bobby finally earned it is a thing to be most prized and feel honored by.

You said it best as Bobby came to realize, "He had the trust of the Winchester brothers. And hell, if those words weren't enough to make a man's life mean something, Bobby didn't know what was."

A very well written and powerful tale. Congrats! And I hope to read more from you as those plot bunnies will be hard to ignore (LOL)
Emmers224 chapter 1 . 3/31/2011
Amazing. What a wonderful first time Supernatural fic. I most definitely love it. :) The angst was superb, characterization spot on, and the brotherlyness sugary sweet and enthralling. I am an instant fan. Cant wait to see what else you can do!
10EE6 chapter 1 . 3/31/2011
Great story! I was just like you-did not watch SPN until I was home sick one day and caught it in re-runs on TNT. I have seen clips before of the boys monster hunting, and I thought-ho hum, another vampire story or something. But that morning, I saw the brother's close relationship and I was hooked. Invested a small fortune in all the DVD's and the rest is history. Love the show, and now enjoy the talented writers like you!
Zyanya chapter 1 . 3/31/2011
Great job there...first and awesome story...keep on watching the show, we always need the fandom to get bigger and bigger...thanks!
WarwomanWay chapter 1 . 3/31/2011
This is so heart warming! I love anything with Bobby, he never had to hear that the boys loved and trusted him he just knew. I loved it, it made my day.
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